Sun Valley Saunas: 15 Wonderful Uses for Saunas & Why You Need One This Year

If you’re like most people, you think of saunas as a luxury item that’s nice to have, but not really necessary. Well, we’re here to tell you that infrared saunas are so much more than that! Not only do they provide a host of health benefits, but they can also help improve your quality of life in a number of ways. Here, we’ll discuss 15 benefits of infrared saunas that probably aren’t at the forefront of your mind. So if you’re on the fence about whether or not to buy one, read on! You may be surprised at just how beneficial these amazing devices can be.

Do you know what the number one killer in America is? It’s not heart disease or cancer. In fact, it’s something that most people don’t even think about, stress (a possible precursor to heart disease and cancer). And there’s one surefire way to reduce stress and improve your overall health: infrared saunas!

Sun Valley Saunas: 15 Wonderful Uses For Saunas &Amp; Why You Need One This Year

Sun Valley Saunas – 14 Benefits Even Some Health Nuts Don’t Know About + One More

Having a sauna in your home is more like a perk than a necessity. However you feel about it, perks are a great thing and a sauna, is definitely necessary. With notifications feining for your attention, emails that go unread, and the hustle of everyday life, saunas can provide a place to be present and in the moment – making you stop to appreciate the serene silence.

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Sure, all the top health experts tell you to reduce stress, but have any one of them ever mentioned investing in how exactly to reduce your stress? It’s awfully hard to ignore a gorgeous piece of heaven sitting in your living room or in a newly remodeled basement, and that’s where a Sun Valley Sauna comes into play. They aren’t a “perk”, they’re a necessity and if anyone hasn’t told you about the long-term beneficial perks of infrared saunas, you’re about to read them now.

Stress Relief

Infrared saunas offer a natural and effective way of reducing stress levels. Studies have shown that regular use of an infrared sauna can significantly reduce cortisol levels, resulting in an improved sense of well-being and stress reduction. When you need that mental escape, it’s there.

Sun Valley Saunas: 15 Wonderful Uses For Saunas &Amp; Why You Need One This Year

When you need to decompress because your mind is racing and won’t “shut down”, a Sun Valley Sauna is there, 24/7 – no appointment or expensive sessions necessary.

No pills, no phones, no restlessness – just the soothing ambiance of the sauna to sweat away the stress and shut out the outside world so you can gather your bearings and rest peacefully after your much-needed private sauna session.

Improved Circulation

The far infrared rays emitted by infrared saunas increase circulation throughout the body, which can help reduce inflammation and improve muscle recovery.

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The infrared heating elements work by heating your body tissue directly, rather than just heating the air around you. This helps promote blood flow throughout your entire body and helps reduce inflammation, resulting in improved circulation overall.

Detoxification & Breath

Infrared saunas are an effective way to eliminate toxins from the body, as they penetrate deep into your cells to release stored waste and other impurities. By doing this, the sauna helps your body purge itself of toxins, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated afterward. It’s not like doing a liquid detox, but rather like getting a massage for your cells – releasing the “tension” per se, and allowing your body to effectively eliminate ‘stuck’ impurities.

Most people think of a sauna as a way to relax and sweat out toxins, but did you know that adding a Himalayan salt block within the sauna can provide an even greater range of health benefits?

Sun Valley Saunas: 15 Wonderful Uses For Saunas &Amp; Why You Need One This Year

The Himalayan salt block is a natural source of minerals and electrolytes that can help improve your overall health. When heated, the salt block emits negative ions which can help clear the air of pollutants and allergens. In today’s space, clearing the air means so much more than just breathing clean air…it truly means breathing deep and clearing your space of negativity.

Weight Loss

Studies have shown that infrared saunas can help you lose weight by increasing your body temperature, which in turn causes your heart rate to increase and burn more calories. Though this isn’t the method to use when you have significant weight to shed, it can be advantageous for those who want to keep the weight off or have a few pounds they’d like to get rid of by eliminating stored toxins in fat cells. A slightly elevated heart rate, reduced stress, and a consistent schedule to spend time in a sauna can, most likely, have a positive response when trying to reduce unwanted pounds.

Pain Relief

Sun Valley Saunas: 15 Wonderful Uses For Saunas &Amp; Why You Need One This Year

Infrared saunas are an excellent way to reduce pain associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other chronic conditions due to their ability to relax the muscles and ease inflammation. The way infrared technology works for pain relief is by penetrating deep into the cells and promoting blood flow, which helps soothe aching muscles and joints. This temporary relief can help to reduce “stress-induced” inflammation (think – always on the go without taking a moment to really pause and address your aches and pains without a pill?) associated with chronic conditions, resulting in a more comfortable daily life.

Skin Rejuvenation

Infrared saunas can be a godsend in terms of skin rejuvenation. The infrared heat penetrates deeply into the cells and stimulates collagen production, resulting in firmer and smoother skin. Additionally, the heat helps to open the pores, allowing for easier absorption of skin care products. There’s no reason you couldn’t have a full-body therapy session right in your own home. Toss in a DIY body mud mask and you just created your in-home oasis mini-spa day!

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Sun Valley Saunas: 15 Wonderful Uses For Saunas &Amp; Why You Need One This Year

So while the Sun Valley infrared saunas help keep your skin looking young and healthy by increasing blood flow and stimulating the production of collagen, you’re taking a mental break from anything and anyone who just doesn’t need to be in your headspace right now. So take on the perk of having your Sun Valley Sauna promote cell regeneration and collagen production, which helps keep skin looking youthful and vibrant.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

Regular use of an infrared sauna can help strengthen the cardiovascular system, improve respiratory function, and reduce high blood pressure levels. It does this by increasing the heart rate and stimulating circulation. According to the Cleveland Health Clinic – Studies show that infrared saunas can help boost heart health and reduce blood pressure. Researchers equated the physical response of an infrared sauna session to walking at a moderate pace.

Improved Quality of Sleep

The heat produced by infrared saunas can help you relax and drift off to sleep easier at night, resulting in a deeper and more restful sleep. Once you are done with your sauna session, anywhere from 20 – 90 minutes, you will have had a chance to reset, relax, and melt away any stressors that may be preventing you from sleeping. Plus the negative ions emitted from the Himalayan salt block can help to purify the air, resulting in a healthier sleep environment.

Sun Valley Saunas: 15 Wonderful Uses For Saunas &Amp; Why You Need One This Year

Not only that, with the convenience of the installed radio, Bluetooth, or MP3 connection player, you choose the calm that suits you best – for either energy production if you start first thing in the morning, or for unwinding at night with the sounds of deep relaxation. Just hook up your phone, favorite radio station, or MP3 player, and the scene is set!

Enhanced Immunity

Infrared saunas emit far infrared rays that penetrate deep into your cells, strengthening your immune system and improving your overall health. By reducing inflammation throughout the body, infrared saunas can help your body fight off viruses and bacteria. It does this by activating and strengthening your white blood cells, which are responsible for fighting off infections.

Sun Valley Saunas: 15 Wonderful Uses For Saunas &Amp; Why You Need One This Year

With the convenience of having the Sun Valley Sauna in your own home versus at a spa, picking up germs or having bacteria hitch a ride on your bum is highly unlikely.

Improved Mood

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The heat produced by infrared saunas can help reduce stress levels and improve mood, resulting in a happier and more productive lifestyle. Use the chromotherapy lights to reset and rethink how you want to show up. By creating a regular sauna routine, you can give your mind and body the opportunity to find balance, ultimately resulting in an improved mood.

Sun Valley Saunas: 15 Wonderful Uses For Saunas &Amp; Why You Need One This Year

Give yourself plenty of space in a 3-person Sun Valley Sauna or a private and plentiful space for couples or singles. Either way, set the scene, commit to a routine, and allow the best version of you to come through, stress-free and feeling radiant from the inside out!

Reduced Risk of Illness

Studies have shown that regular use of an infrared sauna can help reduce the risk of certain illnesses, including colds and flu. By using the sauna to reduce inflammation and stimulate the immune system, your body is better able to fight off any virus or bacteria it comes in contact with. So take on the challenge, give your body and mind a chance to reset, and make sure that you’re “armed” and ready for anything that comes your way, especially those germs!

Improved Athletic Performance

The far infrared rays produced by infrared saunas can help improve athletic performance, reduce fatigue, and speed up muscle recovery after physical activity. It’s the relaxation of muscles that’s the secret sauce. Heat therapy can promote blood circulation in the muscles, which helps to relax tightness, soreness, and stiffness. When your muscles have adequate recovery time, you can perform better and push yourself further when it comes to physical activity.

With the added Himalayan salt block, the naturally occurring negative ions can assist in producing higher energy levels that allow you to take your workouts further. With LED lights illuminating the salt, you can get the best of both worlds: relaxation and energy production and cleaner air to breathe deeply. The more fit and healthy you are, the better your performance will be!

Reduced Joint Pain

Regular use of an infrared sauna can help reduce joint pain associated with arthritis and other chronic conditions due to its ability to relax the muscles and stimulate blood flow. Beyond increasing blood flow, the heat produced by infrared saunas helps to reduce inflammation in the joints, which can help relieve pain. Less inflammation means less pain in most cases.

Sun Valley Saunas: 15 Wonderful Uses For Saunas &Amp; Why You Need One This Year

Take your pain relief to the next level by using essential oils on your skin, to not only penetrate and help relieve the pain but at the same time have the Sun Valley sauna work from the inside out while the oils work inside in to address all your needs, 360.

Improved Mental Clarity

Most people don’t even remember what they had to eat for lunch by the time 3 PM rolls around. Help your body overcome brain fog and mental overload. The combination of heat and relaxation provided by an infrared sauna can help improve mental clarity, enhance focus, and improve overall cognitive functioning. If you can take a minimum of 20 minutes to begin your mental health therapy and give yourself permission to take a break, you will be doing wonders for your brain.

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Sun Valley Saunas: 15 Wonderful Uses For Saunas &Amp; Why You Need One This Year

The ambiance lighting and the private, tinted windows of the glass give you the ideal environment for taking time to yourself and time away from everything else.

Just Because

Do you really need a reason to own a Sun Valley Sauna? Not only is it an investment into your long-term health, but it’s also truly a game-changer for anyone who needs something different this New Year. It’s true that making and keeping New Year’s Resolutions can be challenging. However, walking into the room literally reminds you to take time for YOU, and reveals a whole other world of commitment, rejuvenation, and the enjoyment of sticking to your health goals…all year long.

Sun Valley Saunas: 15 Wonderful Uses For Saunas &Amp; Why You Need One This Year

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Take your health and well-being into your own hands and purchase a Sun Valley Saunas infrared sauna today! With their superior engineering, best-in-class materials, and affordable prices, you can rest assured knowing that you are investing in a quality product that will last for years to come. You’re not getting any younger and the cut-throat, fast-paced world isn’t getting any slower. So, intentionally change your world your way in 2023 and beyond. See you… in the sauna!

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Sun Valley Saunas: 15 Wonderful Uses For Saunas &Amp; Why You Need One This Year



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