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Your cats loved scratching it. Your kids loved jumping on it. You loved taking naps on it. Now is the time to say goodbye to your beloved sofa. Now is the time to get a Lovesac Couch or Sectional. We know buying a new sofa for your home can be stressful. Will it work in the living room? Will it go with your decor? Will it survive your toddler? To make shopping for your Lovesac Sactional as painless as possible, we have all the shopping tips and tricks you need. Keep reading for more!

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5 Most Common Sofa-Shopping Mistakes

We did a ton of research on sofa shopping and came up with the five most common shopping mistakes people make. Take a look at what we found and then, avoid these mistakes at all costs!

1. Do Your Homework

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When you purchase something online, do you look at its reviews first? If reading product reviews is something you don’t normally do, now is the time to do it. The Spruce noted that one of the biggest mistakes sofa shoppers make is not fully researching sofas before making the purchase. This includes reading the reviews. If you have a particular sofa in mind, House Digest recommended examining that sofa and its fabric thoroughly. If you have a house with pets or small children, you’re going to want a durable sofa that will stand the test of time.

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Lovesac Couches Are Always New

One reason we love LoveSac Couches so much is that its collection of sactionals are Designed For Life™. The LoveSac team designed their sactionals to withstand the test of time by using removable covers that include a collection of machine-washable options. LoveSac sectionals are also made with replaceable inserts. All of the Lovesac Sactionals are made with components that can be replaced over time if needed. When you buy a Lovesac couch, you’ll never have to replace your entire sofa again.

2. Overestimating Comfort

Have you ever been to a showroom, sat on a piece of furniture for a few minutes, and thought it was comfortable only to find out when the furniture arrived that your back and neck vehemently disagreed? Comfortable Dwelling reported that the showroom “sit test,” is the wrong way of gauging how comfortable a piece of furniture is. The key to determining how comfortable a sofa is – as noted by Comfortable Dwelling – is by asking questions regarding fill, depth, armrest (standard arm vs rolled arm), and seat height.

Let’s talk about fill for a moment. Home Guides reported there are several types of sofa fills on the market. They include foam, feathers, or polyester. Which filling is right for you? Epic Home Ideas has the scoop. For foam fillings, they recommended high-resilience foam because it has a longer lifespan than other foams and in some cases, might last 14 years.

Sofa cushions filled with feathers are incredibly soft but not the most durable. Over time clumping inside the cushions can occur. As far as polyester is concerned, Home Guides noted it’s ideal for people who have allergies and it’s the more economical option for individuals on a budget but just like feather fills, polyester cushions don’t have a great lifespan. Over time, those cushions flatten.

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Foam density – according to FoamOnline – is one of the most important qualities to consider when purchasing a sofa. Foam density is what will determine a sofa cushion’s quality and lifespan. FoamOnline noted when it comes to foam density, high-resilience foam is the best on the market. It’s the most comfortable and it has the longest lifespan of other foams on the market. Foam How reported that high resilience foam is common in mattresses and is great for orthopedic support – giving relief to individuals with back pain and poor posture. Buyers who’ve done their homework regarding fill might run into one problem: the sofa they have their hearts set on doesn’t come with the desired fill.

Pick Your Filling When You Pick Lovesac

Lovesac Sactionals offer three different fill types – all of which will exceed your needs. When you purchase a Lovesac couch you can pick from a down blend, Lovesoft™ fill, and standard foam. Our favorite is the Lovesoft™ fill. It’s not only amazingly soft, but it’s also resilient! Unlike other sofas that are made with a soft filling, Lovesac sactionals filled with Lovesoft™ won’t lose their shape over time. The Lovesoft™ seat cushion is filled with a fiber blend that sits over a foam-filled bottom. The Lovesoft™ backrest is made of three chambers, all filled with a special blend of Lovesoft™ fibers.

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The down blend used in Lovesac sofas is made from duck feathers, down, and Lovesac’s special blend of synthetic fibers. The seat cushion consists of two chambers. The top chamber is made up of 50% down/feathers and 50% synthetic fibers. The bottom chamber is foam filled. The seat back consists of three chambers. Each chamber is filled with 50% down/feathers and 50% polyester fibers.

Lovesac Sactionals filled with standard foam might be the more economical option for individuals on a budget, but they’ll still feel just as luxurious. The standard foam features two high-density layers and a middle supportive layer designed to prevent sagging. The seat cushion is made up of a 50/50 blend of polyester fiber. The seat back has three chambers of non-woven ticking. This means its fabric is durable.

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3. The Door Test

Once upon a time, we ordered a refrigerator for our kitchen. It was a beauty. We chose a 3-door, French door, black stainless steel refrigerator. And as far as the research went, we were fairly smart about our purchase. We chose one with a child lock on the ice and water dispenser. We took measurements and verified it would fit in our kitchen. But as far as measurements were concerned, it never occurred to us to measure the entryway into our home. Imagine our shock when we were trying to get the refrigerator into our house and realized it wouldn’t fit through the doorway. Oops.

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Bob Vila strongly recommends his readers not only measure the space the new sofa is going in but also measure the doorways and hallways. When deciding where in the living room to put your new sofa, Bob Vila also suggests using painter’s tape to map out how it’s going to fit. This is especially handy if you’re purchasing a sectional because it will give you a good idea of how much space that sectional is going to need.

Lovesac Couches Always Fit

If having enough space in your room is a concern, you need a Lovesac sofa. Lovesac sofas were designed with endless possibilities in mind. You can choose from six pre-designed configurations or you can design your own. This means no matter how much or how little space you’re working with, you’ll always have a sofa that fits. And because Lovesac sectionals are individual seats you piece together, you won’t have to worry about getting them to fit through your hallway or entryway.

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4. Planning For the Future

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A friend of ours rented a house she loved. One of the first things she did was purchase the sectional of her dreams. It had storage inside the armrests and cupholders inside the arms. This sofa was everything she ever wanted. Then one day her husband was transferred. Lo and behold, the sectional she always wanted was too big for her new living room. We can only imagine the frustration and heartache she felt when she had to sell her beloved sofa.

Bob Vila cautions us once again that when you’re shopping for a sofa, you need to think into the future. Are you military? Does your job move you around the country? If so, shop conservatively when you’re looking at any piece of furniture. If relocating is in your foreseeable future, try to pick a sofa that’s a standard size. Also, be wary of purchasing anything too trendy. Trends come and go and a trendy sofa might not look right in a future space.

Lovesac Couches Are Always In Style

One of the most common reasons people want a new sofa is because they’re looking for a change. When you purchase a Lovesac couch, not only are you getting a sofa that allows you to change its configuration at any time, you’re also getting a sofa with removable covers. That means when you’re tired of the current sofa’s cover, you can get a different cover. Sure, slipcovers are always an option but they’re not always a perfect fit – especially if you own a sectional. Plus, shopping for a slipcover requires taking more measurements and hoping it will fit when it arrives.

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Lovesac takes that unnecessary stressor off your hands. You won’t have to measure anything either, you’ll just have to count how many seats you have. As far as covers go, they have many options for both fabrics as well as colors. Choose from velvet, chenille, cross-weave, weave, poly linen, leather, and reversible. If you’re not sure which color or fabric you want, LoveSac has that covered. You can order up to five free color swatches in different fabrics. Whether you stay in your current house forever or move somewhere new, your LoveSac sectional will always be in style.

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5. Arm Style and Length

The last mistake people make when sofa shopping is also probably the easiest to overlook – arm style and length. Woman and Home advises shoppers to consider the sofa’s arms before buying. If you need a lot of space, don’t buy a sofa with wide arms because it reduces the amount of sitting area available. However, if you enjoy napping on sofas, you might want a sofa with wider arms because it’ll be more comfortable for you to rest your head on.

Lovesac sofas have two arm options: standard arms and rolled arms. The best part about Lovesac sofas is that if you purchase the standard arms and decide you don’t like them, you can replace just the arms with the rolled arms. When you shop Lovesac, you’re making a lifetime commitment with infinite ways to change your sofa without actually replacing it.

The Lovesac Sactional StealthTechTM : A Surround Sound Experience

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Trips to the movie theater are exciting and fun. With the wide screen in front of you and speakers all over the room, it can feel like you’re a character in the movie. Wouldn’t it be great if you had that experience in your living room? Exciting news! Thanks to Lovesac you can! How? We’re so glad you asked. When you purchase your Lovesac sofa, make sure you add StealthTechTM as an option. It’s a Lovesac couch with an immersive 4D experience like no other! With both speakers and subwoofers embedded within your sactional you will not only feel like you are at the movies, but like you are in the movie!

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StealthTechTM allows sound to pass through your seat cover so you always get amazing sound quality. No more fighting over who has the best seat in the house. If your Lovesac sectional has StealthTechTM, every person sitting on a Lovesac seat will have an exciting, immersive experience. An 8″ subwoofer is mounted underneath the Lovesac. This means that when you’re watching a movie, you won’t just hear it. You’ll also feel it.

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What could be better than a sofa that provides the ultimate surround-sound experience? How about a sofa that also provides wireless charging for your devices? That’s exactly what you’ll get when you purchase StealthTechTM with your Lovesac sofa. Wireless charging is conveniently placed on the side arms of your sofa.

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Managing your StealthTechTM sound quality can be done using an app on your phone. With one push of a button you can adjust the volume, bass, and balance; tailoring your immersive experience to your preference. Do you ever put the kids to bed early so you can watch a movie that doesn’t feature singing cartoon characters? Make sure you set your StealthTechTM to Quiet Mode. It will lower the volume of the movie for all the speakers.

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When you buy a Lovesac sofa, you’re getting so much more than a piece of furniture. You’re getting comfort that allows you to be creative and flexible according to your needs. Give everyone a place to sit at your home. Rearrange it to make a guest bed for a friend or family member. Enjoy an at-home cinematic experience with StealthTechTM. What are you waiting for? Invest in a Lovesac sectional. You’ll never regret it.

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