Backyard Updates for Fall: The Best Patio Furniture & Fall Decorations For Outside This Season

Now that summer is winding down, it’s time to add fall decorations for outside patios and gardens to give your outdoor living some new life. This guide features outdoor grills that are compact & portable, smokeless firepits that are eco-friendly, pressure washers, and unique plants, to name a few. In addition, we have thought of unique gardening tools that will make your lawn look picture-perfect, making it easy to prepare your garden and patio for fall and Halloween parties. 

Unique Gardening Equipment, Gear & Fall Decorations For Outside

Tower Garden

Backyard Updates For Fall: The Best Patio Furniture & Fall Decorations For Outside This Season

Do you love fresh fruits and vegetables? Would you love to have a garden but don’t have the space? Thanks to Tower Garden, that’s not a problem anymore. The Tower Garden FLEX Growing System is a vertical garden that can be placed indoors or outdoors. It’s perfect for patios, balconies, classrooms, or sunrooms. The Tower Garden can be placed anywhere in your front or backyard. Thanks to this amazing vertical design, there’s no limit to where you can start your garden. Plus, it’s soil-free! Getting dirt on your floor isn’t something you’ll have to worry about.

How many plants can grow in the Tower Garden? Excellent question! With the Tower Garden, you can grow up to 20 different fruits or vegetables. While greens and herbs work the best with the Tower Garden, you can also grow strawberries, tomatoes, broccoli, cucumbers, eggplant, every type of melon, peas, peppers, and more! If you have picky eaters at home, you need to grab the Tower Garden. This vertical garden will make growing and eating nutritious fruits and vegetables fun for your children. Do you homeschool? Make the Tower Garden part of your science classroom. Your students will love watching these plants grow.

Backyard Updates For Fall: The Best Patio Furniture & Fall Decorations For Outside This Season

Do you love the idea of gardening but hate the idea of weeding or getting your hands dirty? The Tower Garden is the answer to your dilemma. This vertical garden is soil-free and weed-free. How is that possible? We’re so glad you asked! The Tower Garden is an aeroponic vertical garden that uses water and air to produce vibrant, delicious fruits, vegetables, and herbs. The Tower Garden has a 20-gallon reservoir base that stores a special nutrient blend to feed the baby seedlings. Once the seedlings have been planted into the tower, a submerged pump will push the nutrient blend up to the top of the tower and then drip down – like a gentle rain – to each level, giving your fruits, vegetables, and herbs all the nourishment they need.

We love that, with every purchase, the Tower Garden Flex Growing System comes with everything you need to get started. Add this to your shopping cart today and get a variety of starter seeds and a germination tray. The pump, timer, and drain tube are also included. And while this vertical garden is super easy to set up, if you need any help, there’s an amazing customer service team available to answer your questions. So what are you waiting for? Live a healthier, more colorful life when you bring the Tower Garden into your home!

Tower Garden FLEX Growing System
Tower Garden | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


Backyard Updates For Fall: The Best Patio Furniture & Fall Decorations For Outside This Season

Fall is the time to head outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather. As the leaves change, update your back patio space with Keter so you can spend the evenings outside by the fire, dine outdoors as the weather cools, and simply enjoy the sights and scents of this gorgeous season.

This fall Keter’s Large Deck Box is a must. With an extra large capacity, you can store your outdoor cushions, floats, garden equipment, and more in one convenient location. Weather resistant and durable, Keter’s extra large deck box features an easy lift and soft close mechanism that makes it ideal for back patios and pool decks. Crafted of weather-resistant resin with a woodlike panel appearance, this box is attractive and versatile enough for gracing your outdoor sanctuary space all year long, from holding all the pool floats, towels and toys all summer to the s’mores skewers and chair cushions during the fall and winter season, this deck box has room for it all!

For those locations where the weather is warm, Keter’s Outdoor Sun Loungers are a great addition to your fall patio. Those snowbirds who head south for the winter know that fall in Florida is still balmy and warm so sun loungers are a must. Spend your days relaxing outdoors with a good book, or even kick back in the evening with a glass of wine on these comfy, cozy lounge chairs. Designed to withstand the elements, these durable chairs are water resistant and won’t fade from spending all day in the sun. With an adjustable back and ergonomically contoured design, Keter’s Outdoor Sun Loungers will let you kick back and relax this season no matter where you spend your time this fall.

Premier 150 Gallon Deck Box | Outdoor Sun Lounger
Keter | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

Gardener’s Supply Company

Gardener’s Supply Company will help you update and winterize your garden just in time for the fall and winter seasons. From seedlings and starter kits for those planning ahead for the spring to patio planters, trellis’, plant food, garden decor, and more, Gardener’s Supply Company is your one-stop shop for all your outdoor and garden needs.

This fall the Veradek Metallic Series Tall Patio Planters make the perfect addition to your patio or pool deck. With a modern style and sleek exterior, these metallic pedestal planters are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Crafted from heavy-duty galvanized steel, these planters add a bit of flair to your patio or front door entryway. With riser feet for optimal drainage and a raised interior shelf for easy planting, these attractive planters make a statement. Scratch-resistant, the powder-coated steel will withstand the elements while the Styrofam™ insulation helps ensure your plants stay healthy in both hot and cold extremes. Available in a variety of sizes, Veradek’s Metallic Planters are a long-lasting and classy addition to your home and garden decor now and throughout every season.

Veradek Metallic Series Pedestal Planters
Gardener’s Supply Company | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Sawyer Twain

Backyard Updates For Fall: The Best Patio Furniture & Fall Decorations For Outside This Season

Upgrade your camping menu when you bring the Kamado Joe Jr. Barbecue Grill on your next trip. Roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over an open fire can be fun but if you want something different for your next trip: like fish, steaks, or hamburgers, you’ll need a grill. While many campgrounds might offer grills, the last thing you want is to worry about having to clean bird poop off of it. Or, let your fascination with crime documentaries leave you wondering what kind of ashes are at the bottom of it. That’s why you need the Kamado Joe Jr. Barbecue Grill, available through Sawyer Twain.

Backyard Updates For Fall: The Best Patio Furniture & Fall Decorations For Outside This Season

Weighing only 68 pounds, this grill is easy to transport wherever you’re going. Take it to the beach, the lake, camping, or to a tailgating event. The cooking surface has a diameter of 13.5″. Did you know that most restaurants cook their steaks at extremely high temperatures? Most outdoor grills only reach temperatures of 400 – 650 degrees. If you want a steak cooked to perfection, the Kamado Joe Jr. is exactly what you need. Its heat ranges from 225 degrees to 750 degrees which makes this grill ideal for cooking ribeye steaks.

Backyard Updates For Fall: The Best Patio Furniture & Fall Decorations For Outside This Season

The Kamado Joe Jr. Grill comes with a cast iron stand and the grills also make for great fall decorations for outside living. It’s built with thick walls and a heat-resistant shell designed to keep smoke and moisture locked in at any temperature. It also provides a built-in temperature gauge, allowing you to pick the perfect cooking temperature. Use the cast-iron air vent to help regulate the temperature. Grilling with the Kamado Joe Jr. Grill means you’ll never have to chew your way through overcooked meat again! Don’t cook the same old camp foods anymore! Get the Kamado Joe Jr. Grill and serve amazing cuisine at your next campground.

Kamado Joe Jr. Barbecue Grill with Cast Iron Stand
Sawyer Twain | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

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Backyard Updates For Fall: The Best Patio Furniture & Fall Decorations For Outside This Season

Now that the summer heat is finally fading into the rearview, RockRocker knows that we can finally accomplish those outdoor projects that we’ve had on our list all year long. If you love to conquer your yard woes, then you know the importance of lawn maintenance throughout the year.

Aside from mowing and watering, some grasses must be rid of moss and other debris so that grass can breathe. This is when the RockRocker Electric Dethatcher Scarifier becomes our new favorite tool for our beautiful yards.

This dethatcher and scarifier are the widest ones known on the market. When it comes to healthy grass and soil, hours of raking are a thing of the past. Dethatching is a process in which layers of dead materials are removed from your grass, thus leading to better-oxygenized soil which ultimately leads to healthy grass growth. This will beautify your lawn and prime it for your fall decorations for outside living. It’s important to know which type of grass you have. If your grass goes dormant in the wintertime, then it’s especially important that you do not dethatch at the wrong time. This can ultimately lead to an unhealthy lawn.

When your lawn has the nutrients and hydration it needs, then it will grow happy and healthy, of course, like all living things, it must be trimmed and cleaned from time to time. This Electric Dethatcher Scarifier simply makes this task an easier one to accomplish so you can have your lawn ready for fall decorations for outside gatherings and parties.

Backyard Updates For Fall: The Best Patio Furniture & Fall Decorations For Outside This Season

As we spend more time outdoors this season, we can see the buildup of dirt and grime on our homes and belongings. When the outdoors is a place you want to be, it makes sense that it should be presentable and beautiful and the first step to making anything beautiful is to get it clean. This season, we’re giving ourselves the outdoor space of our dreams by cleaning up with the RockRocker Electric Pressure Washer Von3.2. Get your fall decorations for outside patios and gardens all cleaned up with this pressure washer.

Backyard Updates For Fall: The Best Patio Furniture & Fall Decorations For Outside This Season

This pressure washer is shocking. As an electric pressure washer, it surprisingly performs as well as other high-powered, high-priced, gas-powered pressure washers, cleaning even the dirtiest parts of the house with a simple sweep of the wand and the four options of nozzles. This pressure washer features a max PSI of 3500 and can easily make driveways, gutters, and lawn furniture look brand new once more.

Unlike other pressure washers, this machine makes life easier by providing a hose reel and a place to keep your soap dispenser handy. At 21 pounds, this machine is a lightweight powerhouse that’s ready to give you the fall home of your dreams. Large wheels that will never go flat mean that you can take this pressure washer anywhere, and the 21-foot hose means you won’t have to worry about constantly moving the body of this machine to keep up with you because it will already be there.

Whether you’re working towards soft, healthy grass beneath your feet, or sparkling white siding or lawn furniture, RockRocker has everything you need to make home and all your fall decorations for outside living look clean and inviting.

Electric Pressure Washer Von3.2 | Electric Dethatcher Scarifier
Rockrocker | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

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Solo Stove

Backyard Updates For Fall: The Best Patio Furniture & Fall Decorations For Outside This Season

Fall is the perfect season. It’s not too warm, it’s not too cold, and the leaves are finally settling on your lawn. It’s time to hang out around a fire and other fall decorations for outside patios. However, recalling the fact that “smoke follows beauty” takes the excitement down a notch (or two), so this season, make sure your fire time with your friends is smokeless and carefree with Solo Stove.

Whether you’re headed to the beach or hanging around in your backyard, Solo Stove is the perfect companion on these cooler nights. This smokeless fire pit means that you can enjoy all the benefits of a hangout around a fire without choking on all the smoke. The signature 360° Airflow superheats the air and burns off the smoke before it can get to your eyes, clothes, and hair. Furthermore, the new removable ash pan makes cleanup a breeze.

Once your solo stove cools, simply remove the pan and dump the contents until the next time you’re ready for a fireside chat. Additionally, with a lid that can double as a tabletop (when not in use) and the included carrying bag that makes transportation easy, the Solo Stove truly supports your fall plans and can have you happy and warm in just moments. Crafted from 304 stainless steel, your Solo Stove is highly durable, surprisingly lightweight, and won’t warp from the heat of your fire. This is one of the most practical fall decorations for outside patios.

This Solo Stove will accompany you, your family, and your friends on all your fall fun for years to come.  

Bonfire Essential Fire Pit Bundle 2.0
Solo Stove | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


Backyard Updates For Fall: The Best Patio Furniture & Fall Decorations For Outside This Season

Fall gardening just got easier with the Ferry-Morse Fall Plantlings Collection. You can order 20 varieties of vegetables, herbs, and ornamentals that are already 4 to 6 inches tall direct from the nursery. The Plantlings, also known as healthy baby plants with an established root system, come ready to plant in your gardens and flower beds.

The Plantlings make fall gardening more successful, especially during the cooler months. Vegetables include Lieutenant broccoli, Long Island Green Brussels Sprouts, Cauliflower, and more. Herbs include English Thyme, Berggarten Sage, and Everleaf Genovese Basil. Fresh herbs make fall cooking scrumptious. Flowers and decorative plants that you can order as Plantlings include Ornamental Cabbage Osaka, Echinacea Purple Coneflower, Lupine, and more.

If you’re not sure which Plantlings will work in your area, be sure to use the Ferry-Morse Garden Matchmaker Tool. The Plantlings come in sets of two and make great fall decorations for outside gardens. Ferry-Morse also offers PlantlingsPLUS so you can directly order shrubs, trees, ornamental grasses, and landscaping plants.

Ornamental Cabbage Osaka Series Plantlings | Basil Everleaf Genovese Plantlings | Brussels Sprouts Long Island Green Plantlings | Broccoli Lieutenant Plantlings | Echinacea Purple Coneflower Powwow Wild Berry Plantlings
Ferry-Morse | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

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Colsen Fire Pits

Backyard Updates For Fall: The Best Patio Furniture & Fall Decorations For Outside This Season

Get the instant ambiance of a real fire with Colsen Fire Pits and leave the smoke and clean up behind. The eco-friendly fire pits are easy to light and easy to extinguish. Simply use rubbing alcohol to get the fire going and enjoy your fall nights by the fire. Made from temperature-resistant concrete for an enhanced, safe, smokeless, and odor-free experience, these innovative fire pits are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The modern, portable designs go with today’s decor and offer an easy way to stage an inviting atmosphere for quiet moments alone or while celebrating with loved ones.

The Hex Large Tabletop Firepit is a unique and trendy shape that will fit in with all your fall decorations for outside patios. It is portable and lightweight, allowing you to move it from location to location, making any area of your home warm and cozy. The fire will last about 40-50 minutes and is also safe for cooking s’mores.

Hex Large Tabletop Firepit
Colsen Fire Pits | Facebook | Instagram

Tiny Treehouses

Backyard Updates For Fall: The Best Patio Furniture & Fall Decorations For Outside This Season

Tiny Treehouses add a bit of elegance, and whimsy to your favorite house plants. Build an adorable Tiny Treehouse from a wooden model kit that brings out the personality of your plants. The kits range in styles and difficulties to coordinate with everyone’s plant décor and crafting abilities. The Temple of Gratitude kit lets you build a beautiful pagoda that is 4.5 by 5.3 inches tall when assembled. The beautiful treehouse features an LED light.

The Tiny Treehouses transform traditional houseplants into magical, miniature worlds. The treehouse kits range from the Tropical Lookout, a perfect jungle vacation home with open-air living and panoramic views, to the Spring Pavilion, which could be a magical, spot for romance. These are beautiful and unique fall decorations for outside patios and gardens. The Tiny Treehouses can be staked in houseplants, hung from a hook, or built with a flat base to use as a centerpiece or table decoration.

Temple of Gratitude
Tiny Treehouses | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


Backyard Updates For Fall: The Best Patio Furniture & Fall Decorations For Outside This Season

No one wants their outdoor festivities ruined by nuisance bugs. This 11-watt UV zapper lures mosquitos, gnats, flies, moths, and other flying insects into its high-voltage grids to remove them from your party. These devices will protect you and your guests so everyone can enjoy your fall decorations for outside patios and gardens, rather than worrying about insects. This zapper is safe indoors and outdoors with a waterproof structure and is easy to use and clean. Your next BBQ will thank you!

Bug Zapper

Enjoy the great outdoors with this guide’s best fall decorations for outside gatherings. Daily Mom has thought of everything to make your family gathering memorable and full of laughter. This guide has everything from pressure washers to get rid of dirt and grime to portable fire pits to tiny treehouses that will add a touch of elegance to the average house plant. With so many great products, you will surely enjoy the outdoors in autumn even more and keep your property looking beautiful and welcoming.

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Backyard Updates For Fall: The Best Patio Furniture & Fall Decorations For Outside This Season



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