Cheap Garden Decor: Achieve Your Beautifully Unique Oasis With These 3 Tips

In many parts of the country, the snow is still sticking and the gas bill is ever-rising. Other places are already getting their swimsuits out of the closet and booking their family beach trip. If you are eager to get spring sprung, you may be considering your garden decor this season.

Finding free or cheap garden decor takes a keen eye and intentionality, and making it work means that you need to have a vision of what will work in your space.

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Gardening doesn’t require a lot of money, but it does require patience. Cultivating the space you want takes a special type of vision and determination that only you have. With these super powers in hand, you can achieve the look and feel you’ve been dreaming of with these starter tips for free or cheap garden decor that will help you build your dreamland and still come in under budget (or totally free.)

Go To Yard Sales For Cheap Garden Decor

Cheap Garden Decor: Achieve Your Beautifully Unique Oasis With These 3 Tips

Simply heading to your local gardening store may be the easiest way to gather your gardening vibes, but keeping your garden on or under budget means giving it a little more time and imagination. Finding cheap garden decor at rummage and yard sales may seem like an obvious option, but pay close attention to the yards that are selling. If the homes in your neighborhoods aren’t gardeners, then chances are they won’t be selling what you’re looking for.

Find a yard sale that may have the cheap garden decor you want by driving through neighborhoods and scouting beautiful yards. Not only will you find a great new way to shop and save money, but you may get some great ideas from minds who think differently. It’s a win-win!

Container Garden? Think Outside The (Planter) Box

Thinking of a raised garden bed? With lumber prices as they are, perhaps your dream of a raised garden bed will have to wait. Or, you can think outside the planter box and use something else. The next time you see a bar on the side of the road, or a craft table in someone’s bin, then friend, their trash is your treasure. Cheap garden decor refers only to the price and the quality may even outlast some of the finest things in your garden shop!

Container gardens are fantastic ways for the whole family to get their hands dirty together. They include the young and old, and are a great way to get your kids involved in gardening. Container gardens can be as small or large as you want, thusly they are easy to handle, and can be your little ones’ own caretaking project or even provide fresh veggies or flowers in your home.

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Cheap Garden Decor: Achieve Your Beautifully Unique Oasis With These 3 Tips

Gardening is all about bringing your mind’s eye to life, and if you want to plant your tomatoes in an old bath tub, you absolutely can (and should). Did you find an old bird bath that needs some succulents to bring it to life? Make it happen. Getting creative opens possibilities, it doesn’t close them down.

If you think it can work, chances are that it will. Container gardening is a bit of a different creature since your soil can vary from plant to plant, but that just means you can have more plant options. Find more unique decor ideas here and start your list of cheap garden decor ideas for your own home.

Deciding to garden in containers is helpful when you want to color-coordinate your garden. Finding smaller treasures to use as planters is much more do-able than gathering large items of the same color.

Include varying textures and don’t be afraid of imperfections. Nature finds completion in the imperfection.

Furthermore, gardeners are a unique community and love to share their tips, tricks, and even clippings. Ask for help and advice from your green-thumbed friends. A garden is a community of living things, and a gardening community understands this better than anyone.

Re-home Indoor Furnishings

Along the same lines as thinking outside the planter box, re-homing your indoor furnishings can be a great way to give new life to something that no longer serves your home in the same way. Even bowls, with a bit of elbow grease and a quick trip to the tool shed or hardware store, can become beautiful hanging planters to adorn your trees or sitting areas.

Cheap Garden Decor: Achieve Your Beautifully Unique Oasis With These 3 Tips

Work life has changed for thousands of people since the onset of Covid, and our work desks are no longer serving us in the same way. Or, perhaps you’ve ended up with two! For those of us rethinking our home offices or furniture situations, those drawers don’t have to go to waste. Find use for your office desk drawers and create some dimension or a new focal point for your garden by using them to plant this spring.

There is likely some cost incurred by choosing to use indoor items outside, especially if you want to create a fun planter from your old dresser and that dresser is already in need of some extra love. Weather-proofing is not entirely impossible for some items but it is important and can be costly. Cheap garden decor that is properly weather-proofed is still less expensive than brand new gardening gear and looks unique and rustic so it’s worth it.

When you’re just starting out and you’ve acquired your cheap garden decor and transformed it into something beautifully new, it’s important to remember that gardening takes creativity, vision, and time. The time that gardening requires will cultivate patience, too. Nothing noteworthy happens overnight, and even the smallest changes can go unseen. However, if you’re making healthy gardening choices and your plants are happy, then time will prove how much love you’ve poured into your creation.

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Cheap Garden Decor: Achieve Your Beautifully Unique Oasis With These 3 Tips



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