IONutrition: Organic Meals for Active Lifestyles

If you live an active lifestyle or are making some life changes to start becoming more active, you probably find it challenging to eat the optimal nutrition you need to fuel your body on the go while you are actually on the go. Sure, there are plenty of meal prep delivery services now, and when you are out and about there are restaurants on every corner. However, those options are not always what your body needs when you need nutrition to fuel athletic performance. You don’t want to eat a burger on your way from the office to the gym. You also don’t have time to come home and prep a multi-step gourmet meal for lunch, but you don’t want to just brown bag an unhealthy sandwich either. We’ve found the perfect meal delivery option for those who demand more from their nutrition on the go, IONutrition!

Ideal Nutrition

When you live a driven, active lifestyle, you need to make every meal count. You don’t just eat to fill yourself up. You eat to fuel your body in your quest for performance in whatever physical activity you are passionate about. Whether that’s bodybuilding, cross fit, biking, swimming, football, or any real physical activity, you need nutrition that helps your body recover, keeps you healthy, keeps your mind sharp, and builds increased strength and stamina.

IONutrition meals are created by culinary experts who specialize in organic, gluten-free food preparation. They provide healthy options that are affordable and delicious. They never use GMOs or other yucky stuff like additives, hormones, or antibiotics. Their proteins include all natural cage free poultry, wild caught fish, and grass-fed beef and bison. IONutrition ensures all their meals are micronutrient dense, meaning you get the most nutrients with fewer calories. Every bite is valuable and full of useable energy for your body.

Unlike eating out, the nutrition in IONutrition meals is not a mystery. You can easily track what you are eating with the nutrition label on each individual package. Knowing the amount of proteins and carbs in each meal is critical for bodybuilding, making IONutrition a great option if you are counting macros.

The Convenience

IONutrition provides high quality fuel for the human body, along with the convenience of a hassle free delivery, and compact portable refrigerated meal management. The meals are refrigerated, but never frozen. Delivery is always free! Use IONutrition’s freezable meal bag to keep your meal cold until you are ready to enjoy it. This makes mornings so simple. Just pick your meals for the day, pop them in your bag, and go. You have your nutrition with you whether you are headed to work, to work out, or just have a lot of errands to run that day.

Each meal or snack comes individually packaged. Everything is very tasty and easy to heat up and prep. If you are on the go, like at work or at the gym, you can heat up your food in the container in the microwave. If you are home, put your meal on the stove top in a pan with some oil to keep it nice and moist.

How To Order

There are two simple ways to have IONutrition meals delivered to you. You can order one of their meal plans and set up automatic deliveries, or you can order your favorite meals and sides a la carte. You can make changes to your meal plan or skip deliveries when you travel or have extras in the refrigerator already. There is no contract. Cancel any week if you need to. However, you won’t be cancelling this plan. It is life changing to have these nutrient dense yet deliciously fresh meals at your finger tips, and you won’t ever want to go back to what you were doing before you discovered IONutrition.

Here are the Meal Plans:

ION Protein+ – These meals have high quality animal protein in every dish. Every meal is gluten free and organic.

ION Original – These meals are organic, gluten-free, high in nutrients, proteins, and fresh vegetables. Includes one animal protein portion daily.

ION Paleo – For those on the paleo diet or if you want low carb meals, this option is low carb, high in nutrients, proteins, and fresh vegetables. Includes animal protein with every dish.

Here are the A La Carte Options:

Breakfast/Snacks – Options like oatmeal, kale chips, and roasted almonds.

Entrees – Meals that include salmon, chicken, beef, or turkey.

Bulk Meals and Sides – Options include quinoa, mixed vegetables, and protein in bulk (beef patties, ahi tuna, chicken breast, wild salmon, and more).

Simplify your already busy routine. An active and healthy lifestyle just got a whole lot easier with meals delivered from IONutrition. Set up your preferred meal plan and let their expert chefs do the work for you. You will see immediate results in how you feel during the day from eating this nutrient dense diet no matter what the world throws at you. Don’t let hunger derail your fitness goals. Eat smart and simply with IONutrition!

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