10 Books to Prepare Your Child for a Sibling

You’re expecting another child and, understandably, you’re concerned with how your older child will adjust to the new baby. It’s never too early to start preparing them for what’s to come. An easy place to start is with books for siblings! Here are ten amazing, easy to understand children’s books with beautiful illustrations that will help prepare your child for becoming an older sibling.

10 Books To Prepare Your Child For A Sibling 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

I’m a Big Brother & I’m a Big Sister By Joanna Cole

10 Books To Prepare Your Child For A Sibling 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families10 Books To Prepare Your Child For A Sibling 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families These books are great because each one is tailored to the gender of your older child, so that you can choose a book that is the most relatable to them. Told from the perspective of the older brother/sister, these books will teach your child all of the good things that they have to look forward to with their new little sibling. 160-Separator-Grey

My New Baby By Rachel Fuller

10 Books To Prepare Your Child For A Sibling 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesThis simple, colorful board book is perfect for preparing young toddlers for the new baby. It follows a toddler as she wonders about her new sibling with questions like, “Why does the baby always have milk?” This is one book in a series of new sibling board books by author Rachel Fuller. 160-Separator-Grey

The Berenstain Bears’ New Baby by Stan & Jan Berenstain

10 Books To Prepare Your Child For A Sibling 5 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesIf your little one is a fan of the lovable Berenstain Bear Family, you won’t want to pass this one up! Join Mama, Papa, and Brother Bear as they welcome Sister to the family and help brother adjust to being an older sibling. 160-Separator-Grey

The New Baby by Mercer Mayer

10 Books To Prepare Your Child For A Sibling 6 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesIn this adorable Little Critter book, an older brother learns what it really means to have a baby in the house when his new sister arrives. It takes a little bit of time to understand what can be done with a new baby, but he eventually figures out what it takes to be a great big brother. 160-Separator-Grey

Best-Ever Big Sister & Best-Ever Big Brother By Karen Katz

10 Books To Prepare Your Child For A Sibling 7 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families 10 Books To Prepare Your Child For A Sibling 8 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesThese adorable board books are all about showing the soon-to-be older sibling all of the things they can do that a new baby can’t do. It’s a little bit of big sibling ego boosting! We love that these books have interactive flaps that your child can lift to keep them engaged in the story. Something to keep in mind, however, is that these books do mention that the big sibling is potty trained, so this may not be the best choice for toddlers who are still in diapers. 160-Separator-Grey

We Have a Baby By Cathryn Falwell

10 Books To Prepare Your Child For A Sibling 9 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesThis book receives rave reviews for featuring a multi-cultural family with a toddler and baby who are gender neutral, making the book relatable to a variety of families. The sweet story shows all the ways a big sibling can be involved in helping to care for and love the new baby. 160-Separator-Grey

Hello Baby! By Lizzy Rockwell

10 Books To Prepare Your Child For A Sibling 10 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesThis book is written for slightly older toddlers and children, and told from the perspective of a young boy as he waits for and welcomes his new baby sister into the world. Covering everything from how the baby grows in utero to how a new baby has a funny umbilical stump, this adorable book provides realistic descriptions and illustrations. 160-Separator-Grey

What Baby Needs By William Sears, Martha Sears, & Christie Watts Kelly

10 Books To Prepare Your Child For A Sibling 11 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesWritten by leaders in attachment-parenting, William Sears, M.D., and Martha Sears, R.N., this book talks directly to your child as it explains the changes that will take place when baby arrives and how they can be involved. It stars both an older sister and an older brother, making the book applicable to both roles. Written for ages 5-8. 160-Separator-Grey

Babies Don’t Eat Pizza By Diana Danzig

10 Books To Prepare Your Child For A Sibling 12 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesThe great thing about this humorous, yet realistic book is that it shows a variety of families (different ethnicities, big brothers, big sisters, breastfeeding/bottle feeding, etc.) waiting for and then interacting with their new babies. It covers all aspects of what a big sibling can expect from a new little brother or sister and even offers tips for parents at the end. 160-Separator-Grey

On Mother’s Lap By Ann Herbert Scott

10 Books To Prepare Your Child For A Sibling 13 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesUnlike the other books we’ve touched on, this one doesn’t go into the details of specifically welcoming a new baby and being a big sibling. Instead, it tells the simple, yet heartfelt story of a little boy, his mother, and his baby sibling who find that there is always room on mother’s lap. This is a book that will be cherished by your child for many years to come, not just during the sibling transition period. 160-Separator-Grey

Further Reading

For more tips on helping your child make the transition to big brother or big sister, check out How to Prepare Your Child for a Sibling!

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