26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

We are not judging in the least bit. As a matter of fact, we are right there with you running around like a mad person trying to tie all the holiday extras together. No matter when you started prepping for the holidays, somehow they always come around too quickly. Here are some last minute gift ideas for kids if you are running a tad behind, or even if you want to snatch them up now. While we can’t wrap them for you, we can stand by for moral support!


26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

As Saint Nick drops by this Christmas and fulfills your kid’s wishes once again, be sure to maintain your home’s beautiful interior with the addition of a Prettier Playmat from Toddlekind. Prettier Playmats, by Toddlekind, bring stylish, sophisticated, and versatile flooring foam tiles to your home. The tiles are designed to look chic and can be put together for endless patterns. The playmats come in a variety of colors and designs, so it’s safe to say everyone can find something that fits their style.

26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

Little tots often cruise and bruise on hardwood and tile floors. With the addition of a Toddlekind Prettier Playmat, moms and dads can breathe a little easier knowing that there is a soft, non-toxic EVA foam to cushion their little one’s stumbles. Another perk? The aesthetically pleasing look of the Prettier Playmat is paired with functionality including being able to be wiped clean for all the “oopsies” that happen. Be sure that Toddlekind finds its way into your hands this holiday and enjoyed by the whole family.

The Clean Wean Mats by Toddlekind are a genuine lifesaver to parents. If you have experienced the tornado of a mess that comes along with toddlers and baby-led weaning, then you understand why you need the Clean Wean Mats. Toddlekind’s Clean Wean Mat helps speed up mealtime clean-up and is easily wiped clean with a damp cloth. Don’t fret! This mat is waterproof, non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, and formamide-free.

This versatile mat is also perfect for arts and crafts. Keep your little one’s art studio up and running while protecting your floors. You can also take this show on the road! Not only are the Clean Wean Mats by Toddlekind pretty, but they are portable. Simply roll the Clean Wean Mat up and take it on to the go. Make this one of your last minute gift ideas for yourself.


26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

Move over summer, winter is here and just in time for Christmas, Funboy, known for their fun and creative pool floats, has released their ball pits for plenty of indoor winter weather shenanigans! As parents, we all remember the ball pits of old and now we have the chance to bring the fun home to our kiddos this holiday season. We may be stuck indoors all too much during the winter but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy all of the imaginative and creative ways to entertain ourselves and our children. From pouncing in the pit to a friendly made up snowball fight, the Tropical Palm Inflatable Ball Pit and Kids’ Ball Pit Balls are the perfect holiday gift for those toddlers and preschoolers who need some active indoor entertainment this season! Enjoy the snowy outdoor weather from inside this season while the kids spend hours upon end playing in an endless pit of balls!

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Playtime by Eimmie

26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

Playing with dolls encourages imagination and solidifies social skills that are needed by children. An 18” Eimmie doll is the perfect companion for this open-ended play, with quality lifelike features, soft body, and thick hair little girls love to style. Doll play is a healthy, screen-free playtime that prompts new and exciting scenarios, builds confidence, and teaches to care for others.

Along with Capezio, the biggest name in the dance industry, Playtime by Eimmie has teamed up to create a beautiful Playtime by Eimmie Capezio 18″ Ballerina Doll complete with leotard and tutu, dance bun, and her own bag for dance gear. With posable arms and legs, both child and doll can dance to their heart’s content.

But the fun doesn’t need to end with unwrapping a fabulous doll. The excitement can continue throughout the year with a Subscription to Club Eimmie. Each month your child will receive doll clothing for 18″ dolls, fabulous accessories, and fun playsets delivered directly to them, so the fun never runs out. From camping gear to hitting the beach, and tons of adventures in between, the play is endless with Playtime by Eimmie.

Wild Dough

26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

There may not be a better time to explore creativity than during one of the most festive times of the year. We love that Wild Dough has created the festive play-dough and tools to match the holiday season ever so perfectly. Just wait until your little one unwraps the Candy Cane, Fairy Dust, and White Christmas playdough that is tailor-made just for their little hands. It’s super soft, non-drying, and infused with holiday scents that are wonderfully pleasant.

Every playdough set needs a great set of sensory tools that create bumps, ripples, and shapes of all sizes and textures. The 4-in1 Pattern Roller Set is easy for those chubby hands to grip while using the interchangeable rolling pin with 6 unique screw-together patterned/plain pieces. There’s literally no limit to the variety of designs and combinations your kids can make pulling and snapping together their favorite patterns. The Hemispherical Pattern Stamper works wonderfully for the younger children to grip the chunky, big handles. It’s only the beginning of a stamper frenzy with all the prints and fun designs they’ll explore!

26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

It wouldn’t be a complete holiday seasonal set without the Christmas Stampers included! They are an excellent resource to add your child’s toolset. They create gorgeous, deeply-shaped impressions within any sensory materials you happen to have on hand. Whether you are using Wild Dough (and we highly recommend you do), kinetic sand, or clay, these 6 Christmas shapes will add gorgeous impressions to any created masterpiece your child creates. These 6 little gems are hand-cut Tasmanian Oak Rounds, giving you unique, handmade, creations to gift this holiday season.


26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

Do you have young builders at home who also love Jurassic World? Need last minute gift ideas for those cousins and friends on your shopping list? Then give them the gift of a Jurassic World Lego set this Christmas.

A great gift idea for kids ages eight and up, your kids will love playing out LEGO Jurassic World dinosaur battles with the Indominus rex and Ankylosaurus toy figures in the Indominus rex vs. Ankylosaurus (75941) playset. They can reimagine classic moments from the Jurassic World movie with five mini-figures, including Owen Grady and Claire Dearing, for creative role play, and the trees in the buildable jungle scene can be knocked over with the Ankylosaurus’s swiping tail.

For your slightly younger child (or if you have a smaller budget), check out the LEGO Jurassic World Dr. Wu’s Lab: Baby Dinosaurs Breakout (75939) toy playset. Your kids will love pretending to create new breeds of dinosaurs and help Owen Grady stop dinosaur escapes. This fun building set for kids includes two mini-figures and baby Ankylosaurus and Triceratops toy dinosaur figures to play out unlimited Jurassic World adventures.

Delta Children

26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

Whether you’re going to the park, mall, on vacation, or simply grocery shopping, you want to make sure your child has a safe and comfortable stroller. Delta Children was founded around the idea of making safe, high-quality children’s furniture at affordable prices. The Clutch Stroller is a compact travel stroller that collapses and folds in just seconds, making it ideal for air travel. Once the stroller is folded it’s smaller than a grocery bag!

This lightweight stroller weighs 11.7 lbs, comes with a travel bag so it’s easy to carry, has an adjustable sun visor, holds children up to 50 lbs, and it has spacious undercarriage storage. Short on last minute gift ideas for new (or not so new) moms in your life or need a stroller that meets all the requirements in your busy life? The Clutch Stroller is it. Once you use it, you will take it everywhere you go!

Diamond Art Club

26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

Looking to add some sparkle and shine to this holiday season? Diamond Art Club has a wide selection of the newest artistic hobby: Diamond art. These gorgeous masterpieces come in a variety of prints, are great for a wide age range of creators, and make for great last minute gift ideas. The gorgeous Undersea Dreaming diamond art piece features vibrant colors for that mermaid loving person in your life.

26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

Take time for yourself to slow down and create a therapeutic masterpiece or spend time bonding with family over a fun project from Diamond Art Club. The kids are sure to love the end product of the Spot Diamond Art kit. Not only will they have fun making the art project, but they will have a beautiful piece of art to cherish and display.

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Snap Ships

26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

Got a kiddo that loves to build and action play? Your last minute gift ideas should include Snap Ships because they check both of these boxes and offer multiple options for your creative child. While each set includes pieces that build a specific ship or vehicle, mix and match all of your sets to create your own masterpiece. The Gladius AC-75 Drop Ship is a great option because it includes pieces to build both a ship and an attack rover. Also, once built, shooting between vehicles is possible making your child’s imagination go wild with his or her own battles.

26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

Another great option offered by Snap Ships is the Wasp K.L.A.W. Heavy Fighter / Falx SC-41 Escort Battle Set. Similar to the other set featured, this one includes pieces for two separate vehicles. Your little engineer will love the options available on this battle set because the building instructions include options for six different builds. Let Snap Ships provide you with exciting last minute gift ideas and your child hours of fun-filled building and imaginative play!

Paint By POM POM

26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

For the artists in the family, life can get a little messy. Between markers, paints, glues, and glitters, an artist’s work (and mess) is never done. That’s why when it comes to gifting this year, we love the Paint By Pom Pom Bundle. These are the perfect activities and last minute gift ideas for any artist, no matter their age!

By peeling back the plastic adhesive cover, your artist will reveal a sticky board, so there is no messy glue involved. From there, it’s time to paint by numbers, or Pom Poms, matching it to the number on the board. Find your Pom Pom color and match it to the number on the board. Of course, while numbers and colors are assigned, an artist’s imagination can never be held back, so you can get as creative as you’d like! This year, give the gift of artistic imagination with Paint By POM POM.

The Dough Project

26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

Magic can certainly come to life in a 6-Pack this holiday season. No, we’re not talking beer, it’s way more creative than that! It’s creativity matched with imagination, through The Dough Project. It’s a gift that creates a world in your home that is 100% kid-powered that all parents will feel great about. Made with all simple and non-toxic ingredients, the 6-Pack has everything you need to encourage endless imaginative play and possibilities in six five ounce jars of rainbow-colored dough.

26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

For those hands-on kids who want to make their dough, there’s a DIY Mix Variety Pack to gift them this holiday season. With easy step-by-step instructions, you’ll create three batches of fresh playdough, right in your own kitchen. The dry mix consists of safe food ingredients like organic wheat flour, sea salt, and others while using natural colorings using beet and turmeric, for example.

All those kiddos need is a grown-up to man the stove and the rest is all on them. Play, laugh, and roll some dough till those fingers are tickled with delight with their new creations! If you need last minute gift ideas or stocking stuffers, be sure to pick up a couple for friends, cousins, siblings, and all those “surprise” visitors.


26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

Kick it back old school this holiday season with a gift that you’ll remember and your kids will love, GigaPets. The all-new GigaPets AR makes for perfect last minute gift ideas or stocking stuffers for your elementary-aged kiddos. With enhanced graphics, animations, and sounds, including four new buttons for easier play options, your kids will delight in this pocket pet they can take with them wherever they go. The GigaPet AR allows you to chose your pet breed and name it, play fetch and feed your pet, earn points and unlock customizations, and even log in to the app to reveal 3D AR animations with additional play options.

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26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

Looking for educational plus creative toys this holiday season? ooly has all you want, and so much more for your mini Picassos. Give them a shot to sketch out their rainbow designs in the Scratch & Scribble Art Set Scratch Kit – Monster Pals. With the guided illustrations, they’ll have a blast scratching away the black surface to reveal a rainbow world underneath. But if a Gem Art Kit is on your mind for those who like hands-on artwork, the Razzle Dazzle DIY Gem Art Kit is a fantastic find to get all sparkly and creative!

26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

You simply cannot go a holiday season without the Pearlescent Watercolor Pack for those kiddos! Give the watercolor creations a fresh and vibrant new shine and shimmer with the Chroma Blends™. They’ll be so delighted seeing their painting come alive and really POP off of the paper. Since it includes everything you need — paints, brush, paper, and palette — it’s one of the best last minute gift ideas that is all ready to go!

26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

I Heart Erasable Crayons is fun, pretty, and functional for those virtual learners of yours! The inspirational heart shape will constantly remind them that they are loved with fun and enlightening colors. For those fidget kids of yours, they can also be twisted into an oval shape as well. Color, erase mistakes, twist, and love with these really neat crayons.

Educational Insights

26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

Giving your kids educational toys that will keep them engaged, while learning, just got easier with Educational Insights. The Circuit Explorer Deluxe Base Station is simple and easy to build, but also teaches the kids the fundamentals of electrical engineering.

Line up the circuitry graphics on the oversized pieces and snap them together to build a fully powered, large scale, space-themed world with moving parts. It includes a deluxe base station with towers, a rotating diner sign, a planetarium with a color-changing dome, and a voice synthesizer that includes 10 space sounds. You can also connect the pieces your way so kids can let their creative juices flow. The Circuit Explorer Deluxe Base Station makes a great gift for the holidays that is both fun and educational!

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Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Super Colossal Indominus Rex

26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

If your kids are in to Jurassic World as much as ours are, then the Super Colossal Indominus Rex is likely already at the top of their wish list. What kid doesn’t want to be a part of the adventure inspired by the Jurassic World animated series, Camp Cretaceous? Even if it’s not on their list, add this to your last minute gift ideas, and they are bound to jump for joy.

At approximately 18-in high and 3.5 ft long, this Super Colossal Indominus Rex figure features realistic skin texture and color authentic to the series. He also comes ready to battle, with articulated arms and legs, extra-wide jaws that can open and close, and the ability to swallow 20 mini dinosaur action figures whole. Your dinosaur-loving kiddo will absolutely love waking up to the excitement of Jurassic World with this HUGE Indominus Rex dinosaur action figure under the tree!

Just Play

26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

This Christmas gift your budding diva the Barbie Deluxe Glitter and Go Styling Head where she can create and style all day long. Let her imagination run wild as she practices her beauty skills with the iconic Barbie styling head, including even more glitz and glam! Brush, braid, and style Barbie’s beautiful flowing locks with the included glitter comb and customizable barrettes giving Barbie a look like never before. Add flair to your style with brightly colored extensions, and even a unicorn headband. Kids will love styling Barbie’s hair and even using the accessories to add to their own updo! Additionally, with the included nail wheel, nail stickers, and a rainbow sticker sheet, your child’s imagination is the limit. Let your little stylist shine this holiday season with the Barbie Deluxe Glitter and Go Styling Head.

26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

Toddlers and little kids who just love Blue’s Clues & You will be extremely excited to see all their favorite friends like Mailbox, Mr. Salt & Mrs. Pepper, Slippery Soap, and more in this Blue’s Clues & You! Deluxe Play-Along Set. The entire set is the perfect size for small hands and includes icons like Josh, the Thinking Chair, and of course, Blue. But this deluxe set also includes hard to find characters like Paprika and Cinnamon, and even Ginger and Sage! It’s the ultimate set for all the open-ended play a child needs and the last minute gift ideas parents are looking for.

26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

What’s finding pawprints and playing Blue’s Clues without The Handy Dandy Notebook? Step by step, your child can recreate favorite episodes and games with their own Blue’s Clues & You 2-Sided Handy Dandy notebook that gives kids the ability to draw like Josh. Draw all of Blue’s clues on one side with the magnetic pen, then sit down and think! When you’re ready to share the clues, use the other side like a personal smartphone. It’s pint-sized fun that can go anywhere you go.

The Quarto Group

26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

Seeking last-minute gift ideas for the block-obsessed builder in your life? Turn to The Quarto Group and grab a copy of the Unofficial Minecraft Lab for Kids. Take a break from zombies and creepers, but indulge their passion for the game with this unique and thoughtful gift. This book of creative, family-friendly projects that combines Minecraft skills with hands-on activities makes for a gift that is fun, educational, and memorable. Set a trap, make cookies, grow a garden, and more!

26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

For double the fun, snag the Unofficial Minecraft Life Hacks Lab for Kids as one of your last minute gift ideas as well. This edition contains projects that teach solid life skills, such as critical thinking, conflict resolution, avoiding bullies, and digital citizenship. Each lab contains a materials list, clear instructions, photographs of the process, and completed samples. Build a box head buddy, practice mind-mapping, write positive poems, and reduce, reuse, and recycle. The best part is, these activities can be enjoyed over and over again — perfect for some quality time learning more about Minecraft, the thing they love most, over the holiday break!


26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

If you are looking for a creative gift idea for your kids this holiday season, or maybe last minute gift ideas for relatives to get for the kids, the Original Rainbow Crayon® will absolutely be a hit! Not only does this personalized gift make for a fun stocking stuffer, but it’s also a great way to creatively set up unique place settings for the kids during holiday meals. Just throw some white butcher paper down over the table, and let the kids express their creativity. Your kids will love all the beautiful colors and the unique shape of these rainbow crayons featuring their name!

26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

Roybi Robot

26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

STEM toys for kids are always a favorite of parents everywhere and there is no better way to teach our children to love learning than to start young. Play is a child’s work and with the Roybi Robot, preschoolers will love learning through the interactive lessons in language, science, technology, math, and more. Roybi is basically a private tutor for your child in the home, without them sitting in front of a screen. Geared toward learning creatively and problem-solving together, Roybi speaks different languages and develops your child’s speech and social skills too. With the interactive app, parents can track their children’s progress, schedule and manage their lessons, and even get detailed progress reports and improvement tips. Give your kids the gift of Roybi the interactive Robot under the tree this year!

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WeCool iLY Pura Loom

26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

This holiday season let your little crafter try her hand at bracelet making with the iLY Pura Loom Deluxe Bracelet Maker. Perfect for kids who love designing their own jewelry and accessories, this kit includes the Pura Loom itself, 100 metallic beads, a premium metal charm, lots of clips and clasps, and seven standard threads, each in a different color. From crafting over winter break to making gifts for friends, let them spend time perfecting their fine motor skills while crafting cute and trendy accessories they’ll love this season with Pura Loom.

Reading Eggs

26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

Looking for the type of gift that “keeps on giving?” Then we strongly suggest giving your child(ren) a subscription to Reading Eggs. Reading Eggs is an e-learning platform for kids 2-13 that makes learning reading and math fun through interactive games and activities. If your child is just starting to learn their letters and numbers, then Reading Eggs will accelerate their learning; and for older children, it builds on existing reading skills.

26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

Starting with a placement test to access what your child already knows, Reading Eggs is designed to tie into the five pillars of reading instruction (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension). While not intended to replace traditional classroom (or virtual) instruction, we love the supplemental learning it provides to our kids while they’re “home” over the holidays and beyond. A couple of the perks of this being one of your last minute gift ideas: No need to rush to the store or gift wrap!


26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

What better way for your kiddo to enjoy the post-holiday season than with The Big Dig! Great for your backyard, beach, or playground, this ultimate digging toy is the perfect tool for your little construction worker to dig sand, move dirt, or shovel snow all year long. With its sturdy metal construction, The Big Dig can handle just about anything! Featuring two-handed controls for digging and dumping, a 360-degree boom, and a rotating, contoured seat with a sturdy, wide base, your child will feel like a professional construction worker this Christmas.

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26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

Elmo and his friends want to play this holiday season. So add him to your last minute gift ideas and bring the little red monster into your home with Colors with Elmo MAGNA-Tiles from CreateOn. Magna-tiles are the ultimate in STEAM activities for young children. They encourage learning through play. Each piece is a colorful two-sided magnet used to build a variety of different possibilities. Through play, these students will strengthen their STEAM, fine motor, problem-solving skills as they play.


26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

If you’re the proud parent of a mischievous child and you’re in the market for last minute gift ideas, then what better way to feed their talents than the gift of the Rise of Gru Fart ‘n Fire. Sure, you’ll likely regret the purchase within the first 15 minutes of Christmas morning, but oh the fun your child will have gassing out your entire family and all their friends.

This super-size blaster lets it rip in a variety of outrageous ways. The adjustable, telescoping barrel, built-in trigger-activated farts, and two modes of play deliver 20+ different fart sounds from blips to drawn-out bombs. It even has an easy-to-fill water chamber so you can blast gassy mists over and over again. Fart in quick, short bursts or nail a friend with a drawn-out, loud blast. It’s the ultimate, loud Minion mischief tool and it will be worth every penny!


26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

Do you know the way? If your children are fans of the hit Disney+ show, The Mandalorian, then they definitely know “the way” to awesome last minute gift ideas to put under their tree this Christmas. Funko creates uniquely designed collectibles featuring your favorites, ranging from classic Disney characters to a pop-culture icon, The Child. This Pop Jumbo is larger than your average collectible. Standing at ten inches high, your child will feel like they have the world at their fingertips with this 10” The Child-The Mandalorian.

Boundless Blooms

26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

Boundless Blooms is one of those mindful last minute gift ideas that benefits parents and children alike. Guide your children to turn their present moment into strength and creativity as they discover new ways to breathe, move, and utilize their senses to explore the world around them.

The Mindful Moments: Guided Exercises and Mantras for Kids contains 34 easy-to-follow Mindful Moments that increase your child’s emotional intelligence, improve focus, and reduce anxiety, especially if they need a calming moment before bedtime. Parents, we could all use calming moments before bedtime! Now you can share present moments as a family as you all discover a mindfulness journey in this thing we call, life.

Drink in the Box

26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph

A useful stocking stuffer that your little one will enjoy and will make your life easier! This little finger friendly Snack in a Box is a reusable snack container with 2 sections. The pop-up doors make for an easy pour and it is dishwasher friendly which is easy on mom. Plus, Snack in a Box is BPA/BPS and Phthalate free so you can carry snacks for your little ones worry free.

Keep calm and shop on. After all, it’s not over ’til it’s over. Even if you are coming down to the wire with Christmas shopping we believe in you (and Santa). You can get all your last minute shopping done with these amazing last minute gift ideas for kids.

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26 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids: Run Run Rudolph



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