How to Balance Being a Full-Time Mom And Full-Time Student

Going to college is hard enough. How about going to college with a baby in tow while being a full-time student? Raising a child while in college can be an incredible motivator for achieving your goals. You want to give the world to them. In this light, multitasking and getting few hours of sleep are only necessary evils.

Balancing Full-Time Mom And Full-Time Student Daily Mom Parents Portal

After all, college will make you successful and prosperous and you will give your family the wonderful life they deserve. Having a kid means sacrificing lots of things. But your college degree isn’t one of them. Since you’ve already set your mind to it here’s how you can manage raising a kid while in college.

Forget About 8 Hours of Sleep

The first thing you’ll have to get used to is the fact that you’re getting a few hours of sleep. And that means you’re lucky if you sleep for 5 hours straight. Even being a normal full-time student will cause you to have lack of sleep. Sleeping schedules will be completely reliant on your child. If you’re raising an infant, adapting to their sleeping schedule is a must for the first few years. Otherwise, you’ll go crazy!

Balancing Full-Time Mom And Full-Time Student Daily Mom Parents Portal

Bring Your Kid With You

Babies being so fragile may make it seem crazy to bring them places. But as soon as you feel ready to do so, bringing your kid around is a great idea. Not only do they start adjusting to your schedule, but they start seeing the world early on. Once they reach the age of three, you’ll be surprised at how they’ll begin communicating and finding their way around. Seeing lots of different people, listening to languages and learning how to socialize and communicate with others are skills that can be developed early on. If you want your kid to gain that individualistic edge, it’s beneficial to bring them with you.

Hire a Babysitter

Going to college means you’ll spend a lot of time away from home. If Dad is working and grandmothers and aunts are unavailable – there’s always the option of hiring a babysitter. There are many things to consider when hiring one. They’ll have to be friendly, and you have to trust them. Kids can often get sick, and the babysitter has to know how to treat them. Pick a babysitter who can work around your university schedule, and your kid will never never be unsupervised.

Find an Easy Part-Time Job as a Full-Time Student

There are many jobs on the internet which don’t require much time and pressure. As a full-time student, you’ll do lots of writing, and you can even benefit from starting a blog. Whether it’s through Instagram, YouTube, or starting your website, you can share your college parenting experience, make it fun, help others and easily monetize it.

Balancing Full-Time Mom And Full-Time Student Daily Mom Parents Portal

If making money gets in the way of your university work, you can always hire a writer to help you meet your deadlines. EssayPro is the best essay writing service if you need to get a homework writing assignment out of the way.

Plan Time and Multitask

Having a baby teaches you to plan your time well. There’s a famous paradox which goes “the busier the person is, the more time they have.” Once you learn to manage your time, you’ll be surprised to find yourself taking care of a million things at once. College work, taking care of the kid, housework, cooking, grocery shopping… You really learn how to multitask. You’ll get to the point where you’re doing laundry, making food, and rocking the baby to sleep – all at the same time!

Balancing Full-Time Mom And Full-Time Student Daily Mom Parents Portal

Time Goes By Faster Than You Think!

The last thing to consider is that babies grow fast. By the time you’ve earned your degree, your kid will become more responsible and more individual – especially since they’re socializing at such an early age.
As time goes on, you’ll find yourself doing fewer chores and having more free time. These sleepless three hour nights only happen during the first year or two. So don’t panic – they grow fast!

In Conclusion

Raising a child while attending college as full-time student may be hard and tiring. Too often you’ll get that guilty feeling of not spending enough time with them. But looking on the bright side – they are the driver of your goals. They are the reason why. Your kid is the motivation that will drive you to work your best and become as successful as you can; to give them the world. With a little time management and motivation, you can easily overcome the bad sleeping schedules and the multitasking. And when you do, you’ll become a successful model parent with a story to tell!

How To Balance Being A Full-Time Mom And Full-Time Student



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