10 Ways to Unwind Without Leaving the House

Although your body might be tense and your mind seems to be going a million miles per hour, there’s some good news—you don’t have to plan a costly tropical vacation for ways to unwind. After COVID-19, mental health, and cancer, can you guess what came in fourth as a major health issue worldwide? That’s right—stress. Daily life can be chaotic. You might have kids that spend all day bouncing off the walls or a job that sucks the life out of you. The thin silver lining is that we can find ways to unwind, relaxation, and peace in our own homes in ways that speak to us.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Ways To Unwind

Get Creative and Relax After a Long Day

Especially if you’re confined to a smaller space, your imagination can be a powerful tool. Devoting yourself to a creative hobby is rewarding in many ways. Yes, you’ll get to enjoy the fruits of your labor, but you’ll also love the calm that comes with the focus required. We’d be here all day if we talked about the many other benefits that being creative offers, but some of the standout ones include finding purpose and improving your physical and mental health to help you relax.

Ways to Unwind

Curious about picking up a new creative hobby? Try out these suggestions:

  • Crocheting
  • Embroidery
  • Coloring
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Scrapbooking
  • Building with LEGO blocks
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Pamper Yourself with Self-Care Rituals and Mindfulness

Constantly sore, tired, and craving the next time you can book that spa day? Forget the wait and take care of yourself right here, right now with some personal self-care time to soothe. Taking some time out of your day for yourself (the most important person in your life!) is one of the best ways to recharge and feel relaxed.

  • Take a Relaxing Bath: A hot soak with bubble bath or essential oils is bound to set the right mood. Complement that with candles and calming music, and you’ve got yourself the perfect recipe for relaxation.
  • Perform a Self Massage: Whether using a massage oil or lotion, give those muscles some TLC by focusing on the most sore or tender areas.
Daily Mom Parent Portal Ways To Unwind
  • Practice Meditation: Nurture your inner soul with a guided meditation practice or by simply clearing your mind to a meditation playlist.
  • Treat Yourself: Chocolates? Wine? Your favorite baked good? Indulge in a delicious treat to satisfy your cravings.
  • Use Spa-Day Staples: A home spa day won’t be complete without masks and cucumbers, body scrubs, and foot soaks. Experiment with different products and scents and find those that relax you most.
Daily Mom Parent Portal Ways To Unwind
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Relax and Unwind with Leisure Activities

Unwinding is about doing activities that bring you joy. Some people crave the coziness of curling up with a good book. Others prefer to binge-watch a thought-provoking docu-series. And the best part is that most of these sorts of leisure activities can be done at home.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Ways To Unwind
  • Whip Up a Delicious Meal: Perhaps you’re an amateur home cook or are interested in refining your skills. Either way, cooking or baking can help you get invested in an activity and pass the time. As a bonus, you get to eat your creations at the end!
  • Listen to Audiobooks or Podcasts: It seems like everyone and their grandmother’s pool boy have a podcast nowadays, which means that you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to podcast genres. Audiobooks can also provide that same comfort, allowing you to simply listen and wind down.
  • Play Video Games: Ready to escape reality for a little while? Video games—whether a cozy simulation game or a thrilling action-adventure—offer immersive experiences for everyone to enjoy. With the many online gambling platforms, you can even try your luck at free 3-reel and 5-reel machines if you’re not too keen on putting down real money.
  • Browse the Internet: While most people associate relaxation with unplugging, a little mindless browsing might just be what you need. Countless videos, articles, and sites are both informative and entertaining—just be sure to set browsing limits.
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Time in Nature by Bringing the Outdoors In

Have a green thumb or looking to get one? Indoor gardening has become a beloved pastime, particularly for city-dwellers who don’t have outdoor garden spaces. Thanks to the range of hydroponics systems, indoor gardening kits, and other tools, you can grow anything from herbs and tea leaves to fruits and veggies. Indoor gardening is a great passion project that can add some beautiful greenery to your space and reward you with freshly grown produce—all grown by you.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Ways To Unwind

Recharge with Relaxing Physical Activities

Going the physical activity route might seem counterproductive, but it can actually do wonders for your mind and body. We’re not talking about doing intense cardio workouts or strength training with weights at home (unless those are relaxing to you), but rather ways to unwind that are gentle and calming activities and release tension.

  • Yoga: Yoga is essentially synonymous with relaxation. It’s all about restoring the body and clearing the mind so you can conquer your day with ease. Browse the web for guided yoga flows or yoga music playlists to accompany your workout.
  • Pilates: If you’re more into strength training, Pilates is a fantastic way to strengthen your muscles, all while promoting that mind-body connection.
  • Tai Chi: With Chinese roots, tai chi is a form of exercise involving slow, flowing movements that focuses on the breath to improve all aspects of well-being. As it’s even gentler than yoga, it’s an ideal activity if you’ve got limited mobility.
  • Stretching: Stretching is extremely beneficial to incorporate into your morning routine, as a break in the afternoon, and even as an evening wind down to release tension or wake up the body. Commonly tight areas like the neck and shoulders can benefit from intentional stretching, helping to release that stiffness that comes from those everyday stressors.

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Daily Mom Parent Portal Ways To Unwind



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