Easy Braided Hairstyles: 5 Ways To Switch up Your Look

“Mom life can be hectic, leaving little time for you to spend thinking about your hair. Long gone are the days when braids were restricted to little girls or 90’s pop stars. If you’re sick of looking in the mirror at that tired ponytail, try something fun and new with these easy braided hairstyles.

These easy braided hairstyles are functional, youthful, unique, and can withstand the wear and tear of being a busy mom. It’s no wonder The Trend Spotter calls braids one of the most versatile hairstyles and why so many fashion icons have been sporting them. It’s time to turn some heads and have some fun with these easy braided hairstyles this season.

Single French Braid

Easy Braided Hairstyles: 5 Ways To Switch Up Your Look

A French braid is one of many easy braided hairstyles to try for a busy day of errands and playtime with the kids. This classic style is simple and functional, and can easily stay in place all day. A French braid secures your hair strands behind your head, which means no chance of a little hand grabbing at it.

A tightly-wound French braid is longer lasting than a messy mom-bun, and can even spare your hair from breakage and sun damage. You don’t need to be a professional to create this easy look, and you can even practice on your kids. Follow along with a braid tutorial video and become an expert fashionista. Braiding is a fun bonding experience for mothers and daughters!

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Dutch Braids

Easy Braided Hairstyles: 5 Ways To Switch Up Your Look

Want to try something funky and youthful? A double Dutch braid is one of several easy braided hairstyles that’s great for workouts or a day at the beach. Although similar to a French braid, a Dutch braid is achieved by using an underhand technique that creates a raised braid. This look makes a bold and unique statement and has been seen on many trend-setting celebrity moms and fashion icons. They hold up well during intense gym sessions and keep your hair out of your face when you’re swimming with the kids.

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Crown Braid

Easy Braided Hairstyles: 5 Ways To Switch Up Your Look

“Mom life” isn’t all playdates and carpooling. Even the busiest moms know the importance of date night or attending a fancy work function. A crown braid is one of several easy braided hairstyles that will make you look and feel like a queen. This elegant style is reminiscent of fairytale princesses, making it the go-to choice for weddings and parties. For a formal event, consider adding baby’s breath flowers to create a “wow” effect.

Bubble Braid

Easy Braided Hairstyles: 5 Ways To Switch Up Your Look

Named one of Vogue’s top hair trends of 2021, a bubble braid is one of many easy braided hairstyles perfect for vacation or a night out with friends. You can dress this style up with colored hair ties, or keep it simple and let the “bubbles” steal the show. Bubble braids are a fun and artistic way to express yourself, and will certainly get you in the mood to let loose a little. You’re a busy mom and you deserve some fun!

To take this look up a notch, consider adding extensions or teasing the hair for an increase in volume, creating two side-by-side braids, or pulling the “bubbles” out a little to create a fuller look. If you have trouble braiding your own hair, put a twist on this bubble braid look by slicking back your hair into a tight ponytail and then create the bubble braid look with the ponytail hair. Be ready to receive compliments and give pointers.

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Side Braid

Easy Braided Hairstyles: 5 Ways To Switch Up Your Look

The side braid is the “mom’s best friend” of hairstyles. These easy braided hairstyles are possible even for moms that are not able to braid their own hair or have not perfected the braiding technique. A side braid can include all of your hair, half of your hair, or a tiny section. Each side braid has its own unique look and is best for different situations. Here is how to perfect these easy braided hairstyles:

For example, for a quick, running out the door solution to a bad hair day, part the hair to the side and start the braid across the top and down the side of the head to include all of the hair. This will keep hair out of the way and can be pulled loose to look breezy. For a more professional and refined look, part the hair to the side and start the braid across the top of the head. Instead of incorporating all the hair along the way, only gather half the hair and then braid the hair to the end leaving half of the hair down.

A tiny side braid is achieved best by parting the hair to the side and braiding the hair on the smaller side of the part. Braiding this side close and tight will help keep hair out of your face. For a playful look, curl or tease the opposite side of these easy braided hairstyles. If you need to keep the hair out of your face, tease the unbraided side and place a decorative barrette in the hair to hold it back. The possibilities with a side braid are endless!

It’s time to get rid of that same old mom hairstyle and try something new. This summer, get out of your hair rut and become a trendsetter with easy braided hairstyles. Your little, tween, or teen will want to join in on these trendy styles as well. If they are able, put them to work by helping accomplish these gorgeous looks and you’ll both save time and be outing ready!

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Easy Braided Hairstyles: 5 Ways To Switch Up Your Look

Photo Credits: Unsplash.com

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