Why You Need This Robot Lawn Mower: Automower® by Husqvarna

Technology can come at a cost, but here to simplify your home maintenance routine and give you more time to spend doing what you love is the Automower® robot lawn mower by Husqvarna. Families today are busy and constantly on the go making routine maintenance like mowing the lawn or cleaning the house a chore that simply no one has time for.

Wanting to give people the freedom to live life as they choose and and have one less chore on their to do list, Husqvarna developed a smart robot lawn mower that truly takes care of business. With an entire line of Automowers designed to accommodate yards large or small, there are options for every home, season, and mowing schedule.

Why You Need the Automower® Robot Lawn Mower

Why You Need This Robot Lawn Mower: Automower® By Husqvarna

Life moves fast and these days it seems to only be speeding up. With the introduction of so much new technology, people are living longer, working differently, and inventing new products to make home life and maintenance just that much simpler for the average man. Here to truly help make life easier for everyone is the Automower® from Husqvarna.

Whether you are a busy two-parent family constantly on the go with the kids, an elderly couple who wants to remain in their family home, but the property upkeep is too much, or simply a traveling soul who would rather spend the weekend fulfilling your wanderlust than cutting the grass, the Automower® is for you. Mowing the lawn every Saturday can become a thing of the past, and you will have just that much more time to spend doing what you love with those you love.

The Automower® is ideal for:

  • Elderly couples
  • Busy families with or without kids
  • Frequent travelers
  • Disabled or chronically ill individuals
  • Rental properties
  • City parks
  • Sports facilities
  • Landscaping companies
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Install and Set Up

Why You Need This Robot Lawn Mower: Automower® By Husqvarna

From install and delivery to daily use and maintenance, the Automower® robot lawn mower keeps it simple. A buried or above ground boundary wire will keep your Automower® on track, mowing as it moves and keeping it out of the weeds so to speak.

The Automower® system is a dependable and easy to install system that allows you to determine where the mower goes, ensuring it doesn’t wander off the the neighbors yards or into the pool. With the ability to configure the boundary wire, you can make sure the mower stays where you want it to work.

Remaining within it’s desired mowing area, the Automower® can easily maneuver a series of obstacles within the yard and will even return to its charging station on its own.

Benefits of the Automower®

Why You Need This Robot Lawn Mower: Automower® By Husqvarna

Unlike traditional weekly mowing when the grass gets long, the Automower® operates on a schedule set by the property owner where it goes out and clips just a little grass at a time frequently. Many users keep the mower set to go out at least daily, if not more.

For larger lawns, the mower can be set to run around the clock where it will mow until its battery is low, return to its docking station to charge itself, and then head out again to continue maintaining the lawn. Since the Automower® is completely silent while in use, there are no loud noises to disturb the neighborhood as it mows throughout the night.

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Why You Need This Robot Lawn Mower: Automower® By Husqvarna

After the first few outings, the Automower® will keep your lawn in picture perfect shape with no lines, divots, or noticeable mowing patterns. Because of its smart capabilities, it won’t miss a spot. The Automower® changes its own pattern according to a programmed schedule making it an actual “smart” mower that will literally learn the yard and keep it mowed evenly to perfection throughout its use.

The Automower® is actually a healthier solution for your lawn as well. Because the Automower® clips rather than cuts the lawn, the grass will regrow thicker and healthier with less damaged areas. Further, the fine clippings are dropped into the yard creating a natural mulching solution.

Added benefits include:

  • Save money on labor and maintenance
  • Compliant with environmental noise and pollution regulations
  • Runs anytime of day or night
  • Operates well in wet or rainy conditions

Convenient Tracking and Scheduling via Connect

The Automower® is simple to track, map, and program right from your phone or smart home solution (such as Alexa). With the corresponding app, you will be able to schedule mowing times, dock the mower, track its mowing progress, and even receive error notifications right to you phone or smart device. The convenience of the Automower® allows you to take care of the lawn maintenance whether you are home or away with the ease of an app.

Safety and Security

Why You Need This Robot Lawn Mower: Automower® By Husqvarna

The Automower® has an extra wide outer body ensuring the blades of the mower will never come into contact with people or pets. The Automower® also maneuvers easily around any obstacles in its path. The mowing blades are covered by a larger metal plate on the underside of the mower ensuring everyone’s safety, and the blades of the mower stop immediately if the unit is even slightly lifted. Finally, docking the Automower® when kids or pets are in the yard is simple if preferred.

Why You Need This Robot Lawn Mower: Automower® By Husqvarna

When it comes to the security of your Automower®, each unit comes with a unique pin code that must be entered to make it operational. Additionally, Automower® has an audible anti-theft alarm built in, along with notifications that will be sent to your smart device if the unit is tampered with. Automower® models with GPS tracking can even be tracked to their current location.

Terrain and Weather Proof

Why You Need This Robot Lawn Mower: Automower® By Husqvarna
Why You Need This Robot Lawn Mower: Automower® By Husqvarna

Hills and slopes are no match for the Automower®. Large driving wheels allow the Automower to handle uneven ground and slopes up to 24° with ease. The Automower® also will not scalp hills as traditional mowers will, and slowly but surely will handle even tough terrain. Filling gaps, holes, or divots in the yard before is suggested for optimal performance of the Automower®.

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No longer will rain ruin your weekend plans for mowing the lawn. Rain or shine, the Automower® will head out to mow and will continue cutting in light rain. Wet grass is no match for the mower, and the Automower® is designed to withstand wet and rainy conditions. No need to worry about the weather conditions either with the Automower® as its rain sense technology will direct it to return to the docking station if the downpour becomes to heavy. While the Automower® is usually conveniently housed outdoors, it is recommended to bring the unit indoors during extreme weather conditions.

Automower® 450XH

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About Husqvarna

Husqvarna designs durable, high quality outdoor products for residential and professional use. The world leader in robotic mowing since 1995, Husqvarna has perfected their Automower® to mow your lawn with quietly and efficiently with virtually no effort from you, the homeowner or landscaper. Providing a perfect cut every time, Husqvarna products are backed by their commitment to their products and their are even extended warranties available on a majority of their outdoor equipment.

Why You Need This Robot Lawn Mower: Automower® By Husqvarna

With multiple models available, selecting the correct Automower® for your yard is a breeze. On Husqvarna’s website you will even find their yard calculator where you can enter your address and they will calculate the size and dimensions of your yard, depending on the geographical region you live in and the type of grass you have, the calculator will determine which Automower® will work best for your lawn.

Husqvarna just gave you your weekends back! The most precious resource we’ve got is our time, and thanks to the Automower® we now have more of it to spend on activities we enjoy. Whether your Saturday mornings are spent at soccer with the kids, curled up with a cup of coffee and a good book, or taking a leisurely walk on the beach, mowing the lawn just became one less thing you need to worry about. Enjoy your life, value your time, and love your perfect lawn, making the worthwhile investment in an Automower® will be one decision you will never regret.

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Why You Need This Robot Lawn Mower: Automower® By Husqvarna
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As a busy mom with 4 kids, a full time job and a spouse suffering from Crohn's Disease, the Automower® was a lifesaver. It is truly an amazing mower that really gets the job done. Working round the clock because of our yard size and type of grass, the Automower® keeps the grass at an ideal length for letting the kids and pets out to play without worry. It is absolutely worth the purchase in what it saves in time or paying for a lawn service.Why You Need This Robot Lawn Mower: Automower® by Husqvarna