8 Health Benefits of Kissing: Secret Powers of Your Lips

The health benefits of kissing outweighs not kissing at all or infrequent encounters. Who would’ve thought that locking lips would actually be good for you? Now, don’t go and pull any hot-looking person off the street and claim the ‘health tip of the day’ smooch on them (though tempting). Instead, be sure to grab your spouse or significant other and plant one on them as often as possible without getting arrested by the PDA police. Ready for the jaw-opening secrets to using the power of your lips for your health?

Here are the 8 Health Benefits of Kissing:

1 – Burns Calories

Ladies, you may be attracted to this side-pleasing beneficial benefit.

8 Health Benefits Of Kissing: Secret Powers Of Your Lips 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesThough you still should hit the gym to work your strength training routine, a vigorous kiss with your honey can burn a whopping 8 – 16 calories. Nice alternative to cardio when you want to have a light day.

2 – Helps Lower Blood Pressure

Along with a light cardio workout, kissing may help dilate your blood vessels, releasing pressure against the arterial walls. It’s not a complete alternative to medication but it sure is fun. Add regular kissing to your diet changes, workout habits, and medication and who knows, the doc may have a new prescription for you sooner than later. A major health benefit of kissing for sure.

3 – Relieves Cramps and Headaches

Sorry ladies (and gents) but the “Not tonight, I have a headache” cliche excuse may not work quite as well as it used to. Locking lips just may the answer to your headache and cramping instead of ignoring it and just sleeping it off. Similar to lowering blood pressure, kissing opens up the blood vessels to relieve pain. If you happen to have a broken bone, you may need something stronger, but kissing in particular, relieves headache and cramp pain.

4 – Boosts Self-Esteem

8 Health Benefits Of Kissing: Secret Powers Of Your Lips 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesAnother health benefit of kissing not only makes you feel good inside, but also your partner. One German study revealed that men who got a hot don’t-leave-me kiss from their partners before work were more productive; which means they made more money. Think about it: he’s not feeling emotionally detached or frustrated with distractions at home, thus he’s going to be more focused and productive at work. It boosts your self-esteem from feelings of connection and love by another person.

5 – Releases Happy Hormones

Ready to enjoy a cocktail? A brain-chemical-inducing cocktail mix of serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin; stirred, not shaken. Kissing stirs up the brain prompting it to release this happiness of feel-good refreshment. Not only are you both releasing this cocktail mix of euphoria, you’re activating the areas in your brain that is linked to reward and addiction feelings. So, go on, reward yourself…often.

6 – Spurs Arousal & Enhances Sex

Sure, this one may sound like a no-brainer, but have you really put the umph into your intimate moments just before sex with kissing?

8 Health Benefits Of Kissing: Secret Powers Of Your Lips 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesSkipping out on the deep and sensual act of kissing means your missing out on releasing more oxytocin, the love hormone that bonds people together (it’s also the same hormone released during labor and breastfeeding to bond mother and baby).

7 – Makes Better Marriages

You’re going to disagree as a married couple. So what better way to use kissing for your health than for the health of your marriage? Even in the heat of an argument, you both can stop, take a breath of a moment, kiss, and calm down together. Then continue your conversation. You just may find that you are more positive, connected, focused, and willing to hear each other out. After kissing (and really meaning it) you’re in a more loving mindset to find a solution you both agree on.

8 – Keeps Mouth Clean

8 Health Benefits Of Kissing: Secret Powers Of Your Lips 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesDon’t go and throw away your toothbrush just yet…or at all really. Good brushing habits are still an important hygienic regimen, but according to some experts, kissing may help prevent tooth decay. Dr. Perlman, a dentist from New York City, explains that kissing stimulates saliva production. This extra production in your mouth naturally washes away harmful bacteria off your teeth. This, in turn, lowers your risk of plaque buildup. Unless you love your trips to the dentist, fewer cavities due to plaque buildup is a great health benefit of kissing.

Your lips are also densely packed with sensory neurons, they allow you to be stimulated by the touch of another’s lips in a healthful way. These eight benefits of kissing don’t necessarily stop there. Kissing also prompts the release of sebum, which is thought to play a role in bonding. Now’s not such a bad time to snuggle, cuddle, and kiss. The rest…is up to you.  8 Health Benefits Of Kissing: Secret Powers Of Your Lips 5 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

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