Tracking and Improving Male Infertility

Sperm count matters when it comes to trying to conceive. Duh! Right? But when you begin trying to conceive, you will quickly realize that you and your partner have no idea if you can actually conceive or not. Infertility is not uncommon but in most cases it is not diagnosed until you are already in the process of trying to get pregnant. After a few months of tracking ovulation and “getting it on” on the right days for your fertility, he may start to wonder if his end of the bargain is where things are falling short. You don’t have to run off to a fertility doctor and spend a ton of cash right away. Just as a woman can track her ovulation, a man can track his sperm counts, and he can do this from home. Tracking sperm counts will equip a couple trying to conceive with helpful information that will allow him to make lifestyle changes to increase his sperm count if necessary and increase your overall odds of making a baby.


Male Fertility

Two main issues are the cause of male fertility problems: sperm count and sperm transmission. Low sperm count is a big issue, with a recent study finding that sperm counts are dropping in men overall across the globe. This study put together data from almost 200 studies and saw across the board that sperm counts are down. Your partner’s fertility could be in jeopardy and you would never know.

Even with no fertility issues, conceiving can take months and most doctors won’t start testing you for infertility right away. There are lots of things that can cause infertility and low sperm count is one of those things. If you can’t get pregnant right away, you may want to take matters into your own hands and see if anything is to blame. If there are things you can do on your own to improve your chances of making a baby, why not give those things a shot?

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Testing Male Fertility at Home

If you and your partner are unsure about his fertility, you may want to get him tested. Many physicians won’t start ordering testing like that for a long time but there is now a way to test male fertility at home, no doctor needed. This male fertility test will allow you to check one worry off your list and give you some good information to use as you continue on your journey in trying to conceive.

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Trak Male Fertility Testing System makes it easy to determine if your partner’s sperm out is low, moderate, or optimal. Obviously sperm count matters but it is something that, until now, was not testable at home. Here is how it works:

  • Add a few drops of his sample to the Trak disposable test Prop.
  • Insert the Prop into the Trak engine. It spins with centrifugal force to isolate and quantify sperm cells.
  • Remove Prop and read results. It is so simple. Just see how high the white column is and you have your answer.

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This test works! Trak showed 97% accuracy compared with a standard laboratory test. Trak is available to purchase on their site. It ships quickly and discreetly and is an amazingly powerful tool when trying to conceive.

Trak is so much more than just a sperm count test though. With the Trak app, take the health & habits questionnaire. With proprietary algorithms created with information from urologists, your partner will get a score that illustrates how “sperm friendly” his lifestyle happens to be. The Trak app also breaks down semen analysis so it is easy to understand. If he is making changes and testing again, he can track his results on the app as well. Trak is all about giving you and your partner as much information as possible in a way that is understandable and applicable to your conception journey.

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Lifestyle Factors that Effect Sperm Count

A man’s sperm count can go up and down based to factors in his lifestyle.

  • Heat can lower sperm count. Sperm cells are very sensitive and thrive in lower temperatures. Don’t work with your laptop on your lap for a long time. Take your cell phone out of your pocket and skip the hot tub at your next trip to a resort.
  • Diet absolutely has an effect on sperm count. A balanced diet can boost sperm count. Consuming sugar, soy, and fat interrupts hormones, lowering sperm count. Some super foods when it comes to improving sperm are asparagus, bell peppers, dark chocolate, and lean beef.
  • Exercise is good for sperm count because it can increase testosterone levels. You need around 150 minutes of moderate activity a week for this effect.
  • Stress is bad for sperm. You need to relax and get a good night’s sleep when trying to improve your sperm count for conception.
  • Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, and recreational drugs!

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When it comes to conception, things don’t automatically occur like we imagine. For many of us, trying to conceive, as with anything in parenting requires some research, knowledge, and the right tools. Sperm count is just one factor in the baby making process and by tracking and taking steps to improve your counts, you can take control of that factor and focus on other things. Anything that can take some guess work out of trying to conceive is amazing and tracking your sperm count with Trak does just that.

This post is meant for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace medical advice from your physician, doctor or health care professional. Please read our terms of use for more information.

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