23 Of The Best Makeup Brands Every Woman Is Dying To Have

Summer is finally here. Enjoy the warm weather with outdoor parties or sit by the pool reading a good book. However, your skin is still healing from the long winter and wearing masks. In other words, you need the right makeup brands to give your body the care it needs and the drop-dead gorgeous look you desire. So we have compiled a self-care guide of the best makeup brands, from a creamy foundation with sunscreen to eco-friendly nail polish. This guide will introduce you to the best makeup brands that are heatproof, long-lasting, and give you the healthy summer glow we all desire.

Fabulous Makeup Brands for Summer

Magnetic Mom Lash

23 Of The Best Makeup Brands Every Woman Is Dying To Have

For moms who need a different look depending on their schedule, Magnetic Mom Lash has just what you need. Get the Mom Life Kit and choose the level of lashes you need for the required occasion. From lazy laundry days to zoom meetings and hot date nights, the Mom Life Kit has you and your lashes covered! Simply swipe the included magnetic liner and easily apply your lashes again and again.

Babe Original

Are you looking for a mascara that will hydrate your lashes and give you instant volume? Babe Original has just what you’re looking for. Get the Volumizing Mascara and watch your eyelashes get healthier over time thanks to the nourishing ingredients used. From enhancing and moisturizing your brows and lashes to getting the volume you love in those lashes, Babe Original has the eyelash and eyebrow products you need to look fabulous, naturally.

Skin Research Labs

Get stronger eyelashes in 4-6 weeks when you purchase neuMascara from Skin Research Labs. neuMascara is a serum-based, long-lasting mascara that works to keep your lashes naturally curled, conditioned, and strengthened. This mascara has been ophthalmologist tested and is safe for contact lens users.

Take My Face Off

23 Of The Best Makeup Brands Every Woman Is Dying To Have

Save the environment when you get The Mitty 4-Piece Set from Take My Face Off. Made with Korean plush fabric, each reusable cleansing cloth distributes skin care products evenly across the face. When you buy this 4-piece set, you’re saving the landfills from approximately 12,000 cotton balls and 8,000 wipes. Make sure to include the Organic Apricot Kernel Oil for quick and easy makeup removal every day.

The Organic Pharmacy

23 Of The Best Makeup Brands Every Woman Is Dying To Have

This summer search no more for healthy skin care that will keep you looking younger and well-rested with a sunkissed glow. The Organic Pharmacy has all you need for clean and radiant skin all year long.

23 Of The Best Makeup Brands Every Woman Is Dying To Have

Head off to bed with the Retinol Night Serum to correct those fine lines and wrinkles. Boost your collagen production and get radiant glowing skin as this little bottle will give you a more even skin tone and firm up those fine lines and wrinkles while you sleep.

23 Of The Best Makeup Brands Every Woman Is Dying To Have

For a lovely radiant glow, the Rose Diamond Face Cream will give you the ultra hydration you need year-round. While it brightens, firms, and plumps the skin, the diamonds within will give you a gorgeous glow and the silky soft feel will make your face feel amazing!

Make sure to cover up with the Cellular Protection Sunscreen before you head out for the day. The SPF 50 sunscreen is great for both the face and body giving you immediate protection, intense hydration, and featuring anti-aging properties.

23 Of The Best Makeup Brands Every Woman Is Dying To Have

Finally, finish off your minimal glow with the Volumising Mascara that will define and lengthen your lashes while also providing natural protection and nourishment. With the serum-enhanced properties, this mascara will not only give you great lashes but will actually enhance and strengthen them giving you healthier lashes as well.


23 Of The Best Makeup Brands Every Woman Is Dying To Have

Looking to get your spa on this summer? Lucky for you, ella+mila, makes it easy to have an indulgent day and glam up your look right at home. Let’s start with our nails! Begin by removing any old polish with the Jojoba Nail Polish Remover. It works great to safely remove all-natural nail polishes, and it will leave your nails feeling glossy and hydrated.

Let’s take care of those cuticles with the Cure, Care, and Correct Trio. Replenish dry cuticles with the Soften Me Up cuticle oil pen, promote healthy growth with the No Extras Needed cuticle remover pen, and save the Polish Corrector pen for fixing any small mistakes as you paint.

Speaking of paint, it’s almost time to paint your nails one of many beautiful hues. But first, grab your 2-pack Top and Base Duo. Begin by applying the smooth base coat to serve as a canvas for your coats of color.

23 Of The Best Makeup Brands Every Woman Is Dying To Have

Next, turn to your trusty Love Collection nail lacquer (or one of several other gorgeous gift sets). Choose from Pure Love, Lust In Love, Barely Pink, Tutu Cute, Stuck On You, Lilac Luster, Beach Resort Blue, Ibiza Breeze, Honeymoon Bliss, or Sugar Fairy, or mix and match them all! Finish with the strengthening Top Coat, and, if you’re in a hurry, use the Gotta Jet quick-dry drops to (you guessed it!) quickly dry your nails. Wrap up mani and pedi day with the Smooth Squad moisturizing cream. 

If you’re heading out or simply feeling fancy, you may want to add some makeup brands that accent your best features, too. ella+mila’s Rosy Kisses lip scrub will help make sure your lips are kissably smooth. For the perfect amount of color, finish with the Nude gloss or velvet matte A La Mode liquid lipsticks.  

Finally, give your face a sun-kissed glow with the Blushing Goddess palette. It contains eyeshadow, blush, and highlighter in Rose, Petal, Mauve, Day Date, Wanderer, Vintage, Secret Admirer, and Bloom. Glow on all summer long with ella+mila!


23 Of The Best Makeup Brands Every Woman Is Dying To Have

Jump into summer with the best makeup brands for reducing blemishes under your makeup while simultaneously increasing collagen for improved skin elasticity with the CLEARSTEM Clean Skin Kit. This skincare kit truly targets clearing your skin by avoiding pore-clogging ingredients to achieve a glowing complexion. The CLEARSTEM kit has been growing in popularity due to attaining the two most imperative results women are looking for, clear skin and diminishing signs of aging through 4 amazing products.

The Vitamin Scrub is an antioxidant-infused cleaner that contains Vitamin C, green tea, and bamboo particles to give you a hydrated clean feeling while gently buffing away dead skin cells. This skin cleanser is perfect for all skin types for daily use and is best to follow with the Cell Renew Serum to further reduce blemishes by calming down redness and irritation. This serum also contains ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and specific botanicals to stimulate collagen production.

The Clearity Serum precisely focuses on reducing those unwanted blackheads while also providing a well-balanced acid blend containing mandelic acid and Vitamin C to release pores by eliminating excess skin and oil. You will see your blackheads beginning to disappear in minutes! Finish out this 4 step skincare routine with the Hyrdraflow Moisturizer. This perfectly balanced moisturizer is one of the most important parts of keeping your skin hydrated, restored, and overall healthier.

The Hydraglow Moisturizer has been formulated with bakuchiol, alternative retinol, to achieve noticeably softer healthier-looking skin without some of the negative effects of retinol. The best part of this moisturizer is its lack of toxins and its zero pore-clogging ingredients. CLEARSTEM is one of the best makeup brands on the market that will give you the healthy glowing skin that we all desire.

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Lights Lacquer

Lights Lacquer creates high-quality nail polish lacquers that are both good for your nails and look great as well. Cruelty-free and chemical-free, these polishes feature beautiful, unique shades with strong pigments for a professional at-home look.

The ynbb 1 Bundle (Your Nails But Better) is a timeless collection of your go-to nudes that will go great with any of your makeup brands. Each shade was created with a complexion in mind to enhance and compliment all skin tones. Each shade softly transforms and elongates your nail palette for a sleek, polished look. This bundle includes a combination of 6 shades in light, medium, and dark tones.

  • Mila – ivory with cool undertones
  • Matilda – soft beige with yellow undertones
  • Lyla – neutral tan with a hint of pink undertones
  • Emma – warm tan with orange undertones
  • Alyanna – deep cool tones chocolate brown
  • Olivia – rich espresso brown with a hint of red undertone

The Honey Dew You Love Me Bundle features the best colors for spring and summer. This whimsical collection comes with 100+ pieces of spring flowers, hearts, and butterfly stickers as well as these joyous and bright shades:

  • Mamey – soft coral-orange creme
  • Delilah – light flamingo pink with a jelly finish
  • Melancholy – light honeydew green jelly finish
  • Forget Me Nots – bright cerulean blue creme
  • Lavender Rain – lavender with slight blue shift and fine holo glitter
  • Here Comes The Sun – topper with sheer green-yellow iridescent and golden shimmer

The Who Did It Bundle is an autumn mystery bundle of 6 jewel-tones shades that show both your sophistication and wild side. This set is perfect to transition from fall into the holiday season. The colors in this set include:

  • The Butler – antique leather brown with orange undertones
  • A Mysterious Affain – burnt brick red
  • Mightnight train – burgundy wine
  • For the Thrill – British racing gree
  • Cold Case – gray with soft blue undertones
  • Adaline – soft translucent pink with neutral undertones


Looking presentable is vital as it influences how people interpret your personality, and your nails play an important role in this. So don’t discount adding some hot and trendy nail designs to pair with your favorite makeup brands. This Ohora collection includes stunning pre-styled nails that allow you to select from a variety of options based on your mood and style. Each pattern consists of 30 nail strips in 15 different sizes.

In the mood for an edgy look? With versatile Gel Nail options… edgy is just the beginning. N Silhouette and N Lunar Eclipse will be good choices. Going to a birthday party or other special event? Passion-ade, petal rain, and lovesome nails will be ideal, and N creme will be best suited if you want decent nails for a go-to look. Furthermore, if you want to adjust the size of your nails, you can use Ohora’s nail file, which efficiently graters the nails and is washable, ensuring hygiene.

Plus, if you don’t trust nail salons and prefer doing nails yourself, you’ll love this amazing Ohora Gel Lamp, which is a must-have to make your nails look professionally done and is essential for gel manicure and pedicure. Aside from that, this Glossy Top Gel will take your nail game to the next level by adding an elegant shine, a cherry on top.

Shades by Shan

23 Of The Best Makeup Brands Every Woman Is Dying To Have

There are so many reasons we love Shades by Shan. When you shop from Shades by Shan, take comfort in knowing that all of your purchases are cruelty-free and paraben-free. One more reason we love Shades by Shan is the founder created the MamaBerries Nonprofit Foundation. A portion of the proceeds from every sale goes toward helping single parents in need of assistance. Now that you know why we love this company, check out some of our favorite products! You’ll never know how you lived without them.

Nourish your skin when you apply the Hydrating Primer. This lightweight primer is made with an olive extract which helps reduce redness. It also uses coconut water which will give your skin the hydration it needs while also reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

23 Of The Best Makeup Brands Every Woman Is Dying To Have

Give your lips all the color and comfort they need when you purchase the Mission-Matte Lip Set. A lip liner and a matte liquid lipstick are included in this set. The ultra-long wearing lip liner features a creamy texture and applies easily. The matte liquid lipstick is made with shea butter and Vitamin E – everything you need to keep your lips from becoming dry and cracked.

23 Of The Best Makeup Brands Every Woman Is Dying To Have

If you’re looking for a full-coverage, long-lasting lipstick, look no further than one of Shades By Shan’s amazing Matte Lipsticks. Every one of the five incredible shades offers a rich pigment that will last up to six hours. Made with Jojoba seed wax, this lipstick will give everyone who wears it a soft and supple pout.

Add definition to your cheekbones and jawline when you use the Bronzer. This bronzer provides lightweight coverage if that is what you want from the makeup brands that suit you best. It’s a little bit of luxury that’s easy to apply and blend. Natural has never been easier.

23 Of The Best Makeup Brands Every Woman Is Dying To Have

If you love the Bronzer for achieving definition, you’re going to get really excited when you add the Contour Palette to your collection. This 4-pan contour palette comes inside of a square compact that includes a mirror for on-the-go applications. Matching your skin tone has never been easier!

Whether you’re going for the girl-next-door look or are dressing up for a hot date night, Shades by Shan has something in their collection for every skin type and skin tone. What are you waiting for? Toss out your tired makeup brands and replace it with Shades by Shan. You’ll never regret it!

Aleph Beauty

It’s nearly impossible to find a foundation that isn’t too oily and doesn’t leave your skin looking clumpy when applied. However, this aleph beauty foundation is an exception. This foundation goes on your skin as smooth as butter and dissolves quickly to give a dewy finish without leaving your skin dry or glossy. Also, this 6.0 shade foundation is ideal if you have a yellow neutral undertone. Besides, it’s available in many other shades, so you can choose the one that best matches your skin tone. What’s more, this foundation can be used as a concealer, making it super functional.

After you are done applying foundation, If your face appears too shiny, this finishing powder will assist. This prep/finish powder helps your makeup last longer without looking dry or cakey. Otherwise, it perfectly smoothes high-textured skin and shrinks pores, giving your skin a flawless appearance. Plus, this powder not only provides a matte finish, but also acts as a barrier, shielding your skin from dust, pollutants, and harmful blue light. Overall, this product is essential for an everyday makeup look, making this a must-have in our best makeup brands for foundation.

Thrive Cosmetics

23 Of The Best Makeup Brands Every Woman Is Dying To Have

This summer, your best makeup brands should work as hard as you do. Thrive Cosmetics is one of those makeup brands that does just that by making sure that your skin is well nourished and protected with their invisible broad-spectrum sunscreen, face primer, and hydrating gel in one lightweight, velvet-matte formulated Sunproof 3-in-1 Invisible Priming Sunscreen – SPF 37.

We all know to wear sunscreen every day, but Thrive is one of the most amazing makeup brands that takes it a step further by building sunscreen into a face primer. As such, you can enjoy smooth skin and extend the wear of your makeup with a blurred, velvet-matte finish. The Hydro Reset Solution also provides a boost of moisture by hydrating, plumping, and minimizing the appearance of fine lines.

Follow up your primer with Thrive’s Buildable Blur CC Cream. This multitasking color-correcting cream acts as a skin-perfecting foundation, sunscreen, and moisturizer in one (so technically, you don’t have to use the primer, but why skip steps?). Available in 18 inclusive shades, the Blur Effect Technology instantly diffuses and blurs the look of skin imperfections like a photo filter for your face, blurring the look of pores, fine lines, and texture to reveal naturally flawless coverage with a skin-like finish. It’s also infused with Smart Pigment Technology to brighten and revive dull complexions while visibly correcting and concealing redness, rosacea, discoloration, sun spots, and dark spots. Add a little blush and mascara, and you’re good to go!

Speaking of mascara, instantly create the look of lash extensions with Thrive’s award-winning, best-selling mascara that won’t clump, flake, or smudge. Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara, available in 3 shades, is powered by Flake-Free Tubing Technology to dramatically lengthen each lash from root to tip. Dermatologist + ophthalmologist tested and approved, this is created by one of the best makeup brands available. We also love that this mascara easily washes off with a little warm water and a washcloth.

Finally, if you want to elevate your look, make sure you apply Thrive’s Infinity Waterproof Eyebrow Liner. This waterproof eyebrow pencil instantly shade-matches your natural brow color while moisturizing ingredients encourage the look of healthier and fuller brows. With buildable coverage and Semi-Permanent Micro pigment Technology, your brows will be budge-proof, smudge-proof, and waterproof all day long.

Inner Beauty

Ditch the makeup brands that offer heavy foundation, ladies! Summer beauty is all about keeping your skin clean and fresh! In fact, Inner Beauty Cosmetics is one of those makeup brands that honors true, clean beauty and prioritizes good-for-you ingredients, high-performance cosmetics, and easy-to-use formulas with a mission to encourage health and beauty from the outside in for everybody – just in time for these warm months.

Let your inner beauty shine through with Clean Beauty Essentials, a collection of 5 full-sized clean beauty favorites hand-picked to create a “no makeup” look in minutes. Perfect for any summer day, Inner Beauty’s Clean Beauty Essentials collection is one of the best makeup brands that will have you feeling as good as you look—effortlessly! This set includes Skin Tint Foundation, Skin Care Concealer, Sugar-Coated Mascara, Stay Calm Lip Balm, and Shine Infusion Lip Oil. Just choose your shade for a 5-minute face!

The Crème Shop

Giggles and smiles abound on the Minnie Mouse from World of Wonder Eyeshadow Pallette. The nine highly pigmented, multi-finish shades take you from day to night. The special edition palette, lets Disney fans of all ages feel the magic with these makeup brands as you apply rose gold hues of eyeshadow that range in colors from “sugar cookie” and “ear-esistable” to “extra sparkle” and “love story.” You will feel like a princess when wearing the elegant velvety matte and shimmer eyeshadow shades that let you blend and build your signature look.

Complete the Disney fan look with The Disney: Dual-Ended Eyeliner & Mickey Shaped Freckle Stamp. You can effortlessly stamp a Mickey silhouette on your cheek or temple to show your Mickey love during a Disney World visit. Of course, some just want to show some love for Mickey on a regular weekday…and now you can with these makeup brands! The smudge-proof, water-resistant eyeliner makes it so simple to accent your natural lash line or create a dramatic cat-eye.

23 Of The Best Makeup Brands Every Woman Is Dying To Have

The Disney: Cream Blush Balm in “Strawberry Churro” will give you naturally flushed and rosy cheeks. Such a sweet soft color that applies easily with a damp sponge, fingertips, or a brush of choice. Of course, Minnie Mouse’s silhouette brings the magic touch to the packaging letting the kid at heart smile sweetly inside.

If you are treating yourself or a loved one to The Crème Shop’s Disney makeup and accessories, be sure to include the popular Disney: 3D Teddy Headyband™ in “Spotted in Red.” The super-soft, plush headband holds your hair back so you can wash your face at the end of a fun day without washing your hair. The plush headband is comfortable while completing your skincare regimen or applying your makeup. It’s so much fun to feel dressed up while washing your face.

The Lovely Lift Mascara lifts and separates your eyelashes. It is made with provitamin B5, which promotes weightless volume and fuller lash growth. The Lovely Lift Mascara also promotes a natural curl. This mascara does not smudge or clump. It is cruelty-free, paraben-free, and sulfate-free.

The Hello Kitty Kawaii Kiss Moisturizing Lip Oil hydrates your lips with a variety of tinted flavors: apple, strawberry, vanilla mint, or peach. The Hello Kitty Kawaii Kiss Moisturizing Lip Oil boasts jojoba oil and Vitamin E. The jojoba oil nourishes and restores supple lips. Vitamin E provides ultra-moisturizing and promotes regeneration. Of course, the Hello Kitty logo dots the lid of each lip oil so you can moisturize your lips with a smile when you use these makeup brands. All products made by The Crème Shop are 100 percent cruelty-free. They are not tested on animals.

The Drink Up, Skin! Animated Penguin Face Mask keeps your skin smooth. It’s infused with hyaluronic acid, which promotes supple skin. The dermatologist-tested face mask is cruelty-free, paraben-free, and sulfate-free. Not only does the mask feel amazing as it hydrates your skin, but it is so much fun to wear because it looks like a penguin’s face. It’s great for girls’ nights or sleepovers because you can take adorable photos together.

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Game Beauty

23 Of The Best Makeup Brands Every Woman Is Dying To Have

From day to night, Game Beauty has the perfect makeup for anyone looking to level up their beauty game. Inspired by elements from video games, Game Beauty invites you to embark on your next beauty adventure this summer as one of the bold and beautiful makeup brands.

Choose the Fantasy Palette if you’re looking for a little light in your life. This palette of strikingly gorgeous fantasy shades will have you dreaming of an icy paradise, lush gardens, and sparkling celestial skies. This palette contains pretty pastel shades that include Illuminate, Faith, Ethereal, Celestial, Icy Fantasy, Buff, Courage, Mana, Mage, and Dreamland. This is a blend of glitter and light that is sure to delight!

23 Of The Best Makeup Brands Every Woman Is Dying To Have

The Harbinger Palette is the perfect eyeshadow palette if you like dark, rich tones. It has intense glittery and metallic shades as well, which you’re sure to love. This palette contains Lumine, Devour, Doom, Phantom, Abyss, Dawn, Molten, Lament, Woe, and Herald hues. From shimmery white to matte black and everywhere in between — plus chameleon-like and iridescent features — you’ll turn heads and fulfill your gaming destiny this summer.

23 Of The Best Makeup Brands Every Woman Is Dying To Have

The Elemental Pearl Highlighter in Geo will top off any look you create with the Harbinger and Fantasy palettes. The energetic glittery color will give your face a warm glow. Choose from several elemental shades and rock a new look for each of your favorite games. Look beautiful and radiant all summer long with Game Beauty.

Dashing Diva

Think Turning Red is only enjoyed by the children? Think again! Dashing Diva has brought this lovable movie to your grace your nails with some fabulously cute styles to match your favorite make brands and colors this summer! Save yourself some time and zero wait on drying time with an easy solution, gel nail strips. Check out the cute Pillow Thoughts Only for your summer nails. They are super cute, purple-hued gel nail strips that can last up to 14 days. Easily apply them and remove them when you are ready to mix up the color.

You can try the gel look without the price tag with another fun print, Hitting Snooze semi-cured gel nail strips. These cute nails are pearlescent white and iridescent purple with silver foil stars and multicolored glitter. For a slightly brighter look, the You Wish! semi-cured gel nail strips are purple ombre and white with purple star designs.

If you love pandas or anything cuddle then the Panda Power gel nail strips are the perfect mix-up for up to 14 days of chip-resistant wear. The black, white, and sheer nude gel strips feature sketch-style scribbles and mini panda accents with a high-shine finish.

Okay, ready for a date night or girl’s night out and you need a more nude style of nails? No problem, the Retro Mauve keeps it classy without being boring with wavy marbled accents, rose glitter, and mauve semi-cured gel nail strips. Are you the non-flashy, subtle type? Again, Dashing Diva has your nails in check with the Rolling Stone semi-cured gel nail strips. These smokey blue and dusty purple nails are abstract and stunning, perfect for a night out or brunch with your girlfriends.

23 Of The Best Makeup Brands Every Woman Is Dying To Have

When painting your nails is not always an option right before going out, but if you don’t really want the nail strips, then the Magic Press Designs are made just for you. This collection of press-on nails is fun, cute, and always trendy. These nail strips are easy to apply and are waterproof for up to 7 days.

Let’s not forget about the must-have-on-hand tools to perfect those nails – just as if they were done at a top salon. The Easy Cut Scissor is made to shape and trim press-on nails and nail strips for a quick cleanup. Get the full collection of nail tools in the Glaze Tools collection for the perfect finish. This collection of superior tools is everything you need to fully enjoy your new semi-cured gel nail strips and so much more!


As summer heats up, you may need to level up your beauty routine, too. Warmer weather and layers of sunscreen often call for more frequent face washing. Thankfully, Last Object can help ensure you’re making a minimal mark on the environment while doing so with your favorite makeup brands!

The LastRound Kit XL is a set of round, reusable fabric pads that feel like cotton rounds when wet. They’re perfect for applying toners and removing makeup and excess oil. The kit comes with two LastRounds certified ocean-bound plastic storage containers, one Large Laundry Bag, and 21 Extra Rounds. (Grab an extra Laundry Bag, so you can keep one set for yourself and give the other to a friend!)

Clean ears are important, even more so when you’re spending your summer in the pool, lake, or ocean. The LastSwab Basic Family Pack is your zero-waste cotton swab alternative. It includes four Cases and four Swabs that are good for over 1,000 uses each. Just give it a gentle cleanse with soap and water when you’re done, and return it to its handy case, also made from certified recycled ocean-bound plastic. Stay squeaky clean all summer long with LastObject!

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Get ready for a supercharged, innovative, full-coverage foundation that will even “wow” your skin! Yensa’s serum foundation is loaded with skin-nourishing peptides and a complex blend of vitamin C, E, Ferulic, and Bakuchiol Oils. The result is a brighter, even skin tone while giving your skin a beautiful, full-coverage canvas.

Ciaté London

Keep that healthy glow all year long with makeup brands that do so much more than adding pigment. Ciaté London creates moisture that lasts with colors that wow, and this summer, we’re highlighting our features with the iconic Dewy Stix Bronzing Balm. This balm was crafted with super-fine golden pearls within a sheer bronze tint, so you can showcase your sunkissed face even if you’ve been indoors all season. The luminous finish brightens, hydrates, and softens your skin leaving you feeling oh-so-refreshed.

The days of cakey cheek color are over. The Dewy Blush is super pigmented, so a little bit goes a long way. However, it doesn’t just offer color! This blush melts into your skin and blends so effortlessly that even though these colors are bright, they look absolutely natural on the skin, and much better than most makeup brands. Choose from four shades with fun, fruity scents and keep your face looking fresh (and smelling great, too).

Everyone wants a soft pout with just the right amount of shine, but the sticky feeling that often comes with it is not appealing. The Fruit Burst Lip Oils not only provide the look we want, but they also hydrate and soothe lips that need a little extra care after long days in the wind and sun. Choose from four scents and achieve the look and feel of healthy lips with a touch of shine.

Remember when your makeup smelled so good you could taste it? Ciate London is bringing back all the deliciousness of our youth in their latest makeup collection and we can’t decide if we should share it with our kids or keep it for ourselves! One of our favorite makeup brands has the Watermelon Burst Setting Spray. Reminiscent of summer days, this delicately scented ultra-fine mist helps to maintain hydration, keep makeup in place and add a natural dewy finish.

And if that’s not enough watermelon for you, also check out their Watermelon Burst Hydrating Lip Oil. This innovative gloss-oil hybrid combines the hydration of a balm with the shine of a gloss. It’s formulated with lip-nourishing ingredients, a delicate scent, and a light sweetness with just a slight hint of color that is perfect for this time of year. Don’t like watermelon? No worries. Ciate London has several different flavors of lip oil. Choose from Mango & Lime, Yuzu & Grapefruit, or Lychee & Acai.

For your cheeks, keep it simple. Ciate London’s Dewy Blush is all you need for that sunkissed glow. This next-generation, gel-balm blush combines an ultra-dewy, glass-like sheen with a delicate scent and tint of color. Formulated with natural extracts of yuzu and dragon fruit, the lightweight blush brightens and refreshes your base.

Finally, take your highlight to the next level with Dewy Stix Highlighter Balm. This highlighting stick creates the ultimate dewy skin complexion, with minimal shimmer using a gel-like non-tacky formulation that leaves behind a beautiful skin finish that demands attention!


Skincare experts believe that wearing sunscreen is the most important thing you can do to protect your skin and keep it looking youthful. Use daily sun protection from Beauty Sunscreen with SPF 40 by BESOMA. This 2-in-1 sunscreen protects your skin from UVA, UVB, and HEV light; it primes and hydrates your skin giving you a healthy glow. The cruelty-free Beauty Sunscreen is packed with zinc oxide that helps calm redness and is safe for sensitive skin. It also firms, nourishes and rejuvenates the skin. 

If you are also looking for a makeup cushion that will give you coverage and protect your skin, then your skin will look flawless with the BESOMA Perfecting Glow Cushion. This light-to-medium coverage Perfecting cushion reduces pore sizes, and wrinkles, and restores moisture, leaving your skin soft & supple, and youthful-looking. As a result, your complexion is revived for naturally luminous skin. BESOMA beauty products will turn back the hands of time and is one of our favorite makeup brands!


Pucker up for Spring with gorgeous lipsticks from Noyah that are sure to brighten up your love life! Each lipstick comes in bamboo packaging that looks stylish and reduces plastic by 60%. These lipsticks are made with natural ingredients, keeping your lips hydrated and adding a pop of color. They come in various vibrant shades, including Dolled up, Empire Red, Burlesque, Cherry Cordial, and much more. These lipsticks are versatile enough to wear with a pair of jeans during the day or a little black dress in the evenings.

The lipsticks are super moisturizing but so are the Noyah lip balms, and these balms are perfect for a more subtle look. The organic 4 Flavor Combo Pack is just what your lips need, made of simple ingredients that can be found in the kitchen. These lip balms will take dry, chapped lips to super hydrated and come in a variety of delicious flavors. All Noyah lip products are proudly made in the USA and designed to keep your lips looking their best without the use of harsh chemicals while reducing your carbon footprint. Now that is something to smile about!

Lottie London

If you’re looking to add a few fresh colors to your summertime look without breaking the bank, look no further than Lottie London. This Gen Z-focused beauty products and makeup brands sell cruelty-free (PETA approved), 100% vegan, and incredibly affordable beauty products (retailing between $6-$15) at Walmart, Ulta, Urban Outfitters, Asos, and LookFantastic.com. We’ve featured a few of their products before, but we’re excited about some of their latest colors.

Make a statement with the perfect lightweight lip duo that will leave you the last word on everyone’s lips. The Gossip Girl Forever Lip Kit in 8 letters and 3 Words includes a comfortable long-wearing lip gloss with an ultra-glossy finish formulated with rosehip and hyaluronic acid, joined by a complementary lipstick formulated with argan oil and olive oil, which gives full impact color in just one swipe, taking your looks to the next level.

Alternatively, get instantly juicy lips with absolutely no tackiness with Lottie London’s Oil Slick Lip Oils. Available in four different flavors, each oil has been infused with almond oil for instant hydration, plus nourishing cherry or vanilla extracts for the sweetest lips around!

Next, blush! A first for the brand, Lottie London has recently launched a lightweight easy-to-use liquid blush, giving you a punch of color on the cheeks! With a long-wear effect, their Gossip Girl Glossy Cheek Tint will instantly brighten and lift your complexion.

Now for the eyes. Meet your fierce new best friend, Lottie London’s Stamp Liner: Wing Edition. This game-changing liner stamp and pen are designed to effortlessly create perfect winged eyeliner in no time. Featuring a double-ended design with a stamp on one end and a pointed tip on the other, creating symmetrical flicks couldn’t be easier. You’ll never be late because of winged eyeliner again!

Then there’s Power Foil. These versatile high coverage metallic eyeshadows are designed to give you an intense foil finish in just one swipe. You can pack it on for a stunning glowy-metallic finish that is perfect for any special occasion. This is one of the best makeup brands you won’t want to leave home without.

Just B Cosmetics

Just B Cosmetics gives you the opportunity to try a spectrum of lipstick shades all in one compact kit! Perfect for layering, Just B lipsticks include both a pigment glaze lipstick and pigment fluid that you can mix and match for a variety of shades and colors. Whether you are layering for color or texture, the pigment glaze lipstick will give you a smooth and creamy look while the fluid will add shimmer and shine, as well as allowing you to mix and match between their shade selections.

When you are getting ready for a night out with your gal pals, you want to look your best. Using the right makeup brands will help you achieve that healthy glow. From nail polishes to blushes to moisturizing lipsticks, everything you need is in this guide. You can’t go wrong with these fabulous makeup brands that will have you looking and feeling your best in the summertime heat! 


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23 Of The Best Makeup Brands Every Woman Is Dying To Have



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Parveen Duggal
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