Makeup: Natural Beauty Products With a Pop of Color {2022}

Some of us need a 2022 upgrade in the makeup department. You know, that sticky mess you are still trying to spread over your skin you once called foundation?! Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one! So, gather all of your natural beauty products, apply as needed and get ready to create some natural to dramatically stunning looks for the new season. Spring is just around the corner and we’re back out, mingling, dining, and creating new friendships. The last thing you need is old makeup, making you look… a little more advanced in years than you want to look.

Makeup & Natural Beauty Products Go Hand in Hand


Makeup: Natural Beauty Products With A Pop Of Color {2022}

The stunning look of a glitter-touched eyelid is certainly captivating, and you too can have just as much fun with over 15 colors to create a stunning eye. The Glitter Pigments can be applied with a brush or finger, wet or dry with little to no fallout, ensuring the glitter goes and stays right where you want it to. Bodyography has a fun, wild range of colors from Rose Gold to a stunning Periwinkle to add to your natural beauty products.

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Enjoy and embrace the dynamic and modern beauty of one-of-a-kind metallic eye shadows by Bodyography – which pair nicely with your natural beauty products.


Makeup: Natural Beauty Products With A Pop Of Color {2022}
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Have you ever considered what is lurking inside your makeup? If you have celiac disease, you know that some makeup products contain wheat products – you probably want to avoid those. So when you are on the hunt for natural beauty products that are wheat-free, EVXO has created an entire line of gluten-free makeup products, but before we get into it all, let’s start with the foundation.

The Liquid Mineral Foundation is certified organic, gluten-free, vegan, and cruelty-free making this the best foundation you can wear all day long. Within this foundation are ingredients such as thyme, chamomile, and vitamin E oil which all help to soothe blemishes, red spots, and any problem areas you don’t want irritated. This Liquid Mineral Foundation provides a natural, even look without it being greasy or having a mask-like appearance. 

With a single flick of your wrists your eyelashes can look thick, dark, and flawless, but at what cost? Do you know the ingredients within your favorite mascara? EVXO is open and willing to share what they put in their vegan Strength ‘n Length Mineral Mascara, no questions asked! This organic mascara is made with ingredients that will add volume and length while you wear it without compromising safe and effective ingredients!

Does your lipstick tend to dry your lips, they may look fabulous, but they end up cracked and not at all flattering after a few hours? It’s time to smooth on the moisture and pop of color with the Organic Lipstick made to hydrate your lips and compliment your natural beauty products. The regenerative properties in this organic, vegan, non-GMO formula help heal your dry lips and improve elasticity while doing exactly what it is meant to do – covering your lips in lush, vibrant color. Apply and pucker up your lips, they are getting hydrated while you take on the day, all day! 

There is nothing quite like a beautiful palette of high-quality eyeshadow to make your eyes pop with intention. This gorgeous, vegan Plum Rose Eyeshadow Palette has five vibrant, beautiful colors that are gentle on your eyes and bold once applied. This eyeshadow is designed to last up to 16 hours with or without your natural beauty products; so even if the days are long, you can still look your best from morning to after-hours! 

Laura Geller

Makeup: Natural Beauty Products With A Pop Of Color {2022}

Feeling beautiful and looking your best has never been easier than with Laura Geller’s Cult Classics Full Face Kit, which includes six of her best-selling makeup secrets to achieving a flawless face. This includes a full-size Baked Balance-n-Brighten Color-Correcting Foundation, Baked Blush-n-Brighten in Tropic Hues, Baked Original Highlighter in French Vanilla, Spackle Skin Perfecting Primer in Hydrate, Modern Classic Lipstick in Glorious, and her Retractable Kabuki Angled Brush. It’s a must-have kit for your natural beauty products.

Makeup: Natural Beauty Products With A Pop Of Color {2022}
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Getting ready each day has never been easier with these natural beauty products, including a free bag. Start by quenching your skin’s thirst with this two-in-one moisturizer and primer. Then even out your skin tone and disguise blemishes and age spots with the multidimensional, color-correcting pigments from Balance-n-Brighten Foundation using the Kabuki Brush. Next, add a fresh pop of color on your cheeks with Blush-n-Brighten and put your features in the spotlight with the Baked Original Highlighter. Finally, sculpt your lips with creamy, lightweight color with the Modern Classic Lipstick.


Makeup: Natural Beauty Products With A Pop Of Color {2022}

Are you looking for a gift for a girlfriend who is always on the go but wants to look her best at all times with her natural beauty products? Then MISS SWISS has you covered with their Vegan Leather Travel Cases, Vegan Makeup Brush Sets, Sponge Sets, Brush Holders, and much more.

The chic water-resistant Vegan Leather Travel Makeup Case is a lightweight multipurpose beauty case with adjustable dividers that will keep your makeup & essentials safely stored and neatly organized. Each case has convenient elasticated pockets that can hold your makeup and brushes without damaging the bristles.

Add the Vegan Makeup Brush Set of 12 to make the perfect makeup companion. The brushes have bionic fibers with soft and dense vegan bristles for ideal coverage. Their ergonomic handles give you complete control over the brush while applying makeup. In this versatile set, you will find brushes to suit all powders, foundation, liquids, blush, eyebrows, and eyeshadows. The MISS SWISS travel case and Brush Set are perfect products to compliment the woman on the go.


Makeup: Natural Beauty Products With A Pop Of Color {2022}
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If you are looking for quick and easy, yet natural-looking eyelashes, Velour’s Effortless Magnetic Kit is the set for you as a beginner or pro. These stunning eyelashes are easy to apply and perfect for days you want to upgrade your eyelashes to the next level of gorgeous in record time. The eight lightweight mini-magnets, on a no-measure and no-trim cotton band, make for easy application and comfortable all-day wear.

Velour’s synthetic silk eyelashes are incredibly light and look so natural, all you can say is For Real Though? These eyelashes require no trimming, and yet are full of natural volume at 3/4 length, and have a whispy criss-cross pattern. This is the ultimate flirty eye when you want to turn heads!

Okay, ladies, for those who don’t need the drama and all the sass, there’s an everyday, easy-going style that will work perfectly for you and your natural beauty products. The Mini Me Faux Lashes are the ideal lightweight lashes that give a boost to your natural lash but aren’t overly flashy or dramatic. These synthetic silk lashes also are a no-trim and no-measure lash application that include a gradient flare to elongate your eyes for a natural eyelash style. 

August & Monroe

Makeup: Natural Beauty Products With A Pop Of Color {2022}

Think – prep before the next step. Whether you want to prime your skin before applying your natural beauty products and makeup or take a moment to yourself at the end of the night, the Black Obsidian Stone Gua Sha is a practice you want to incorporate. The stone, which retains warmth and is best for congested, blemish-prone skin, helps clear problematic blackheads and unattractive whiteheads. With a few intentional passes and movements across your face, forehead, and jawbone, you’ll promote lymphatic drainage, increased circulation, and a natural lift and firmness in your skin!

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Next stop, prime, treat, or blend those pesky blemishes away with the 3-In-1 Blemish Camouflage by August & Monroe. Create the treatment you desire either before applying makeup with the innovative airless pen technology that prevents any bacterial contamination or conceal and heal just after your natural skincare products and before applying the rest of your makeup. No worries about color-matching… the patented color-changing technology uses pigment-bursting beads to magically match your skin!

Feel like staying in for the night? Then spot and dot those blemishes and leave as is as it heals overnight. With three versatile uses, this is one of those must-have natural beauty products in 2022!

Inner Beauty

Makeup: Natural Beauty Products With A Pop Of Color {2022}

Shine bright this season with the Coco Balm Crème Highlighter and Lines + Lashes Set from Inner Beauty! Their line utilizes natural and vegan ingredients within their skincare and makeup that will let your light shine through as you put your best face forward after the long and dreary winter weather. The Coco Balm Crème Highlighter offers a lightweight and creamy texture that blends easily into your skin to provide an all-over glow. Delivering plenty of moisture while also giving you a luminous glow, this highlighter is easy to apply and great for your skin.

Makeup: Natural Beauty Products With A Pop Of Color {2022}

Finish off your look with the Lines + Lashes Set that can even be worn on sensitive skin and eyes. The 99% all-natural Sugar Coated Mascara provides volume and length along with a deep, rich pigment and non-flaking, lasting appearance. Paired with the Well Defined™ Eye Liner that glides on smooth and rich, this vegan eyeliner with its flexible felt tip is the perfect accenting eyeliner to make your eyes stand out on any occasion.

Basma Beauty

Makeup: Natural Beauty Products With A Pop Of Color {2022}

For women with real skin, there’s a foundation stick made for every shade under the golden sun. Imagine, having a simple foundation stick that evens out your skin tone and creates a magical barrier of hydration while giving you a youthful, gorgeous glow. The Foundation Stick provides light to full coverage (you choose) while blurring out blemishes so you can put your best face forward with all your favorite natural beauty products! Use just after your natural beauty products for an all-day glow!

Undone Beauty

Makeup: Natural Beauty Products With A Pop Of Color {2022}

We don’t know about you, but having a few foundation options to add to your natural beauty products, is somewhat necessary. That’s why we love the vast assortment of the Unfoundation Matte Tint foundations. This is the foundation that doesn’t make you look “made up.” With light coverage, the foundation reflects beautifully on your skin it appears as though blemishes are barely there! It’s the coconut extract and tea tree oil that create this flawless appearance.

So, now that your foundation is chosen, let’s talk application brushes. It’s the all-over-our-body brushes that do it for us, especially when they aren’t attached to a hefty price tag. The blending Seamless Face and Body Palm Brush is your go-to once your natural beauty products are applied, the foundation set, and the powders are ready! Handcrafted with tender, yet durable synthetic fibers create the perfect blend, highlights, and contours as well as body makeup applications.

Warm Up 4-in-1 Bronzer is your one and only for your body and face when it comes to adding a touch of shimmer and shine to your body. It’s the ultimate palette of ultra-fine, I-can’t-believe-it-blends-so-well shimmery pigments. Customize the intensity however you please to light up and shine your most beautiful body parts. From various shares of deep to medium brown to Warm Peach and Sunny Cream, shine radiantly all day long!

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Let’s not forget the eyes. The windows to your soul – highlight and accentuate with the flawless application of the ultra-light Unscripted Instant Liner. All your natural beauty products come together in a gorgeous artform when combined with the perfect lined-eye and ideal eye shadow palette. The Curator Quad nourishes with castor oil to condition and nourish as the bold colors (wet or dry) make quite the statement. Undone Beauty curates the best of the best while still being vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and gluten-free – beauty without the fuss!


Makeup: Natural Beauty Products With A Pop Of Color {2022}

Looking for fresh, new skincare finds this spring that works with your natural beauty products? Look no further than Luxie! The Luxie Rosa Bundle features premium face and eye brushes, along with a gorgeous pink brush cup. Whether you are applying foundation, accenting with blush, or creating bright, shimmery eyes, Luxie has your spring glow covered!

Woosh Beauty

Makeup: Natural Beauty Products With A Pop Of Color {2022}

Makeup time… but you literally have to be in the car in five minutes!! Makeup can certainly be done in 5 minutes, and you can look absolutely stunning. Once you’ve completed your basic skincare routine with your favorite natural beauty products, all you need is the Foldout Face Palette and you’re out the door! It is quite frankly the only palette with every single makeup product you need…and travel brushes!!

In no time (with included detailed step by step instructions), you’ll be easing your way to a full-face makeup application – whether it’s 5 minutes before you need to be driving off, or a quick application once you are at your destination, anytime and anywhere, you’re makeup can be done.

The Foldout Face Palette includes a hidden 4-in-1 brush set to apply the natural beauty products of mineral formulas to conceal blemishes as needed and enhance every skin tone beautifully. Save time and get your make done in the most extraordinary way!

ShikSona Beauty

Makeup: Natural Beauty Products With A Pop Of Color {2022}

When was the last time you gave your lips natural beauty products that gave them a deep, rich color or a swipe of simmer and sass? If it wasn’t yesterday…you’re missing out on what the Boardroom Belle™ can do for those luscious lips of yours! ShikSona Beauty makes beauty simple and a great addition to your natural beauty products arsenal.

For the busy mom, wife, businesswoman, or a woman who just loves simplicity, this is one of those natural beauty products that is a must-have. The full-coverage lipstick in a Berry-red (with blue undertones) is loaded with potent pigments for a smooth, sultry, and velvet-like, long-lasting finish.

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All ShikSona Beauty, natural beauty products, are made with only the highest quality clean ingredients that are vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free. So go ahead and treat your lips to Savvy Smokeshow™, another full-coverage lipstick in a deep bold pink shade (with blue undertones) with the same expected bold color pigmentation for a long-lasting matte finish. Don’t forget to top it off or wear it by itself, the incredibly smooth lipglosses. Give those sexy puckers a burst of gorgeous shine and keep smiling!

UVé Beauty

Makeup: Natural Beauty Products With A Pop Of Color {2022}

You can’t exactly get all glammed up if you don’t have the right tools. Not only that… you’ll want the tools that won’t collect, store, or transfer icky bacteria onto your face! The Glam Babe Bundle contains UVé Essentials Makeup Brush Set for a flawless application of your makeup once your natural beauty products are applied, with one Violet Antimicrobial Sponge, and one Helio Antimicrobial Sponge included.

Enjoy the feathery-soft application for comfort and the 99% bacteria-free, mold-resistant brushes for peace of mind…and clearer skin with fewer breakouts.

Naprim Naturals

Makeup: Natural Beauty Products With A Pop Of Color {2022}

Any day can be a day to lavish your loved one with extravagant gifts, flowers, and foods, but if you could gift her something that keeps her skin oh-so-soft without any harsh chemicals with natural beauty products, it would be a gift she would enjoy all year long (and then some). Naprim Naturals and their Nourishing Powder + Kabuki Brush Set keeps her skin safe from the sun while soothing irritated skin, and after these long winter months, we could use that more than ever. This powder is formulated with soothing natural ingredients, making this the perfect skincare solution for everyone.

Makeup can definitely be a girl’s best friend any time of year. So, enhance your beauty, bring out your features, and enjoy the gorgeousness that reflects back at you in the mirror. All of these amazing natural beauty products will nourish and bring out the best with accentuated highlights and stunning contours. Now that’s an upgrade we definitely want in 2022!

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Makeup: Natural Beauty Products With A Pop Of Color {2022}



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