How to Make a Breakfast Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards are not only delicious but also a great way to make a meal that can have a little bit of everything you want, an at-home buffet!  Even better, they are not just for happy hour or dinner, you can make an amazing one for breakfast.  It is a great way to enjoy a brunch-type experience at home also while using up just a little bit of random items hanging around in your kitchen.

Breakfast Charcuterie Board Ingredient Ideas

How To Make A Breakfast Charcuterie Board
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A well-designed breakfast charcuterie board will have a variety that appeals to all your taste buds as well as who will be enjoying it.  Whether you are making it just for yourself to enjoy or a fun gals brunch, this guide will help you make a drool-worthy breakfast charcuterie board.

There are two ways you can approach making your breakfast charcuterie board, you can either make a “traditional” breakfast charcuterie board with a little bit of all of the breakfast favorites for everyone.  Or you can decide to go the themed route of breakfast items, think-bagel board, smoked salmon board, waffle board, cinnamon roll board, or maybe avocado toast is your specialty.  Think about your favorite breakfast item and you can easily turn it into a mouthwatering breakfast charcuterie board.

Fruit-Fruit is great for so many reasons.  It’s always a fan favorite, an integral part of breakfast and its colors will help blend your breakfast charcuterie board together.  It is recommended that you pick fresh seasonal fruits, sweet red strawberries for summer,  juicy peaches in the spring, crisp apples in the fall.  Sure you can find good fruit year-round, but still with the seasonal fruit and branch out from there for the freshest breakfast charcuterie board.  Pick a few different fruits that hold up well when presented, stay away from bananas, blueberries are perfect and if you use apples, dip them in lemon water to help reduce the browning effect.

How To Make A Breakfast Charcuterie Board

Breads-Even though this is a breakfast charcuterie board you don’t want to overdo it.  Have enough to be complementary to your board but not too many that it overwhelms your offerings.  Croissants, bagels, muffins, coffee cake, biscottis, mini pancakes, and french toast sticks are always a good idea.  Either get mini-sized breakfast bread or cut them up so no one has to commit to an entire bagel or muffin. Add appropriate crackers-water crackers for smoked salmon, dried fruit crackers to jazz up your bagel board, or whole-wheat crackers to pair with some of your cured meats and cheeses.  

Meats-When adding meat to your breakfast charcuterie board, think past the traditional bacon and sausage.  Add some smoked salmon, aged dry prosciutto, and salami to your board to mix it up. Additional protein options-Hard boiled eggs, sliced avocado, or sliced ham.

Dairy-Your dairy selection should be one of the last items you chose because it should enhance the other items you have chosen.  Cream cheese for bagels or lox, a hard cheese to pair with the cured meats, a soft gouda to go with the bacon, yogurt, and sharp cheddar to pair with sweet apples.

Enhancements-Mini parfait cups, jelly, honey, whipped cream (fresh is the best way to go!), chocolate chips, or even some ice cream if you are serving waffles. Add what you would want to enjoy, let it be more fun than anything.

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If you are really looking at jazzing up your breakfast charcuterie board throw some quiche, Strada, mini breakfast burritos, or egg bites for a heartier choice. 

What to Think of When Putting Together a Breakfast Charcuterie Board

How To Make A Breakfast Charcuterie Board

As you are planning your breakfast charcuterie board think not only about what you would want to eat, but what would pair well with other items.  Who will be enjoying your breakfast charcuterie board and what do they enjoy as well.  

It is also more appealing to the eyes to have things be in different shapes and sizes. For example, create an “S” shape with the crackers, leave the strawberries whole, but slice the pineapple in sticks. Also, make sure you have appropriate server wear to help your guests access the food without having to touch everything else. You can even set out a bunch of toothpicks for ease of use as well.

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If you really want to enhance your breakfast charcuterie board experience add a coffee, mimosa, or even bloody mary bar. Use a pretty table cloth, table runner, some fresh flowers, and votives to your table.

How to Assemble a Breakfast Charcuterie Board

How To Make A Breakfast Charcuterie Board

Presentation is key for a lot of things in life and food is no different. You can either display everything neatly on a serving tray, cutting board (just make sure your cutting board is in good shape!) or you can lay some parchment paper down directly on your counter and place your breakfast charcuterie board directly on the counter. No matter what you use to present your charcuterie board, have fun and play around with small bowls, serving utensils, don’t think of it as trying to be perfect, it is a work of art.

Start with your biggest items and place those around your serving board, but not too close together. Then fill in with the more colorful items (such as the fruit), placed around in an eye-pleasing way. Instead of having just one section for each food group, you can have at least two for the larger more sought-after items. For the smaller items that may not be used as much, it is better to only have one. After all your food items are placed around you can sprinkle the fun stuff sparingly around the board.

Finally, you want to make it as colorful as possible! It can be easy to have a charcuterie board that is monochromatic and that looks a bit boring and uninviting. Brighten it up with some bright red strawberries, hard-boiled eggs cut in half to show off the dark yellow yolk, crisp green grapes, or even put some freshly picked flowers on your breakfast charcuterie board. The colors not only make it more appealing to your guests but will also add a little something to your get-together. You can also label the items on your breakfast charcuterie board so everyone knows what is what.

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Have fun when making your breakfast charcuterie board! It can be for breakfast, brunch or even a fun spin on a kid’s party or gals get together. There are no rules and think of it as a work of art and as your guests enjoy items on the board feel free to refresh with new food items as well. You might be surprised at what you come up with and what everyone is enjoying!

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How To Make A Breakfast Charcuterie Board

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