28 Running Accessories Every Athlete Must Have

In these post coronavirus times, daily habits have shifted. For some people, exercise has been thrown out with the bathwater. For others, being forced to make do at home has transformed their habits for the good. If running is a part of your current workout routine, these running accessories will help you have a productive jog every time you hit the road running.

Running Accessories For Your Head

While your legs do most of the work when running, there are a number of running accessories for your head that can help make the trek more enjoyable. Before going out for your next run (or walk or hike), check out this list of products to wear on your top half.

  1. Headbands are a great way to comfortably keep sweat out of your eyes. Options of varying thickness: Sumind Non-Slip Elastic Sport Headbands, DASUTA Athletic Headbands
  2. Sunglasses can be worn on their own or coupled with a hat or visor. Both Goodr OG Sunglasses and Oakley Women’s Unstoppable Sunglasses promise to be non-slip and non-bounce and differ from one another in price.
  3. Hats not only absorb sweat but also keep the sunshine at bay. One great option: TrailHeads Race Day Performance Running Cap.
  4. Visors are wonderful to wear on hot days when you don’t want something covering the top of your head. Adidas Women’s Superlite Performance Visor is comfortable, adjustable, and breathable.
  5. Hair Ties are a necessity if you have hair that can be pulled back. Burlybands Large Hair Ties are both non slip and non damaging.
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Running Accessories for Your Electronics

Whether you use your exercise time to listen to music or a podcast or to silently reflect, running accessories are needed to carry your electronics. This list includes everything you need to carry and use electronics to the fullest.

  1. Running belts offer a way to carry phones, keys, and other small necessities. Choose your favorite color with E Tronic Edge Running Belt and run knowing your things are safely stored away.
  2. Armbands work well when just carrying a phone. The Revere Sport Universal iPhone Running Armband fits all sizes of iPhones and has a small pocket for a housekey and cash.
  3. Backpacks are sometimes required to carry more than a belt or armband allow. The Runtasty Mini Backpack Vest holds a phone and tablet, is bounce free, and is reflective.
  4. Wireless headphones that are both waterproof and have ample listening time are ideal for running. While the creme de la creme wireless headphones are Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats Pro, Soundcore Spirit Sports Earbuds by Anker are a cost effective alternative.
  5. Watch with GPS while not necessary, is an added bonus. The Garmin Forerunner 245 GPS Smartwatch offers adaptive training plans and can evaluate if you are over or under training.

Running Accessories for Under Your Clothes

Exercising requires undergarments of its own. Browse this list for what to wear under there next time you head out for a run.

  1. Sports Bras are clutch for female runners – especially those blessed up on top. Two fully supportive options: Champion Spot Comfort Full Support Bra and Brooks Juno Cross Back Adjustable High-Impact Sports Bra.
  2. Running socks that help prevent blistering and are breathable are ideal for runners. BERING Women’s Performance Athletic Running Socks promise both of these things and more.
  3. Compression sleeves can help to promote blood circulation and prevent injury. BLITZU Calf Compression Sleeves are available in multiple colors.
  4. Underwear needs to be comfortable and not ride up while running. New Balance Women’s Ultra Comfort Performance Seamless Bikini are tagless, seamless, and prevent chafing all while being super comfy.
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Running Accessories for Safety

Running safety is incredibly important in preventing injury. Take care to make sure you are not only seen but can protect yourself if found in an unsafe situation. These running accessories will keep you safe and confident when outside or alone on your next run.

  1. Running Vests help make you highly visible with bright colors and reflective bands. The TOURUN Reflective Running Vest is lightweight, has an adjustable band and also includes two bands.
  2. Reflective Bands are easy to use on your arm, leg, wrist or ankle. GoxRunx 6 Pcs Reflective Bands are high quality and durable.
  3. Pepper Gel Spray only affects the target with no wind blow-back. SABRE RED Pepper Gel Spray for Runners is lightweight and sits comfortably in your palm.
  4. Personal Alarms are ideal for someone who is timid about carrying pepper spray but still needs a safety product. Lamikala Running Belt Fanny Pack with Personal Alarm is not only a 120 Decibel alarm but has a small pack for your belongings.

Running Accessories to Keep You Cool

Running outside in the summer is HOT. Almost unbearable. And higher temperatures sometimes stretch beyond the summer months. Keep cool with these handy running accessories next time you take your workout outdoors.

  1. Hydration running belts serve the dual purpose of keeping you hydrated and storing whatever you need to take with you. G-Run Hydration Running Belt with Bottles is comfortable with no bounce and pockets large enough to carry an iPhone or android.
  2. Neck gaiters or head covers work by wetting and wearing while outside. The Chill Pal 12 in 1 Multi Style Cooling Neck Gaiter Face Cover can be worn 12 different ways and is available in varying colors.
  3. Cooling Towels provide hours of cooling relief when wet. The FROGG TOGGS Chilly Pad Cooling Towel absorbs 8 times its weight of water and/or sweat.
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Running Accessories to Keep You Warm

Varying from the summer months, it can be tough running when the temperatures drop. Running accessories to keep you warm are crucial for outdoor enjoyment during the winter season.

  1. Earwarming headbands are ideal when a hat will create too much heat. The TrailHeads Women’s Ponytail Headband keeps your ears warm and even has a spot for your ponytail!
  2. Thermal tops whether used as a base layer or simply over a sports bra keep the chills at bay. BALEAF Women’s Thermal Fleece Tops are cute enough to wear on their own and offered in multiple colors.
  3. Gloves are great for those super cold days. Pearl Izumi Ride Pro AMFIB Lobster Gloves are waterproof and group your fingers together to maximize body heat.
  4. Jackets that are breathable and lightweight are ideal for running. The Little Donkey Andy Women’s Insulated Jacket is a cost-efficient solution that is warm and flexible.
  5. Hand warmers are amazing. On days where you just don’t want to step foot outside, HotHands Hand & Toe Warmers offer a little bit of heat to get you going.
  6. Wool hats are the warmest hats for the coldest temperatures. Smartwool Merino Sport 250 Beanie is breathable, versatile, and comfortable.
  7. Leggings need to insulate and keep you warm during a winter run. Under Armour Women’s ColdGear Authentic Leggings are fast-drying with two layers of fabric for warmth.

Everyone has the capacity to be a runner. Whether you have miles under your belt or you are a newbie to the sport, running accessories can help make exercise even more enjoyable.

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28 Running Accessories Every Athlete Must Have

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