Holiday Gifts for Grandparents that They Will Love

One of the best parts of the holiday season is seeing family we don’t get to see all year long. If you’re lucky enough to have family visiting this holiday season, you’ll want to have something ready for gift exchange. Grandparents are a special breed and you’ll want to show them just how much you love them with one of these holiday gifts for grandparents that they are sure to love.

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20 Perfect Gifts for Grandparents

Three Tiered Serving Tray Stand by Elite Creations

Holiday Gifts For Grandparents That They Will Love 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Whether it’s tea parties or holidays, grandparents everywhere love to have company. Make presentation easy for them this year with a Three Tiered Serving Tray Stand by Elite Creations. Unlike other dish sets, this one is designed with versatility and ease of use in mind. The three white plates are interchangeable, the bases are solid and simply designed to let the food shine. Each plate has a ridge on the bottom that allows it to sit comfortably yet snugly on the bases without sliding around. Once the party is over, they all fold down into a compact stack that is easy to store. This may be a gift to open early to really make the holidays both simple and beautiful.

Personalized Tassel Throw Blanket

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Grandparents love blankets, and this personalized tassel throw blanket from 28 Collective is perfect for when you go visit them on those chilly 80 degree days in Florida. The soft, 100% acrylic fabric is lightweight enough to use any time of the day but cozy enough to cuddle up with for a post-lunch nap. The personalization gives it a sweet touch for the holidays, too. You can add their names, a special date, or even the grandkid’s initials. Grandparents everywhere will love this sweet gift this holiday season.

Isabelle Grace

Holiday Gifts For Grandparents That They Will Love

Grandparents love something that shows their love for their grandkids, and a personalized necklace or bracelet from Isabelle Grace is a wonderful way to show them exactly how much they mean to you as a grandparent. This Cross and Initial Necklace allows you to put the initial of each of the grandkids to give them a special gift that reminds them of all their sweet babes every time they put it on. It comes in silver, gold, or rose gold and the cross accent is a gorgeous touch.

Alpine Start Instant Coffee

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Nowadays, grandparents don’t just sit in rockers reading books and knitting socks all day. Many of them are constantly on the go, and people on the go need coffee. Alpine Start Instant Coffee is perfect for busy people. It fits right in a purse, glove box, tackle box or even a pocket. Just add hot water and enjoy your Dirty Chai Latte, Coconut Creamer Latte, or Original Blend black coffee. We wouldn’t say this replaces a carefully crafted cup of brew in your own home, but its a lot better than other instant coffees or worse yet *gasp* no coffee. So whether it’s a fishing trip or running the kids to activities, keep the grandparents going with Alpine Start Instant Coffee.

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Welcome Mat

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Surprise the grandparents with a special welcome mat that reminds them that you will always take the time to come visit them. This beautiful welcome mat by Carpet One Home & Floor is not only a great way to spruce up their front porch but they also give 25% of the proceeds to the Breast Cancer Foundation and Research Fund. This special collection of welcome mats is a great holiday gift for grandparents or for anyone in support of those affected by breast cancer.

Alterra Pure Sheet Set

Alterra Pure

What do you gift grandparents that have everything? How about a nice, new set of sheets? Alterra Pure’s percale bedding brings the cool, crisp feel of fine hotels to the bedroom. Transparency and sustainability are the two main goals of Alterra Pure, as they strive to go beyond organic. They verify the products, use a sustainable production method, believe in fair trade wages, and are eco-friendly. But the best part may be how amazing these sheets feel. The traditional bundle includes two pillowcases, a duvet cover, a fitted sheet, and a flat sheet in a variety of colors.

Lucky You Flowers

Gift Grandparents

Many times we can’t be with our family members during the holiday season, but sending a gift of flowers to let the grandparents or other extended family members know you are thinking of them is a great holiday gift idea. Lucky You Flowers has several affordable arrangements that will be shipped right to their door. On the arrangement is also a yummy, flavored fortune cookie with a personal note from you and your family. Their Patriot arrangement is perfect for the grandparents who are so very proud of their service member.


Holiday Gifts For Grandparents That They Will Love

One of the hardest things about being a military family is being away from family, especially on the holiday. SmileMail is a perfect gift to help grandparents smile if they can’t be with you. These personalized, voice recording greeting cards are paired with an image of your choice and a personalized note that will be sure to make them smile on Christmas morning. Nothing is better than hearing your grandkids wish you a Merry Christmas in their own voice on the holidays, and with SmileMail you can do just that. Just download the app, record your message, and choose which card to send- SmileMail takes care of the rest.

Personalized Vegan Leather Picture Frame

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Grandparents love two things for gifts: things from their grandkids and something that comes from the heart. This personalized vegan leather picture frame from 28 Collective hits two birds with one stone if you add their family name as the personalization and place your favorite picture of all the grandkids inside. Voila! Now you have the perfect holiday gift this season. The vegan leather and double-stitch trim gives the frame an elegant look that will look wonderful in any household, and will even be something that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Canvas Discounts Canvas Prints

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One thing all grandparents love as gifts is a family picture that they can display proudly (especially one of your service member in uniform). With Canvas Discounts you can easily create the perfect gift for the holidays. Simply upload your desired image, select the size you want to print, and add any additional touches like the type of canvas wrapping and framing. You can even get your pictures printed on acrylic, metal, or other photo gifts like pillows, books, and mugs. You can get your gift delivered straight to their door if you won’t be seeing them for the holidays, giving them a wonderful gift that will surely make them smile.

Belle & Union Tea Towels

Belle Union Tea Towels

These are not any old tea towels. They are 100% American woven, sewn, and printed tea towels from the creative minds at Belle & Union. Each one in the set features a whimsical illustration of a classic holiday pie. With a distinctive Southern charm, they would make any kitchen, and home, feel just a bit more welcoming. They will certainly inspire your grandparents to crack open a cookbook, grab a whisk, and bake something from the heart. This is sure to make the top of gifts grandparents would love to receive.

They Shall Not Grow Old Tickets

This December, the documentary that your grandparents wished they saw last year is back courtesy of Fathom Events. Taking film footage captured at the time of The Great War and utilizing state-of-the-art restoration, colorization, and 3D technologies nothing like this has been seen before. Producers poured over 600 hours of BBC archival interviews to present this gripping, immersive, and authentic experience through the eyes and voices of the British soldiers who lived it. Maybe grab enough tickets to accompany them, too.

Premium Cheese Board Gift Set

Premium Cheese Board Gift Set

The holidays may be the only time of the year everyone gathers at the grandparents for a family meal. This beautiful cheese board and utensils gift set is the most extensive set out there. With 6 cheese knives, 6 appetizer forks, and 3 sauce dishes there’s more than enough for the whole family’s likes. The cheese board itself measures 16″ x 13″ giving you plenty of room for crackers and fruit too. The best part may be the four appetizer plates with wine glass holders! Grab one for grandma and one for you.



Sometimes grandparents do silly things like by small amounts of produce because “they might go bad before I can use them.” Freshpaper from Freshglow fixes this problem for them. These sheets can be tossed in the fridge drawer, salad bag, carton, or bowl and keep fruits and veggies fresh for 2 to 4 times the regular length. This is so worth it, they’ll wonder why their generation didn’t come up with it.

GelPro Elite Kitchen Mat

Gelpro Elite

Since you know Grandma won’t let you take over washing the dishes after the holiday meal, and you know her back aches standing on the hard kitchen floor, this gel mat is the perfect gift. Available in over a hundred different designs and colors, this mat offers maximum support and plush comfort to protect grandma’s back and feet. The GelPro Elite Comfort Mat features reinforced edges, a slip-resistant bottom, and a stain-resistant top. This mat looks good and feels amazing underfoot and can be used anywhere in the house including the front door or laundry room. GelPro also offers a 25% military discount.

Magic Ornaments

Holiday Gifts For Grandparents That They Will Love

If the grandparents are downsizing now that the kids are out of the house, they will love these Magic Ornaments. Storing fragile and bulky Christmas ornaments is for the birds, but these ornaments are collapsible and will fit in one flat envelope. Each set includes 40 ornaments of either red and gold or blue and silver and 40′ of wired ribbon garland. The set includes glitter and mirror finish balls, stars, swirls, angels, snowflakes, and a star of Bethlehem tree topper. Some of them are even reversible, so they can change things up from one year to the next.

Paddle Serving Board from 28 Collective

Heather Holiday Gift Guide

Gift grandparents something for celebrating not just the holidays, but all year long! This paddle cutting board from 28 Collective is cut by local Amish craftsmen and can be personalized with family name or year inside the laurel wreath for a personalized touch. The beautiful American maple paddle will be hung in the kitchen all year long as a display decoration, and to be used for years to come at family gatherings.


Best Subscription Boxes For The Holidays

Tea lovers know that tea is so much more than just a drink. There’s an experience waiting in every cup. If your grandparents love tea, then this is a great subscription box for them. While the offerings change each month, every box includes some delicious loose leaf tea and several tea-related items. One month they might get a tea strainer, flavored chapstick, tea cookies, seasonally scented lotion, or any number of fun tea items. Whether they love a quick cup or a formal tea service, this is the perfect gift to compliment the experience.

Xenvo SquidGrip Tripod

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Having a phone with a camera is SO convenient, but sometimes, grandma and grandpa need a little extra help getting the shot. Xenvo’s SquidGrip Tripod is super versatile and easy to use even for the most novice photographer. It’s lightweight, but the phone holder and ball mount at the top are solid enough that you don’t have to worry about your phone falling out. It even fits a phone with a wallet type of case! The neo-rubber-coated legs grip surfaces well and bend into any position making it easy to get a level image no matter what. Even for a non-photographer, the tripod is much easier to hold than a small phone can be held away from the body to act like a selfie stick, or can be put down on any surface to get a good family portrait. This is an excellent gift to make getting all the pictures this year so much easier for grandma and grandpa.

Bomshbee Pitcher


Spending time with your grandparents is the greatest gift you can give them. Make that time easy for them to entertain with this gorgeous and simple pitcher from Bomshbee. The Tinge Porcelain is beautiful and the exposed rim shows the contrast of the glazed and raw surfaces. It’s dishwasher and microwave safe and the two matching mugs are perfect for early morning coffee with grandpa on the back deck or afternoon tea with grandma in the sunroom.

This great list of gifts grandparents will love is so versatile. There are useful and creative things for grandparents of all ages. And, even some great-grandparents! Choose something you know they’ll love and have your kids make a homemade card to accompany it. But most of all, enjoy the time you have together, whether in person or via video chat.

Check out our other Holiday Gift Guides for more gift ideas this season!

Holiday Gifts For Grandparents That They Will Love



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