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Congratulations! Whether this is your first baby or 5th, as an active mom, you surely deserve and need your down time with your new baby. However, it’s no secret that you probably are longing and desiring to get back to your active lifestyle. One of the drawbacks new or veteran moms deal with is the restoration of your core – the belly. Your belly did an amazing job of holding your child within your womb, now it’s time to give it back some love. With a loving hug by Cinch Signature Tummy Wrap, it’s the perfect solution to help support and tone your belly after a natural or c-section birth!

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Ideal comfort, support, and compression

Cinch Signature Tummy Wrap is a luxury postpartum wrap designed with the postpartum mom in mind. Now that you’ve done the hard work of growing your baby and birthing either naturally or via c-section, the Cinch Tummy Wrap comes in handy to provide 360 degree controlled compression.

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You control the part of the compression with the zipper closure – secured, in place and supportive throughout your everyday movements. The adjustable panels shrink with you, providing ultra high quality craftsmanship with ultimate comfort.

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The compression factor this postpartum wrap provides allows you to not only bring awareness to your posture, but also the continuous reminder of “belly engagement”. If you are experiencing diastasis recti (the midline separation of your abdominals) – sometimes a gap as wide as 4 fingers – you’ll want to cinch that up! The simple act of sitting up in bed will exasperate even further your weakened core causing what you see – a belly bulge. That gap is also allowing your innards to ‘seep through’, thus the “baby belly” bulge. Not only will you be comfortably holding things in, you’ll also have the option to reduce the swelling and provide soothing relief with the included Cold/Warm Compress. With this option, you’ll have everything you need to soothe and support your tummy after baby. This is an effective and healthy start to get your body back after pregnancy.

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Every {active} mom needs support. Outside of your family and loved ones, don’t forget about your back support! The early weeks following birth will either help you establish a good posture routine (even while nursing) or not. The Cinch Tummy Wrap keeps your curves right where they need to be while being ideal for back support while active or resting.

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Nobody has to know what goes on underneath your clothes. As the Cinch Tummy Wrap holds you all together during your recovery postpartum phase, little does everyone know that you are actually wearing it! The smooth panel in front flows with almost anything you will wear. In addition to the tension control and adjustable panels, your clothing will only reveal what you want – your feminine curves. Enjoy your workout, even in yoga pants!

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Cinch Signature™ comes in Grey or Pink, with 3 sizes to choose from, and the cold/warm compress panel. And don’t worry, with the Smart Sizing™ system, you’ll have perfect sizing every time! 


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Cinch Tummy Wrap™ is a pioneer in bringing the traditional art and science of belly wrapping into a line of pregnancy and postpartum belly bands for today’s modern woman. Each tummy wrap offers the unique ability to fully adjust, and comes complete with a patented design of 360 degrees of even and controlled compression, offering multifunctional uses. Cinch Tummy Wrap wants to create products and offer services that transform how new moms think about their new bodies, not just after baby, but also for a lifetime.

Now that your core is being restored and your back is supported, all you need now is the comfort of nursing with the Boppy Nursing Pillow and stylish privacy scarf!

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