Take Control with the Female Condom

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In all aspects of life, women are rising up and feeling more empowered every day. The future is female and women are ready to control their own destiny and make decisions for every part of their lives that are informed. When it comes to your body, are you sure you are making all the best choices when it comes to your health and your future? You eat organic, avoid GMOs, try out the Whole 30 or go paleo. You exercise multiple times a week. You pray and clear your mind. You are constantly seeking out new knowledge, trying new things. But when it comes to your sexual health and well-being, are you in control or does your partner call the shots? Do you know how your birth control affects your health in the long run? If you are ready to be in charge of your destiny when it comes to your sexual health, we have the information you need.

Why Traditional Birth Control is Old News

When you first learn about birth control, it seems like you have three options: abstinence, male condoms, and hormonal birth control. While it seems like those are plenty of options, those options really aren’t great.

  • Abstinence does not work unless you stick with it 100 percent of the time. It only takes one slip up for a woman to become pregnant or get infected with a sexually transmitted infection (STI).
  • Male Condoms leave the responsibility solely in the hands of the man in the relationship, despite the fact that women carry the burden of an unplanned pregnancy more than men. If a partner puts a condom on improperly, you are really unprotected. Even more scary, condoms leave women at risk of men “stealthing” during sex. “Stealthing” is when a man secretly takes a condom off during sex despite the fact that the woman did not consent to unprotected sex. Also, if you have a latex allergy, your condom options are severely limited.
  • Hormonal birth control like “the pill” is very effective in preventing pregnancy but there is no protection against STIs. Furthermore, studies are now showing that hormonal birth control is not as safe as we once believed. A recent study of women using hormonal birth are at an increased risk of breast cancer.

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Why The Female Condom Puts You in Control

Women need to take control of their own bodies and their sexual health and well being. If you don’t want to be abstinent, you should not have to be abstinent. Leaving your fate up to a man using a condom properly or taking birth control that could have negative health consequences in the long run are not your best options. You can be in control. You can feel confident that you are making a decision for birth control and protection from STIs by choosing to use a female condom. The best female condom is called FC2. Here are all the reasons that the FC2 Female Condom is the choice that puts you in control:

  • FC2 feels more natural than a male condom. It warms up with your body temperature as it lines your vagina. This makes it incredibly comfortable, not impeding on your pleasure at all.
  • This female condom is well lubricated, reducing friction for both partners.
  • If you have a latex allergy or sensitivity, FC2 is latex free. It is made of nitrile which is three times stronger than latex.
  • Avoid the negative consequences of hormonal birth control with this hormone free condom that simply lines your vagina.
  • It is simple to use, most women get the hang of it after only a few times.
  • Because you are inserting the condom into your body, “stealthing” is not a worry.
  • Men prefer using FC2 over male condoms.
  • Don’t kill the mood by stopping to put on a condom. FC2 can be inserted up to two hours prior to intercourse so you can get right to it when you are ready!

Take Control With The Female Condom 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families You really will feel like you are in control of your own body and your own destiny. In fact, 80% of women using the female condom felt this was true. You won’t have to talk your partner into using FC2. 74% of men felt that the female condom was either better or much better than the male condom. FC2 is the only female controlled dual contraceptive available to women. FC2 is an international company that is all about empowering women all over the world! In South Africa, female condoms are saving lives through protection for women against STIs like HIV and unwanted pregnancy. If you are ready to feel empowered in this aspect of your life, it is time to try the FC2 female condom.

Where to Buy FC2

FC2 is the only FDA approved female condom so you are going to want to choose this brand for your protection. Whether you have insurance or not, there is a great option for purchasing FC2.

  • Get FC2 Free – Lots of insurance policies cover FC2 for free. You can get this amazing birth control with no out of pocket costs.
  • Hey Doctor App – With insurance, use this medical app to pick up FC2 from your local pharmacy quickly, using Code: FC2 it is free (with your insurance).
  • Without HeyDoctor, you can getFC2 free with a $0 copay. Just get a prescription from your Health Care Provider.
  • Without insurance, you Buy FC2 Online direct from fc2.us.com

Take Control With The Female Condom 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families You future can be more secure when you take control of your life in every way possible. Your sexual health and your fertility should be up to you. Why are you using traditional birth control that is either ineffective, out of your hands, or can harm your health? The FC2 female condom is safe, effective, and puts you in control.

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