Wardrobe Basics For The Winter

As the seasons’ change, so should your wardrobe. No matter where you live, there are certain wardrobe basics for the Winter that we think should be in your closet. Obviously the elements of Winter are felt more in areas such as New York rather than Florida. Nowadays, it seems, people everywhere feel a slight touch of Winter. Regardless of where you live, we can all agree that the wardrobe basics for the winter we suggest below are a must.

Dark Skinny Jeans

Wardrobe Basics For The Winter

When we think Winter we think dark denim.  Darker and deeper colors are the foundation of wardrobe basics come Wintertime. Dark skinny jeans can be paired with literally any shirt you may have in your closet. They pair well with both light and dark colors. Dark denim tends to accentuate patterns on shirts, as well. It may be hard to find the perfect pair of skinny jeans but once you do- they will become your staple go-to pants! Bonus: dark skinny jeans look great all year round!


Wardrobe Basics For The Winter

Although cashmere is far from basic, every woman needs, and deserves, something cashmere in her closet! Whether you prefer a sweater or sweater dress, you deserve to treat yourself to cashmere when compiling this year’s Winter wardrobe basics. We will even let a scarf count. Cashmere is that essential to your Winter wardrobe. Treat yourself. You will be thrilled you did!

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Wardrobe Basics For The Winter

Booties should definitely be on your list of winter wardrobe basics. The greatest aspect of booties is that you can grab a pair for twenty dollars. On the contrary, you can treat yourself and spend two hundred! The choice is yours. The right pair of booties can accompany you all year if needed so you can justify spending more. Booties are a great way to still wear a heel while keeping yourself warmer than if you were to wear stilettos. Stilettos and snow do not pair well. From shopping and lunch with your girls to a hot date night and dancing, booties can take you anywhere and are definitely part of your Winter wardrobe basics.

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Wardrobe Basics For The Winter

If you live in New York, you have Uggs. Winter can bring harshly cold temperatures. You need a warm boot to keep your feet warm. Although included in Winter wardrobe basics, Uggs are great all year-long.

Tip: For added fun- grab you and your daughter a matching pair of Uggs! People will stop you everywhere in admiration.

Something Handmade

Wardrobe Basics For The Winter

The new trend is handmade. Whether your beloved grandmother knitted you a scarf or you find an adorable mommy and me set from a local farmer, you need handmade items included within your Winter wardrobe basics this year! Many farmers are making yarn from their own animals and turning out exquisite handmade products. Be sure to pick some up for your friend’s Winter wardrobe basics, as well!

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A Fashionable Coat

Wardrobe Basics For The Winter

Since Winter is cold in many places, you should get yourself a coat that you love. In the Northeast, you will wear your Winter coat every day during Winter. A fashionable coat is more than a part of your Winter wardrobe basics, it is an essential! Since you have to wear it so much, it should definitely be a fashion statement.


Wardrobe Basics For The Winter

If you are located in cooler climates, you know all about adding accessories to your wardrobe basics for Winter. From hats and scarves to gloves and leg warmers, if you live where it is cold, you have an abundance of winter accessories. Sunglasses should be included within your Winter wardrobe basics. The sun glare off of snow can be very intense.

Tip: Grab a great pair of sunglasses for Winter before Summer is over! Many places do not sell sunglasses during Winter. Trust us- we have gotten the weird looks while asking where the sunglasses are in New York in December!

Whether you choose to get yourself one or all of our above suggestions, we hope you know that you deserve to treat yourself to new Winter wardrobe basics! You know your budget. Depending on where you live, your needs and Winter wardrobe basics and essentials will differ. Have fun shopping and it is ok to splurge! Your secret is safe with us!


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Wardrobe Basics For The Winter

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