Adding Exercise To Each Day With A Daily Workout Plan

You can no longer use the excuse of not having the time when you choose to prioritize fitness by adding a daily workout plan to your life. Think of a time you have wanted something in your life. Perhaps you are thinking of a job or relationship. You set a goal and achieved what you wanted. If you truly want to get in shape, lose weight, or sculpt your body- give yourself an attainable goal. Adding a daily workout plan to your life can get you the fitness results you truly want!

Adding Exercise To Each Day With A Daily Workout Plan

Expectations Lead To Resentment

Yes, you are adding a daily workout plan to your life. No- you will not lose ten pounds in one week from it. Remember: muscle weighs more than fat. If your daily workout plan includes toning and building muscle, the number you see on the scale will actually go up.

Do not expect anyone else to hold you accountable except for yourself! Relying on a workout buddy seems grand but in reality- life happens and they may actually hinder your daily workout plan rather than support it. We are not opposed to working out with someone but we want to make sure you do not rely on a workout partner to get you to the gym or into your daily workout plan routine. Having a gym partner may seem great at first- the notion of having someone hold you accountable is exciting. Learning something new is always better with someone by your side. However, if they are not as motivated as you or make excuses- this can hinder your daily workout routine more than enhance it. Your friend may want to do a different workout than you or they may feel you both have to do the same exact exercise at the same time.

Adding Exercise To Each Day With A Daily Workout Plan

Your daily workout plan belongs to you and only you. A gym partner can add fun to some fitness days but can also hold you back from reaching your fitness goals.

Set Attainable Goals When You Begin Your Daily Workout Plan

You may wish to exercise for two hours per day and one day perhaps you will. For now, start small with fitness goals that you can easily meet, including time. Replace ten minutes of social media per day with a ten minute jog. Once your endorphins get going, you may find that your ten minute jog around the block easily turns into a fifteen or twenty plus minute workout. If you drive your child to school, merely drop them off and take a walk or jog around the block if your schedule allows for it. Do you usually sit in the school’s parking lot for twenty minutes prior to dismissal? Get out of your car and get moving!

Adding Exercise To Each Day With A Daily Workout Plan

Taking your children to the playground is a great way to squeeze in a quick workout! As they climb up the pirate ship, do calf raises. You can lunge-race them to other equipment. Playground equipment is great for doing plyo-type jumps and pullups. Whatever you can do- find a way to exercise. Your daily workout plan should have some sort of exercise every day.

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Adding A Gym To Your Daily Workout Plan

Gym memberships are totally worth it! Others are motivated around you and crushing their fitness goals. That atmosphere is contagious!

TIP: Most gyms offer a day pass or week pass so you can try it out before you commit. We highly suggest bringing your littles to test it out as well if they will be in the child care while you workout. You want to be certain nothing gets in the way of your daily workout plan!

Adding Exercise To Each Day With A Daily Workout Plan

Since you are paying for the gym membership- you should definitely use it as much as you can. Arrange a set schedule with your husband or mother if you need extra child care. Take advantage of everything your gym has to offer, such as child care, classes, personal training sessions, or a pool. In many cases, the gym is the push a person needs to reach their fitness goals with a daily workout plan.

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Executing Your Daily Workout Plan From Home

Adding Exercise To Each Day With A Daily Workout Plan

No gym? No problem! Good news!- You can absolutely execute your daily workout plan from home! You can purchase free weights and equipment such as a boss ball and yoga mat or even find used equipment at yard sales or online. People are always getting rid of bulky exercise machines for free. You may be lucky enough to snag an elliptical or treadmill for free.

Working out from home is easier than you may think. Find some workout videos that you love on your phone and commit to whatever duration you can per day. Any time you find a few extra minutes- play a video and get a work out in. A few minutes of intermittent exercise outweighs no exercise at all. We highly encourage you to do what you can when you can!

Adding Exercise To Each Day With A Daily Workout Plan
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Go Easy On Yourself

Pay no mind to the scale. As we said before, muscle weighs more than fat. The purpose of a daily workout plan should be to stay healthy rather than solely lose weight . If you do not see the scale change right away, it can deter you. Therefore, we suggest you pay no mind to it at all.

Adding Exercise To Each Day With A Daily Workout Plan

Mommy And Me Fitness Groups

Mommy and me groups are a great way to stay motivated. Many moms enjoy meeting up for walks. This can be a great addition to your daily workout plan. The factor of reliability comes into play with mommy and me groups. Weather and illness can impact whether or not the group meets as scheduled.

TIP: You should always have a back up plan for your daily workout plan in the event the rain prevents your outdoor jog, etc.

Workouts are being created with babies built into the routine to allow moms to exercise with their little ones. Check your local dance studios and baby boutiques. Many offer mommy and me yoga or exercise classes to help you stick to your daily workout plan.

If All Else Fails- Use Your Child As A Free Weight

Instill a love of exercise into your child’s mind. Allow them to be a part of your daily workout plan. You can do ab workouts with your child on your legs for added resistance. Merely lift your child to execute arm workouts. You can target your biceps, triceps, or chest muscles from lifting your child in various ways. Do squats while holding them. Have your preschooler sit on your back while you are doing planks. The added twenty to thirty pounds will boost your workout, intensely!

TIP: To occupy your young children so you can stick to your daily workout plan, buy them their own half pound or one pound weights to use as you do your workout.

Adding Exercise To Each Day With A Daily Workout Plan

We commend you on your dedication to your fitness journey! Adding a daily workout plan to your routine is absolutely attainable and even fun! There is nothing more rewarding, or important, than doing something to better yourself. Again- expectations lead to resentment so go easy on yourself! Do not have the unrealistic expectation of having your pre-mom bod back in a month. Your fitness journey belongs to you. Take charge, Mama! We are right there with you!

Adding Exercise To Each Day With A Daily Workout Plan

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