4 of the Healthiest Deodorant Brands and the Dangers to Avoid

It’s a shame, but the world is filled with many dangerous chemicals that make up our everyday products. In order to live a healthier, non-toxic life, you must do extra research in order to find the best and most natural products for your family. Unfortunately, many people are afraid to take the leap to natural deodorants or antiperspirants – worried that they may not work well, or just too difficult to find one that DOES work. We’ve helped do the work for you and found 4 of the healthiest deodorant brands and also listed the dangers you’ll want to avoid when choosing your own!

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If you are a parent, making sure to only bring the safest and healthiest products into to your house for your family to use is at the top of your list. And since babies spend an abundant amount of time wrapped in your arms, snuggled up next to your skin, you want to make sure they are being exposed to only the purest ingredients in your cosmetics, hair, and beauty products. Your deodorant or antiperspirant should be no exception.

In order to find and choose the healthiest deodorant and/or antiperspirant, you need to understand what makes some of them “unhealthy”, as well as why it may not be a great way to use them. Not to mention, understanding the actual difference between deodorants and antiperspirants.

What Are the Differences Between Deodorants and Antiperspirants?

Deodorants are personal hygiene products designed to reduce body odor. They work by masking the smell of sweat with a pleasant-smelling fragrance. In addition to providing a pleasant scent, some deodorants also contain antibacterial ingredients like Triclosan to reduce the growth of bacteria which is a common cause of body odor. When used correctly these products can help reduce body odor and odor-causing bacteria, making it easier to feel fresh and confident throughout the day.

While many deodorants come in stick or gel form, some also come in an easy-to-spray aerosol can. It’s important to remember that deodorants do not reduce sweat production. This leads us onto antiperspirants.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Healthiest Deodorant

Unlike a deodorant, the main purpose of antiperspirants is to build a barrier and prevent sweat from reaching your skin’s surface. Antiperspirants are also often made with water solvent ingredients like Aluminum to help build that barrier. This barrier is designed to help reduce the amount of moisture and odor produced by sweat, providing long-lasting protection.

Often, you will find products that are a combination of both deodorant and antiperspirant to provide “ultimate results”. Do not be fooled. There are many other things hidden behind the surface of those products.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Healthiest Deodorant

Toxic Ingredients Found in Deodorant or Antiperspirant

Deodorants are only effective in providing a temporary cover-up of body odor, while antiperspirants are designed to reduce the amount of sweat produced. However, you may not be aware of the potential health risks associated with prolonged use of these products. Many over-the-counter deodorants and antiperspirants contain a variety of chemicals, including aluminum, parabens, and triclosan. These ingredients can be absorbed through our delicate skin and are linked to a variety of health risks such as increased risk of breast cancer, hormone disruption, and skin irritation.

It’s important to be mindful of the ingredients in even the healthiest deodorant and antiperspirant brands and to research which companies offer safe and natural alternatives. When searching for the healthiest deodorant, look for brands that use ingredients such as baking soda, arrowroot powder, or coconut oil as active ingredients. These natural ingredients are just as effective in providing odor protection and are much gentler on the skin. With the healthiest deodorant or antiperspirant brand that’s right for you, it will be easy to stay fresh and dry without any worry about potential harm to your health.

There are a lot of ingredients to cover, and there are so many hours in a day. So, here is a quick overview of each ingredient and why you should question it.

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What it does: This metal is the active ingredient in almost all antiperspirants. When it comes in contact with sweat, Aluminum temporarily plugs the sweat glands. Sweat is then unable to reach the skin’s surface, leaving your underarms dry.

Why it’s questionable: When exposed to sweat, Aluminum mimics estrogen’s hormonal effects. Some scientists believe that, because of this, it might have the ability to promote cancer growth – particularly in the breasts. Scientists theorize that nicks from shaving create easier access for these chemicals to make their way into the bloodstream.

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What it does: Triclosan is a chemical compound that acts as an antibacterial.

Why it’s questionable: Studies have shown that Triclosan can alter hormone regulation. And while the FDA has found no evidence that Triclosan is an effective antibacterial agent in products such as deodorant and antiperspirant, there is a concern that it can be contributing to bacterial resistance.

Note: The EPA currently lists Triclosan as a pesticide.
Daily Mom Parent Portal Healthiest Deodorant


What they do: While most deodorant and antiperspirant companies in the U.S. have stopped using parabens in their products, they are still found in some as a type of preservative.

Why they’re questionable: Parabens have the same estrogen-mimicking ability as Aluminum. Therefore, some scientists believe that they have the ability to cause cancer as well.

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Propylene glycol (AKA Propanediol)

What it does: Propylene glycol is a synthetic liquid used to absorb water (sweat) and maintain moisture.

Why it’s questionable: While the FDA states that Propylene glycol is generally labeled as safe for use in foods, the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry lists it as a potential effector for dermal, renal and respiratory organ systems.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Healthiest Deodorant


What they do: Phthalates are often used to maintain fragrance and color in products.

Why they’re questionable: Phthalates have been proven to cause low sperm count and reproductive issues in men, as well as genital reproductive abnormalities in male fetuses and babies. This is thought to be caused by phthalates reducing the level of sex hormones in the body, which is crucial in the development and functionality of sex organs. Because of this, some researchers are also linking phthalates to breast cancer.

…There’s a Loophole!

The phthalate loophole is that phthalates, and numerous other chemicals, can be combined to create a “fragrance,” and are not required to be listed in the ingredients. The International Fragrance Association published a list of all of the ingredients that could potentially go into a manufactured fragrance for a product. Of the 3,163 ingredients on that list, the Environmental Working Group found 1 in every 20 to be highly hazardous.

The Healthiest Deodorant and Antiperspirant Brands To Try

While there is no actual healthiest deodorant, here are some popular commercial brands you can trust. If you are considering switching to something natural then you need to be patient. Your body is accustomed to using a product with chemicals, so it will need time to adjust. Be patient as you acclimate to your new product.


Daily Mom Parent Portal Healthiest Deodorant

Lush is a very well-known brand that is accessible to anyone living by a major mall. Though, if not they’re also available online. Their healthiest deodorants are aluminum-free and come in various different forms. Their products use fragrances to keep you smelling fresh, so find the smell you like the most. On top of that, you can choose between a dusting powder or bar.


Daily Mom Parent Portal Healthiest Deodorant

Tom’s is the King, or Queen, of natural products. Offering both deodorants and antiperspirants in an unbelievable amount of scents, Tom’s has you covered. We love the scents like beautiful earth, north woods, and coconut lavender. Before you turn up your nose at their antiperspirant, they use recycled aluminum as an alternative. Is this the healthiest deodorant you’ve been looking for?

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Native has a style that looks simple and says “I’m simple” – which we love. The Native brand uses simple and safe ingredients, like coconut oil and shea butter that are always a favorite among natural beauty products. Native deodorants also come in seasonal flavors so you can match your scent with the holidays – like Candy Cane for Winter or Linen & Cotton Flower for Summer. Choose the healthiest deodorant from Native in both a stick or spray.


Daily Mom Parent Portal Healthiest Deodorant

Crystal is a brand that offers deodorants that don’t block the pores like aluminum does, but allows the body to function naturally. Using natural mineral-enriched and botanically derived ingredients, it’s one of the healthiest deodorants you can buy. Crystal also now offers a selection of magnesium deodorants to help create an easy transition from traditional antiperspirants. With the option for a slide as well as a roller-ball applicator, and spray as well, there’s an option for anyone. Choose from a small selection of natural scents, but they also offer an unscented option if you want to keep it simple.

Make Your Own All-Natural Deodorant

Daily Mom Parent Portal Healthiest Deodorant

The following is a simple 3-ingredient recipe for the healthiest deodorant that you can make yourself.

Note: This is not an antiperspirant, so you might notice some sweat.

What You’ll Need:

  • 6 Tablespoons coconut oil
  • 4 Tablespoons baking soda
  • 4 Tablespoons arrowroot or cornstarch
  • Essential oils (optional)

Mix all three ingredients in the container, blending well until you have a nice, creamy consistency. That’s it! You can add essential oils if you want a particular scent. You can apply it with your fingers or put it in the fridge until it becomes a solid bar.

When you’re buying anything to put on your body it’s important to do research on the products and to find the best options, like the healthiest deodorant, before applying. Natural deodorants and antiperspirants can be just as effective as regular products, with less skin irritation and fewer chemicals. Big brands such as a Native offer natural and effective options so it’s always a great idea to check there first. A healthy and non-toxic lifestyle is essential for our environment and our bodies, and we should all strive to protect ourselves from dangerous chemicals.



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  1. Can I recommend that you take a look at Poofy Organics Max Deo, here are the ingredients…

    Ingredients: Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Unrefined Shea Butter, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Arrowroot Powder, Aluminum-Free Baking Soda, Organic Essential Oils.

    This is one of the few I will use. AND even better they are USDA certified facility and local to me mom-and-pop (North NJ). Other then that I will use Bubble and Bee, it didn’t work quite as well for me, but everyone’s chemistry is different. Thank you for this list!!
    On a side note, I would be wary of the Crystal deodorant, it’s still Alum.

  2. Hey Tracy, I’m a satisfied Lavilin customer too. Very impressive brand. Lasts a week for me consistently, summer or winter!

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