The Best Spring Shoes for the Family {2021}

It has been a long, cold winter. Luckily, spring is right around the corner. That means it is time to freshen up your shoe game and get ready to get back outdoors. From comfy sneakers to performance footwear to boots for the fashionista, here are some of the best shoes for women (and a few for men and the kids, too) that will get you out the door and back into action this spring.


The Best Spring Shoes For The Family {2021}

When updating your wardrobe, don’t forget your feet! Compliment your new collection of tees, blouses, and skinny jeans with the perfect shoe. Rothy’s has a wonderful collection of comfortable shoes that are the perfect accessory for your ensemble. And the best part about doing business with Rothy’s is that every purchase helps save the planet. Rothy’s prides itself on using recyclable materials – such as plastic bottles – to make their products. Check out our favorites!

The Best Spring Shoes For The Family {2021}

Simple and cute, The Flat is available in 19 colors. No size is left behind with this shoe. Its sizes range from 5 to 13, guaranteeing every foot will find a stylish shoe. The Flat is an environmentally-friendly shoe. It was knit with Rothy’s signature thread that was spun with water bottles. It’s also designed to hug the contour of the foot and won’t stretch over time.

The Best Spring Shoes For The Family {2021}

Offered in 13 colors and a wide range of sizes, The Sneaker is a slip-on shoe that comes out of the box ready to go. Most customers can order their standard size in this shoe. Just like The Flat, this shoe is designed to hug the contour of the foot and won’t stretch over time.

You can’t get new shoes and not treat yourself to a new handbag. Well, maybe you can but before you pass up the opportunity, Rothy’s has something that will change your mind. Check out The Bucket Bag. Made with plastic that might have otherwise wound up Nemo’s neighborhood, this handbag is everything! It has a magnetic closure and a removable handle at the top. The inside of the Bucket Bag has three interior pockets. One in the front and two in the back. A dust bag is also provided along with a wash bag. Yes! That’s right! This handbag is machine washable!

When shopping for shoes, don’t forget your kids! THE KIDS SNEAKER is the perfect slip-on shoe for your kiddos! While it’s available in a variety of colors, we have to say that our two favorite colors are the Kelly Green and Navy Flames. All of the kids sneakers are machine washable, making life much easier for parents when their kids splash in puddles.

At Rothy’s, you’re not just buying a shoe. You’re doing your part to save the planet! All of Rothy’s shoes are affordable, comfortable, fashionable, and washable. No break-in period is required for these shoes. When they arrive, take them out of the box, put them on, and off you go! The only thing Rothy’s can’t help you with is finding a handsome prince to put the shoe on for you.

The Flat | The Sneaker | The Bucket Bag | The Kids Sneaker Green | The Kids Sneaker Navy Flames
Rothy’s | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube


The Best Spring Shoes For The Family {2021}

Calling all Girl Scouts, past and present, and cookie lovers worldwide! Wait until you see why K-Swiss has the best shoes for women this spring. The iconic tennis shoe brand and Girl Scouts of the USA have teamed up to bring you cookie-inspired sneakers! How sweet is that?

That’s right, you can grab some new spring kicks that celebrate your love of Thin Mints™, Trefoils®-Shortbread and Coconut Caramel cookies. Each sneaker contains styling reminiscent of the cookie itself, such as soft-touch mint green suede for the Thin Mint, smooth beige suede for the Shortbread, and hairy suede with soft-touch “chocolate” side stripes for the coconut caramel. Each has a subtle embossed logo of the deliciously famous cookie that it represents on the side, too.

The Best Spring Shoes For The Family {2021}

Before making the world a better place, singing friendship songs with your sisters, or heading out on that next camping trip, treat the Girl Scouts or cookie fans in your family to some fun new footwear. Whether your favorite Girl Scout cookie is Thin Mints™, Coconut Caramel, or Trefoils®-Shortbread cookies, toting that cookie wagon all over town just got way more fun. Now it can be Girl Scout cookie season all year long, thanks to K-Swiss!

The Best Spring Shoes For The Family {2021}

Thin Mints™ | Trefoils®-Shortbread | Coconut Caramel
K-Swiss | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

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The Best Spring Shoes For The Family {2021}

Springtime means spring fashion footwear and Koolaburra features an amazing collection of stylish, sleek, and fabulous options that include some of this season’s best shoes for women. By adding Koolaburra footwear into your personal collection, it will make you the envy of all your girlfriends. The Koolaburra brand prides itself on the craftsmanship, quality, and comfort of all its products, making them some of the best shoes for women. Your feet will thank you for adding Koolaburra into your life.

The Best Spring Shoes For The Family {2021}

Days are warming, flowers are blooming, and you are slowly losing those winter layers. Do not kiss those boots goodbye too quickly. These Madeley Suede Boots in Amphora are the best shoes for women in springtime. Spring can bring cooler temperatures that makes bearing your legs unbearable. Koolaburra has exactly what we need. Madeley Suede Boots pair beautifully with short spring dresses and skirts, bridging the seasons effortlessly.

The Best Spring Shoes For The Family {2021}

When you are shopping for the perfect “I do it all” boot this spring, look no further than Koolaburra’s Madeley Suede Boot. The Madeley Suede Boot comes in black and amphora, has a 2-inch heel height, is 14.5 inches tall, and has the cloud-like Ortholite comfort foam insole. The Ortholite comfort foam insole allows your foot to feel pampered while your outfit says strong, powerful, successful woman. The Madeley Suede Boot is versatile and can be worn comfortably for any occasion. A boot this perfect should be bought in both colors!

The Best Spring Shoes For The Family {2021}

Spend a beautiful, brisk spring morning with your robe, coffee, and the Fuzz’n II sandals. Take a few minutes of quiet time before breakfast, school, work, or other day-to-day craziness. Great news! You can pamper your feet with the Fuzz’n II by Koolaburra and also stylishly run a few errands without changing your shoes.

This slip-on sandal is one of the best shoes for women this spring because it comes in five colors, features faux fur on the upper and top strap, has an elastic back strap, and a foam insole for extra comfort. The Fuzz’n II is also one of the best shoes for women this spring because they are adaptable for indoor or outdoor wear making them perfect for trips to the mailbox, driving around town, and carpool. The Fuzz’n II is spring fashion footwear that is quick, easy, and comfortable without sacrificing style.

The Best Spring Shoes For The Family {2021}

When choosing your spring fashion footwear it is always a great idea to include a slip-on trainer. Koolaburra offers the Yosha that is not only functional but also fashionable. The Yosha comes in four colors, is ankle height, features a knit jersey sock liner, Ortholite comfort foam insoles, and has a soft and flexible midsole and outsole. These Yosha slip-on trainers look great with leggings or jeans and wear as light as a feather. The Yosha slip-on trainer can be worn without fear of having to stop to tie your shoe and is one of the best shoes for women this spring.

The Best Spring Shoes For The Family {2021}

Madeley – Amphora | Yosha – Ash Rose | Fuzz’n ll
Koolaburra | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube


The Best Spring Shoes For The Family {2021}

If you are looking for both the best shoes for women and men, look no further than kizik. This spring, your man needs to step into his new favorite shoe…like literally. He just needs to STEP into the Men’s Madrid Eco-Knit and they will take him from sun-up to sun-down. They are that good. Designed with the earth in mind, these eco-friendly fabrics are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Convenience just became so much easier when it comes to putting on shoes. No wriggling, bending down, or stumbling over your own feet to get that last inch of your heel fully into your shoe. Nope, gone are the days of re-tying and taking hunched-over moments to put on your shoes.

The stylish, ultra-comfortable, and convenient shoe is so incredibly versatile it will become your everyday shoe of choice. The 4-way stretch is uber-sexy because when you feel good, being on your feet all day long, you will stand straighter, lift your head higher, and walk with confidence because your feet do not hurt! Mega high-fives are coming your way for the high-density foam in the Men’s Madrid Eco-Knit that lends all this amazing support for your feet.

Since everyone needs a couple of pairs of shoes to fit the occasion, the classic style Men’s Cairo will do just nicely. You get a shoe that feels amazing, provides all the traction you need, and is built to last for years to come. It is one of those shoes that genuinely keeps up with a fast-paced life and that is, well, nearly everyone! Your feet will thank you and the patented F.A.S.T. ® Technology will not let you down, day after day, month after month, and year after year.

kizik is certainly on our radar this spring as we get out of our homes and back into the world playing, working, and enjoying life with one another once again. Do not let a bad day on your feet ruin your resolve to keep moving at the pace that is right for you!

Men’s Madrid Eco-Knit | Men’s Cairo
kizik | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

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The Best Spring Shoes For The Family {2021}

There is no reason you need to walk into the new season without a splash of color and comfort. The Duo – Black not only comes in black but with the available shades of white and nude, you have all the colors you need to match your wardrobe. It is simply a matter of which one because once you slip these on, you really have no reason to take them off…yes, they are that comfortable!

Anothersole is one of the best shoes for women this spring because with these you will be unstoppable! The hidden ergonomic sport-engineered footbed under your sole will ensure you get in all your steps every day you wear them. With all the striking and forceful impacts absorbing into the shoe and not your knees or shins, you will know why, by the end of the day, it was a cakewalk.

The Duo – Black features these stylish-loving and oh-so-necessary essentials from Anothersole100% Spanish Bovine Leather, luxuriously soft and supple feel, and breathable sports footbed material for maximum support and long-wearing comfort. They are fun, gorgeous, all-day-wear approved, and insanely matchable.

Duo – Black
Anothersole | Facebook | Instagram

Kodiak Boots

The Best Spring Shoes For The Family {2021}

Since 1910, Kodiak Boots has been Canada’s premiere bootmaker, and they have held that reputation ever since. Today, Kodiak Boots creates boots for cold weather, work, and everyday wear for men and women, and this spring, they are introducing the Carling Sneaker.

This sneaker is on the list of the best shoes for women because it is the perfect option for spring and summer weather. Carling is lightweight and flexible, so you can enjoy your footwear on a hike with friends or out to dinner with your sweetheart. The raw edge suede tongue gives this sneaker an edge on the competition and gives it a rugged feel, juxtaposed by the fine detail of the stitching on the heel. To find your favorite new pair of shoes, look no further than Kodiak Boots.

Carling Sneaker (coming March, 2021)
Kodiak Boots | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | YouTube

Kane Footwear

The Best Spring Shoes For The Family {2021}

This spring, Kane Footwear is launching its flagship bio-based molded slip-on shoe, the Revive. Constructed from sugarcane-derived foam, the Revive is a combination of thoughtful styling and design to provide support for tired muscles and all-day comfort. These shoes are designed for active recovery – they support and stimulate your feet between performance sessions and workouts, so you can stay active while you recharge. The Revive is one of the best shoes for women and men because it comes in both women’s and men’s sizes!

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The Best Spring Shoes For The Family {2021}

One of the cool things about these shoes is that they are grown, not manufactured. Kane’s BounceBack foam is made from sustainably harvested Brazilian sugarcane – sugarcane is not only a renewable resource but is also considered carbon-negative. So when you wear a pair of Revive shoes, not only are you doing good for your feet, you are doing good for the plant too. Whether you wear them post-workout or for a lunchtime walk, Kane Footwear gives you shoes without sacrifices. 

Kane Footwear | Facebook | Instagram

The best shoes for women (and men) this spring should be both fashionable and functional. They will help you get out the door and enjoy the sun shining, the flowers blooming, and the birds chirping. They are also sure to make you the shoe envy of your crew. You will not regret livening up your shoe game this spring with a few of this season’s best shoes for women.

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The Best Spring Shoes For The Family {2021}



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