No Equipment Workout for Traveling Moms

Many women who travel frequently on family vacations or have work obligations that require constant hotel hopping can lead to a lack of exercise while away from your home gym. This can interrupt their exercising schedule, and women run into a jam when trying to juggle these activities. Of course, you can’t use your home gym when on the road, but you can do a no-equipment workout without even leaving your hotel room. 

It is possible to get a quick workout in, even before the kids wake up, so you can really feel the burn before starting your day of vacationing or workday. The problem is, you don’t want to take too much time out of your vacation either. 

So what do you do? Time to improvise!  You can travel with a skipping rope and a stretch band, which don’t take up space in your luggage. Even without these items; however, you can do a no-equipment workout wherever your heart takes you. These workouts can be done indoors as well, in case the weather doesn’t allow for a quick no-brainer jog. A no-equipment workout can be quick and easy… so you don’t have to think twice when eating at the dessert bar!

No Equipment Workout For Traveling Moms

No Equipment Workout at The Beach

While the family is sitting by the beach you can take your kids’ sand buckets and fill them with sand or water and use them as weights. Use these buckets to do bicep curls, shoulder presses, or run with them on the beach or in the water. You will definitely break out in a sweat after a few rounds of those sand-filled buckets!

Another great no equipment workout is playing tag on the beach with the kids and hubby, or your partner. This way you get your cardio in and are spending quality time with your family, albeit a sweaty one! Another no equipment workout idea is playing catch with the family while you are swimming in the ocean or in a pool. Even running within the pool can be a great exercise for your legs, so consider doing some laps. There are numerous activities that you can do for a no equipment workout using the water around you! 

No Equipment Workout For Traveling Moms

Take the kids for example. Have you thought about doing a no equipment workout by swinging the kids around the pool or ocean? Hold your child by the waist or directly under their armpits and swing them in the water. Try doing figure eights with their body (in and out of the water) or give them a joy-ride while you work your upper chest, back, arms, shoulders, and core. Your partner can hold the child’s legs and help you swing them around too. This way you both get a no equipment workout and the kids are squealing in glee! You can work up a pretty good sweat with this one, and your kids will love it too!

No Equipment Workout Ideas at the Hotel

There are a lot of no equipment workouts in the Hotel/Resort you can do without stepping one foot into the fitness center. It can be as simple as taking the stairs when you are going to the lobby or your own room! You can run or power walk up and down the stairs for several floors. 

A lot of people vacationing at resorts tend to book excursions to get a better feel of the local environment and culture. Instead of taking the bus or a car to your destination, you can walk or power walk with the family. Imagine taking in all the breathtaking sights along the way while enjoying your no equipment workout by sightseeing and making memories with your family.

No Equipment Workout For Traveling Moms

INSIDER TIP: If you don’t feel like getting a workout in the morning, try throwing on some music in the evening and have a dance party with your family! Just let yourself go!

You can use the items and furniture in your hotel room to have a great resistance, no equipment workout.  For example, use bedcovers and pillows on top of your legs, and then do leg lifts! You can even do leg lifts with one of your kids on your legs, and, of course, the children will appreciate the ride too! When you want some core-burning action for your abs, have your child sit on your legs while you do ab crunches.

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If you are stuck inside during a rainy day in the hotel, another great no equipment workout is to use the desk chair in your room.

Three Workouts To Do With A Desk Chair

No Equipment Workout For Traveling Moms

Tricep Dip

Put your hands on the edge of the chair, shoulder width apart. Slide your bottom off the chair and hold yourself up with arms straight.  Keep your back close to the chair, bend your elbows to go as low as you can and then return to starting position. Repeat this 20 times!

No Equipment Workout For Traveling Moms

Chair Plank

Place forearms on the chair, hands touching each other. Extend your legs with your toes on the floor. Have a straight line from head to toe without dropping your hips and hold for 45 seconds!

No Equipment Workout For Traveling Moms

Chair Squat

Stand in front of the chair with your legs shoulder width apart. Squat down like you are sitting on the chair without actually touching it.  Your back should be straight, knees aligned straight with your feet, weight on the heels. Keep your hands together, arms bent at the elbows.  Straighten your legs to go back to the starting position and repeat 20 times.

No Equipment Workout For Traveling Moms

The following no equipment workout is a more traditional workout but you don’t need much space to execute these, so they can be done in your hotel room if you have limited time. These timed workouts can range from 5 minutes to 40 minutes, depending on how you wish to vary the time for each component.

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Quick 5-Minute “Anywhere I Go” Standard No Equipment Workout

30-Second Squats

Lower your hips from a standing position and stand back up. Aim to go down to 90 degrees, but slightly below the knees will help engage the glute (that’s your butt) muscles.

No Equipment Workout For Traveling Moms

30-Second Lunge On The Right & Left Legs

The right leg is positioned forward with knee bent and foot flat on the ground, with the other leg positioned behind. When time is up on the first leg, switch and hold the lunge.

No Equipment Workout For Traveling Moms

30-Second Jumping Jacks

Jumping with a scissor-like motion of hands and arms.  Jump to a position with the legs spread wide and hands going overhead, and then return to a position with the feet together and arms at the sides.

No Equipment Workout For Traveling Moms

30-Second Ab Crunches

Lie flat on your back, and slowly contract your abdominal muscles, and bring shoulder blades about 1-2 inches off the floor.

No Equipment Workout For Traveling Moms
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30-Second Bicycle Crunch

Similar to the Ab Crunches, but keeping your shoulders lifted, with a rotation at your torso and with bicycle movement of the legs off the ground.

No Equipment Workout For Traveling Moms

30-Second Forearm Plank

Lie facedown with legs extended and elbows bent directly under shoulders, with palms flat on the floor.  Place feet hip-width apart, and elbows shoulder-width apart.  Tuck your toes to lift your body up, but forearms remain on the ground.

No Equipment Workout For Traveling Moms

30-Second Spiderman Plank

Same as a forearm plank, but alternate bringing one leg to the elbow, with bending at the knee.

No Equipment Workout For Traveling Moms

30-Second Side Plank Right Arm

Lie on your side with knees bent, and prop your upper body up on your right elbow.  Raise hips off the floor.

No Equipment Workout For Traveling Moms

30-Second Side Plank Left Arm

Similar to the Side Plank, but prop your body up on the left elbow then switch sides.

No Equipment Workout For Traveling Moms

INSIDER TIP: You can change up your workout every day, just by altering the order of each component. You can alter the timing of each rep as well, depending on how much of a workout you want or your time constraints.

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Travel Ready Workout Equipment

If you are able to carry some light equipment, such as stretch bands or a skipping rope in your bag, these can help provide another level of resistance or cardio workout. Stretch bands can vary in price from $10 to $20 and can vary in the degree of resistance that they provide (light, medium, or heavy), depending on your fitness level. It’s perfect because stretch bands can easily fit in your carry-on luggage or even your purse. You can use stretch bands to do upper body or lower body workouts like the following:

Stretch Band Shoulder Press

Take the stretch band over your head, spreading your arms apart. Hold the stretch band shoulder width apart, and then lower your arms. Repeat raising and lowering your arms, keeping them shoulder width apart, with the stretch band taut.

No Equipment Workout For Traveling Moms

Stretch Band Lunge

The right or left leg is positioned forward with knee bent and foot flat on the ground, while the other leg is positioned behind. The stretch band is positioned around both thighs providing resistance to both legs as you alternate lunges.

No Equipment Workout For Traveling Moms

INSIDER TIP: Remember to stretch before and after you exercise. Enjoy your no equipment workout!

Whether you are getting ready for vacation or traveling for work, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is keeping up your fitness routine while away from home. These no equipment workouts can be great for women on the go as they can be done regardless of your location and without a dedicated gym. So the next time you find yourself in a paradise away from home and have packed everything except your fitness equipment, just pull up this article and you are ready for a no-equipment workout! Enjoy your travels without compromising your health.

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No Equipment Workout For Traveling Moms



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