3 Easy Ways to Master French Fashion

There’s a reason that Paris is known as the fashion capital of the world. French fashion has been a staple in timeless, sophisticated style for as long as anyone can remember. They’re the envy of all the world with their classic yet definable, easy-to-spot look. French fashion is about more than genre though. It’s about defining your style on a solid foundation. Ready to learn how to master it?

3 Easy Ways To Master French Fashion

Wardrobe Full of Classic Pieces

Joanna Rahier smartly states, “Many obvious tips are easily copied, like wearing striped tees or keeping colors neutral. But there are many aspects of French style that Parisians deem as crucial to formulating how they get dressed in the morning. Somehow we Americans are missing.”

French fashion is all about creating an effortlessly chic look. While it sounds simple, many miss the mark when trying to emulate it. When trying to hone into your French Fashion style, make sure to have the following pieces in your wardrobe.

-A pair of straight-leg jeans: Skinny jeans may be all the rage in the United States but not in Europe. There it’s all about the high waisted, straight leg jean. It’s much more flattering and created longer leg lines to make you look more polished.

-A tailored blazer: Perhaps the most french of your new french fashion wardrobe will be this statement piece. A well-tailored blazer can be dressed up or down. It instantly gives a chic elegance to any outfit it’s paired with.

-A crisp, white button-down shirt: Surely one of the most versatile pieces of your Frenchified wardrobe is a well-fitted white button-down. Not only will you look put together but you can easily accessorize it to be more formal for work or less formal for the daytime.

-A silk camisole: Have you ever noticed that French fashion always has a hint of allure? Pairing a silk camisole with a blazer or cardigan is all you need! Adding just the right amount of feminism and intrigue without showing too much or being too obvious.

-A little black dress: For french women, the little black dress is a classic wardrobe essential. Save it for special occasions like date night or cocktail parties to make it even more special. Short or long, with or without sleeves, a little black dress goes a long way in the eyes of effortless fashion.

-A trench coat: Come rain or shine, you need a good trench coat. Lengths that go past the knee are optimal. A high-quality trench coat will keep you dry in the winter, cozy in the fall, and light in the spring. Since it’s a larger piece make sure to opt for a neutral color. Shades of beige, blue, or grey are great choices to follow you through the season.

-A black leather handbag: Black is the easiest color to style with so it’s guaranteed to match anything in your wardrobe, French or not. Adding a black, leather handbag is one of the best ways to accessorize an outfit. Be wary of oversized logos or overly ornate details. The point is not to look rich but chic and put together.

-A pair of loafers: You’ll never spot a french woman wear flip flops. Invest in a smart pair of loafers that are comfortable and durable. Many locals’ main mode of transportation is walking and they make sure to do it in style. A striking heel may look beautiful but after walking in them for 10 or so blocks you won’t be happy.

-A printed wrap dress: The wrap dress may have originated in the United States but it’s a style essential wherever you go. With a universally flattering shape and a flowy feel, it’s a staple you need to have. A wrap dress in a printed floral is a great piece to have for styling with all your other neutral pieces.

-A silk scarf: It’s subtle, dainty additions like a great, silk scarf that makes French fashion so inviting. It doesn’t have to be designer, it could even be vintage, but silk scarves are a french fashion must.

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Timeless Trumps Trendy

One of the obvious reasons french fashion is so infamous is because they carry such a timeless feel. A lot of this is due to the fact that they don’t feel pressure to follow trends or fit into any mold. Typically their pieces that are adaptable from season to season and are long-lasting. You may be investing a bit more cash into a wardrobe piece. Don’t fret! If you can wear it for years seamlessly, it’s likely to pay for itself in longevity. Don’t want to invest in a piece brand new? No problem! Vintage pieces are just as great! A quick trip to the tailor will ensure their long life as a staple in your wardrobe. Aim for investing in your base staples like a pair of jeans, a trench coat, and a chic bag. Pair those with anything else and you’ll still be set. Trust us, investing in solid pieces will actually save you money while up-leveling your style. No more purchasing trends that will quickly go out of style! Save those pennies for a truly timeless piece that will last. Remember, buy less but buy better.

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Less is More

When it comes to French fashion, it’s not actually all about the clothing or even the accessories. A big part of the reason French women are so universally infamous is that they abide by one rule: Subtly. They tend to prefer blending in while looking their best and leaving a soft impression. Skip the contouring in your makeup. Take care of your skin. Let your hair air dry. Have a signature perfume. Don minimal and dainty jewelry pieces. If you want to stand out just a little more, pick one thing to emphasize. Choose a bold red lip, a smoky eye, or a bit more lace under your slightly unbuttoned top. Chose one. Choosing to go more natural not only allows you to age better but allows the real you to shine through more fully.

While the dream of living the ultimate Parisian lifestyle one day seems out of reach, don’t forget: french fashion is more a state of mind than physicality. So dream big friends and let your new french fashion wardrobe up-level your look and your outlook.

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3 Easy Ways To Master French Fashion



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