Stocking Stuffers for Kids That They Actually Want This Year

Stockings aren’t usually the first thing to be shopped for at Christmas time. But we all know great things can come in small packages! Especially ones that fit in stockings! Don’t leave the stockings for low-quality, last-minute, and unwanted gifts. Get stocking stuffers for kids that they actually want.


Celebrate Christmas with Ooly, the best stationery products on the planet.  They envision a world where everyone can express themselves creatively and freely. OOLY also has a strong ethical foundation, promising to oppose systemic racism, inequality, and injustice. This woman-owned brand designs creative and colorful art & office supplies.

Surprise your kiddo with a countdown calendar with ten fun gifts to inspire creativity and excite your child as they open a new surprise every day. This advent calendar is jam-packed with fantastic products like erasable or color-changing markers, paint sticks, and scratch & scribble art cards. These surprises will delight your little one as great stocking stuffers for kids! 

Another great gift to excite your kiddo is the celebration countdown calendar. Good vibes will flow with this charm bracelet advent calendar. First, surprise your little one daily as they open each adorable charm, such as suns, snow cones, palm trees, roller skates, and rainbows. Then, they’ll jump for joy as your little one arrives closer to their big day as they build their bracelet. This unique charm bracelet is a creative way to countdown to holidays.

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This lovely advent calendar contains the following:

  • 1 beautiful gold-colored enamel bracelet 
  • 7 individually packaged charms made for sunny days
  • Charms include the sun, roller skates, rainbows, and more
  • 1 keepsake box with a positive message that keeps the good vibes going

If you are traveling to Nanna’s house for Christmas, you need the keepin’ busy bonus box. This box is jam-packed with travel-friendly crafts that keep your little one occupied for hours.

This amazing box includes the following:

  •  Carry Along Coloring Book Set – Pet Pals is a coloring set in a carry-along case that includes nine jumbo crayons and 48 coloring pages.
  • Pet Play Land Play Again! Mini On-The-Go Activity Kit includes 30+ removable, easy-peel stickers that can be used on the play scene, tic tac toe board, and game board with spinner wheel.
  • Mini Traveler Coloring and Activity Kit The 28-page activity book has pages for coloring, stickers, solving mazes, and word searches. This kit also includes two stackable crayons and two sticker sheets.
  • Set the Scene Galaxy Sticker Kit features galaxy-themed stickers that can be placed on the double-sided playboard with the included wooden transfer tool.
  • Space Critters Doodle Pad Duo Sketchbook is a set of 2 sketch pads (32 pages) featuring the fun cover art of space critters exploring the universe.
  • Connect the Dots Paper Games This connect the dots puzzle book is filled with 24 sheets of different drawings—with everything from cupcakes to dinosaurs. It also has a bonus tic-tac-toe game on the back of each page.
  • Mighty Mega Markers these jumbo-size markers are washable, chunky, and have an easy-to-use triangle tip that makes coloring easy.

Don’t leave home without the Keepin’ Busy Bonus Box whether you’re taking a long road trip or going on a plane. Keep your kid’s imagination running with this box of high-quality crafts. 

Ooly makes excellent Christmas gifts for children or adults. Gift a young artist in your life a variety of countdown calendars and get them excited every day as they unlock all the goodies that will inspire creativity.

celebration countdown calendar – good vibes only | ooly countdown celebration calendar – ten days of happy |  keepin’ busy bonus box
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Stocking Stuffers For Kids That They Actually Want This Year

If you want a craft kit that is safe for little ones of all ages, this coloring bundle has everything you need to keep your kiddo busy and creative even in the bath! Made with 100% food grade ingredients so you don’t have to worry if the crayons end up as a teething tool. This bundle comes with Honeysticks original crayons, bath crayons, bath drops, natural watercolor paints, and a coloring book that is made from recycled paper. This is also a great gift that can be split as a few stocking stuffers for kids on Christmas morning!

Ultimate Activity Pack
Honeysticks | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Super Smalls

Stocking Stuffers For Kids That They Actually Want This Year

Inspired by the grown-up world, Super Smalls creates outrageous and extravagant jewels, made for play, but beautiful enough for those special events. They’re the perfect accessory gift for the optimistic and bright, yet adventurous child, who leaves a little sparkle wherever they go.

The Rainbow Rave Wrap-Around Bracelet Set is the perfect stocking stuffer with an instant cool factor. The two stretchy, coil bracelets stay put all day but are easy to put on and take off independently. Adorned with every color of the rainbow, this accessory is one that will work with any outfit – so much so that you may never take it off!

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Or, for the unicorn lover, the Magic Unicorn Pendant is the statement piece of the year. The pendant is large and in charge with its black base and colorful mane, but also carries a special engraving “Make Your Own Magic”, sure to remind even the littlest of their special powers. Even cooler? The dual adjustable chain is made with both “gold” links and pearls. This beautiful necklace is all in one!

And if the child in your life can’t choose which jewelry to get, get them all! The Black Tie Mega Jewelry Set includes a necklace, earrings, and two rings for all the sparkles one would need. Wear these fabulous jewels to school or a night out on the town. Or, wear one and share another with a friend!

Big bling is easy to get with Super Smalls. And easy to gift too! Each set comes in its yellow signature packaging ready for wrapping or as stocking stuffers for kids! When shopping for the amazing sparkly child in your life, deck them out with some Super Smalls sets.

Rainbow Rave Wrap-Around Bracelet Set | Magic Unicorn Pendant | Black Tie Mega Jewelry Set
Super Smalls | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Pals Socks

Stocking Stuffers For Kids That They Actually Want This Year

We all know the struggle of finding matching socks when it’s time to fold laundry. This Christmas, stop fighting it and embrace the excitement of coordinated – but not matching – socks. It’s fun, fearless, and fashionable thanks to Pals Socks.

Each pair of socks is cuter than the last, so don’t be surprised if you ended up with a few pairs. Whether it’s Donut & Icecream or Milk & Cookies, Shark & Octopus, or Mouse & Owl, these adorably themed pairings will surely fit any sized foot. In fact, we highly recommend getting the whole family a pair. The Gingerbread & Candycane Set is the perfect set for the holidays!

Ranging in sizes from baby feet as young as 6 months all the way up to adult, there is something for everyone. Some socks even come with interactive pal cards, which explain how the unlikely animals were paired together as a set and give kids a chance to name their sock mates. Even better is that after you collect 10 pal cards, you can earn a free pair of socks!

It’s so much fun to mismatchingly match your little! So load up on Pals Socks while you’re shopping for stocking stuffers for kids.

Donut & Icecream | Milk & Cookies | Shark & Octopus | Mouse & Owl | Gingerbread & Candycane Set
Pals Socks | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest


Kids love searching for hidden pictures! When you’re between the ages of 3 and 6, what could be more fun than that? How about coloring books with hidden pictures that come with stickers? This year, add the Hidden Pictures Sticker Fun 4-Book Set to your holiday shopping list. It features four different books and a total of 120 stickers in each book. Every page in the book can also be colored. Your kids will have a blast trying to find all of the hidden objects. You’ll love that your kids are developing manual dexterity and visual skills while they’re playing.

Hidden Picture Sticker Fun 4-pack
Highlights | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Pilot Pen

Stocking Stuffers For Kids That They Actually Want This Year

This holiday season, get Mom what she needs – that pen she can never find when she needs to write something down. But because it’s Christmas, don’t get her any kind of pen. Get her a small collection of limited edition gel pens like the Pilot G2 Mineral Art Retractable Gel Pen set. This pack of five pens comes in assorted colors. Every stroke she makes when writing with these pens will result in fine, crisp lines. Our favorite feature is the rubber grip near the bottom of the pen. The grip provides comfort and support while she’s making out a grocery list or writing out thank-you notes.

Gel Ink Pens
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Stocking Stuffers For Kids That They Actually Want This Year

If your kids are anything like ours, they love fidgets. Whether it chews, spins, stretches or pops, fidgets are hot among all demographics for their ability to reduce anxiety and increase focus. Munchables has the best fidgets and chewables for stocking stuffers for kids this Christmas!

Munchables’ Toolbox Pencil Topper Fidget Toys and Chewable Robot Pencil Toppers are ideal for kids who have trouble keeping still or have difficulty concentrating while doing schoolwork. Whether they prefer to chew or just need a little something to filter out the extra stimuli that are occurring in the room so they can focus on the task at hand, these pencil toppers are great at diverting excess energy, and can markedly improve behavior and focus.

Munchables Sensory Coil Bracelets are another engaging option that can be squeezed, folded, rolled, and twisted. These fidget toys can be worn as a bracelet, used as a hair tie, or just stowed in a pocket. Teachers will appreciate these quiet, discreet toys and kids will love to play with them as they stay focused.

Munchables Squishy Caterpillars are a tactile dream! These soft, squishy, stretchy, textured stims are a great tool for kids and adults, especially those with autism, ADHD, or special needs. Alternatively, we really like these Mesh Marble Fidgets. One touch and your fingers can’t stop pushing and rolling the marble in these quiet fidget toys.

These fun fidgets give kids and adults the tools they need in order to filter out extra stimuli in their environment and focus on their assignments. Even better, they can be used discreetly in your pocket or under your desk.

Finally, Munchables has plenty of wearables for chewers and spinners alike. The Pop It Necklace acts as either a fidget toy or a chew necklace. It is the perfect 2-in-1 pop-it-stim toy! One touch and your fingers won’t be able to stop pushing, poking, and popping (note – it does make an audible sound)! Alternatively, if you prefer to spin or just need something to keep your hands occupied, the Munchables Stars & Moon Spinner Ring rotates quietly and freely. These anxiety rings are particularly useful for aiding ADHD, SPD, autism, and dermatillomania (compulsive skin picking).

Toolbox Pencil Topper Fidget Toys | Chewable Robot Pencil Toppers | Sensory Coil Bracelets | Squishy Caterpillars | Mesh Marble Fidgets | Pop It Necklace | Stars & Moon Spinner Ring
Munchables | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | YouTube


The best part about Christmas is getting presents. And if you want to give your child a thoughtful yet fun gift, your search ends here. Available in two colors: blue and pink, these Motorola Moto JR200 Headphones are designed to keep the hearing sensitivity of kids in mind. Moreover, the plastic used in its manufacturing is made of high-quality plastic that is shock-proof – thus making it a durable product. Additionally, while your children are watching their preferred cartoons, playing games, or learning online, comfort is ensured by the soft pads surrounding the speaker.

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They are lightweight and sturdy, which makes them suitable for traveling. Not to mention the aesthetic design, making them look super cool and boosting your child’s confidence with the drip. Whether you’re homeschooling your kid, or they love to play games, or you are just trying to bond with them, these Motorola Moto JR200 make perfect stocking stuffers for kids.

Moto JR200 Headphones
Motorola | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

BeeBee + Bongo

The adorable 5 Speckled Frogs Finger Puppet Set will bring the giggles as children develop fine motor skills. The handmade, fair trade, washable finger puppets are perfect for story-telling and singing. Each crocheted frog is about 9 cm tall. BeeBee + Bongo works with Cambodian women to create ethically made eco-friendly stocking stuffers for kids that they will love. “Five little speckled frogs sat on a speckled log, eating some most delicious grubs. Yum, yum!”

5 Speckled Frogs Finger Puppet Set
BeeBee + Bongo | Facebook | Instagram

The Original Pooter

Stocking Stuffers For Kids That They Actually Want This Year

The Original Pooter fills stockings with laughter and toots. The ultimate white elephant gift will give your favorite prankster fuel for fun. The Pooter is a small, handheld device that makes realistic fart sounds when squeezed. The joy is that the Pooter can be concealed so the family-friendly prank can be carried out in public places, at family gatherings, and, well, anywhere, there are people who fart! Add a bit of fun and laughter to the holiday winds this season with the Pooter 3-Pack, that way everyone can be in on the root-toot-tooting good time. Let’s be real – many grownups will enjoy this flatulence maker, but this is definitely a must for stocking stuffers for kids.

Pooter 3-Pack
The Original Pooter | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


Stocking Stuffers For Kids That They Actually Want This Year

Shopping for a sports fan this Christmas? Topps, the leader in sports and entertainment trading cards and a part of Fanatics Collectibles, is offering personalized trading cards this holiday season. From Star Wars to the MLB (like our Atlanta Braves fan), the NHL and more, Topps has the most sought-after collectibles for fanatics of all kinds. Whether you are looking to help your dad expand his current card collection, or looking for a personalized stocking stuffer for kids, Topps has options for everyone.

TOPPS NOW 10-Card Team Set
Topps | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube


Stocking Stuffers For Kids That They Actually Want This Year

If you’re looking for stocking stuffers for kids a bit older who love fun and cute characters, these adorable AirPod Pusheen cases from iFace are the best! This two-piece design case comes with an aluminum carabiner clip for attaching to purses, bags, and backpacks, making it easy to take off and on. The cases are moisture, dust, and shock resistant, providing extra drop protection with their strong, reinforced shape. We love the Potato (french fries with a cute kitty cat), but there are a number of designs available.

Potato AirPod Pusheen Case
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Stocking Stuffers For Kids That They Actually Want This Year

Bring the universe home to your kids with these glow-in-the-dark stickers! This set of glowing stars and moon wall decals is easy to use for adults and children and adheres well to walls and ceilings. With one large moon and more than 1000 stickers of stars and space objects, you’ll make out-of-this-world childhood dreams come true. They’re the perfect stocking stuffers for kids who have an out-of-this-world imagination!

Glow in The Dark Moon and Glow Stars for Ceiling
VUDECO | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

Krew District 

This Christmas, surprise your Krew fan with the adorable Draco Teddy. Draco is an intelligent but mischievous teddy who doesn’t like copycats but is always there for his friends. Draco is 11 inches tall and is made of 100% polyester, and he is always styling with two shirts and one cute crossbody sling bag. 

KREW is a family-oriented gaming and comedy team made up of five siblings. Their ItsFunneh Youtube channel has over 9 million subscribers and generates over 200 million monthly views. The family documents its hilarious exploits in virtual worlds like Roblox, Minecraft, and other games. The family also enjoys cooking and filming travel vlogs when not gaming in their videos. 

So this Christmas, become a part of the KREW and join the family with their super funny adventures and shenanigans. Also, check out the Krew District website for all your KREW merch. 

Draco Teddy
Krew District  | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Hog Wild Toys

Holiday Poppers from Hog Wild Toys make fun and festive party favors or cheap stocking stuffers for kids. This year the new Nutcracker Popper and whimsical Gingerbread Man Popper join the Santa, Reindeer, Snowman, and Elf Holiday Poppers to add a little “pop!” to your kids’ holiday fun. Each popper comes with six green and red foam balls. Simply load a ball into the popper and press their bellies to shoot the foam balls up to 20 feet. The harder you press, the farther they pop!

Hog Wild Toys | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


Stocking Stuffers For Kids That They Actually Want This Year

Babies put everything in their mouths, which although a normal development phase, it can be dangerous. Sproutlings created safe non-toxic crayons that are also perfect for little developing hands. These crayons are made from natural beeswax, soy and blended with food-grade coloring that is safe enough if it ends up in your little mouth. They’re the perfect practical stocking stuffers for kids with little hands and a big imagination.

Natural Soy & Beeswax Crayons
Sproutlings| Facebook | Instagram

Any one of these great stocking stuffers for kids will brighten their Christmas morning. So stock up now before it’s too late and enjoy the smiles on your little ones’ faces this holiday season as they play and create with all the great items they unwrap on Christmas Day.

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Stocking Stuffers For Kids That They Actually Want This Year



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