Breastmilk: Not Just for Nourishment

Breastfeeding is oft quoted as “best for baby,” but did you know that breast milk has a variety of healthy advantages that everyone can benefit from.   Breast milk is natures medicine and a fantastic resource for all family members.  Read on for more information on how to soothe teething, rashes and ear aches.

Breastmilk: Not Just For Nourishment

Advantages for baby

  • Nourishment.  Your breast milk is smart!  It changes composition as your baby grows and adds in what baby needs to grow!  Breast milk has well over 100 components, many of which are immunological and protein bases.  Some of the ingredients are amino acids (essential for building proteins which are used as hormones, antibodies, catalysts to chemical reactions and several other functions), nucleotides (the building blocks of our DNA), Various fats and vitamins, folic acid, and much more.
  • Breast milk can also be used on baby for various cuts, infections and rashes.  Breast milk works because of the immunological components in it that work as a natural remedy to heal.  Try the following:
    • GOOPY EYE:  Have a baby with a clogged duct and goopy eye?  Express a little milk and put it into baby’s eye.  It should clear within a few days.
    • BABY ACNE OR ECZEMA:  Dab it on and massage into baby’s skin should clear up acne quickly as well as help with eczema.
    • TINY CUTS FROM SHARP BABY NAILS: Rub a little breast milk on them, it works wonders!
    • DIAPER RASH:  Whether your baby is prone to these or has a random one show up, breast milk and its magical healing properties (aka antibodies!) will clear that right up.
    • CRADLE CRAP: same premise as above, massage in and watch the healing. 

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  • For the teething baby, freeze your milk into ice trays and then place it in those little baby mesh feeder systems and let baby chew away.  Not only is baby getting a bit of nourishment, but also relief.  The cold from the milk will soothe their gums and ease the swelling.
  • For a baby that is not yet ready for solids but is very interested in eating, express some milk into a bowl and spoon feed baby.  It is super messy, but the baby will love it.

Advantages for everyone

  • EAR INFECTIONS: place a few drops into the ear to help clear up an ear infection.  You would need to do this more than one time, but it does work.
  • SICK TODDLERS:  These little people get sick and most of the time we do not want to put them on antibiotics (especially if it is viral), many times just giving your toddler a bit of expressed milk, will help fight the infection and your child will feel better.  You can place it right into a sippy cup and have them drink it just as you would any other liquid.  Toddlers tend to really like the sweetness of the milk as well. 
  • BURNS: Touched something hot? Have a sunburn?  Put a little breast milk on it to take away the burn and speed up the healing.  The fat and antibodies in the milk help to soothe and heal.
  • ACNE & ECZEMA: as with babies, the antibodies in the milk can also heal your skin. Also when your nipples are cracked and bleeding, express a little extra milk and rub it into the nipple and let air dry.  Your nipples will heal quicker!
  • ALL-AROUND MEDICAL AWESOMENESS:  Some cancer cells are responding the breast milk and killing themselves!  Also, organ recipients can benefit from the immunological effects!

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