Fathers hold a special place in each and every one of our hearts. Not only is becoming a father one of life's greatest feats, but watching your partner transform into a daddy before your very eyes is a truly incredible experience. While the birth of your baby likely transcended all your prior beliefs on the boundaries of love, watching your partner grow and develop into his own as parent will also change your love (and respect) for him. Whether it is watching him as he nervously attempts to change a diaper for the first time, or secretly keeping an eye on him as he cuddles, hums, and sways your fussy infant in the middle of the night trying to give you a small respite for sleep, you will become closer to your spouse every day. Parenting changes us all, making life's little journey's into grand adventures, so for his First Father's Day gift the amazing new daddy in your life some of the neatest, most useful and commemorative "gear" he will need for his days spent with his little one(s).

So what is the secret to the perfect shave? The secret is having the right tools. Give dad the gift of a perfect shave this Father's Day with the Unscented Full Size Kit With Pure Badger Brush. The Art of Shaving is known for their premier shaving products which is why dad will love the Unscented Full Size Kit With Pure Badger Brush. The kit includes:

  • Pre-Shave Oil
  • Shaving Cream
  • Shaving Brush
  • After-Shave Balm

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Sometimes achieving the perfect shave has nothing to do with a razor and instead involves the application of the proper products before, during, and after the shave. Often an overlooked step in shaving, the pre-shave oil, is removed during the shave and leaves dad's skin feeling silky smooth. Next dad will love using the soft shaving brush to lather the shaving cream on. Using the brush allows for a noticeable difference in the moisture lather, dad will never use his hand again. The unscented, non-irritating shaving cream keeps the moisture in dad's skin and beard. Finally, dad will love the smooth and light-weight texture of the after-shave balm.

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This kit includes everything dad needs for that perfectly smooth shave for Father's Day. Adding this kit to dad's morning routine will add a little luxury to his everyday routine. He will walk out the door every day feeling extra sharp from his extra smooth shave.

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First Father’s Day Gift

New fathers work hard to provide for their little ones, always wanting them to have the best life has to offer. This Father's Day treat your father to the same with some of the best, most useful products guaranteed to make dad's time with his kids less work and more fun!

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