Father’s Day Gift Guide: Tech Gifts

Tech gifts are always the best gifts because once you have them, you don’t know how you ever lived without them. Show dad how much he means to you this Father’s Day with one of these must-have gadgets.

Sound+Sleep SE

Sound Machine (2 Of 4)

Everyone knows that dad needs his beauty sleep, just the same way that mom does. This year for Father’s Day, give dad the ultimate gift of peaceful rest by gifting him an amazing sound machine that will help you both more soundly, and catch more zzz’s (we promise not to tell him that it’s kind of a gift for you both!) The Sound+Sleep SE from Adaptive Sound Technologies is the world’s smartest, and most advanced sound machine on the market today.

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There are 64 unique sound profiles, so you’re sure to find the best one that matches your personality, and preference. Our favorite thing about the Sound+Sleep SE is the fact that the sounds never loop. You’ll never hear the same pattern throughout the night, and every single experience is unique. (IE: No two “thunderstorms” sound the same!) It also features a state of the art adaptive sound feature that adapts the volume to the environment around you. Does your partner have an especially bad head cold and suddenly snore like a lumberjack on steroids? The Sound+Sleep SE will adjust the volume to effectively mask the surrounding sounds, whether it be snoring, loud neighbors, city sounds, or barking dogs.

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It features an optional timer available in 30,60,90, or 120 minutes, which will allow you to drift off to sleep and then turn off. Or you can opt to leave it on over night. The lighting on the front panel goes away when you’re done adjusting, so there’s no annoying light shining in your face.

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Sound+Sleep SE has thought of everything; there is a 3.5mm audio connector so you can either connect your favorite headphones, or even a speaker to the unit. The Sound+Sleep SE also features two USB charging points, so you wake up fully charged, right along with your phone and tablet.

ROCCAT Kave XTD Headset

Roccat Headeset

For Dads who love to game, high quality gaming headphones are the perfect gift for Father’s Day. ROCCAT’s 5.1 surround sound headphones are the must have gift for the favorite Dad in your life. Let him take a break from his day to day routine and fully immerse himself into his favorite games with the full surround sound experience.


The ROCCAT Kave XTD provides a full theatrical experience, ensuring that the alignment of sound is a realistic experience. From hearing footsteps to your left or teammates calling for help to the right, this headset will take his gaming experience to the next level. Cushioned ear pieces and padded connectors ensure that he’s completely comfortable no matter how long the game runs. A multi-channel sound card is built directly into the desktop remote, allowing you to ensure that game sound quality is not impacted by interference from a desktop driver. With additional bluetooth pairing and a sound canceling microphone, he can even answer his phone without even leaving the game. This means that no matter how immersed he is, if family needs to call him away, it’s easy to get his attention.

ROCCAT is a leader in gaming and esports technology and is constantly innovating to bring the best tech to market. With ROCCAT, Dad will not just play the game, he’ll be inside the game, truly escaping from the rigmaroles of life.

Favorite Kave XDT Features:

  • Noise canceling microphone
  • Immersive 5.1 surround sound
  • Desktop remote
  • Bluetooth pairing
  • Two modes: game and movie mode
  • Tangle-proof cable

ecobee Switch+

Ecobee (1 Of 4)

Alexa can do so much more than tell you a joke or reorder toilet paper. Use the powers of Amazon Alexa for good with the ecobee Switch+. This amazing switch connects Alexa with the rest of your home making life run a lot smoother. Dad will geek out on how connected the home will be with this perfect techy Father’s Day gift.

Ecobee (3 Of 4)

The ecobee Switch+ is a smart light switch. It is incredibly intelligent, able to connect with Alexa, Apple Home Kit, Google Assistant, and more. With a voice command, Dad will turn the lights on and off. We all know dads obsess over the lights being left on in empty rooms. Give Dad the gift of peace with ecobee Switch. It will automatically turn off the lights in an empty room, ending Dad’s days of walking through the house flipping off every light switch left on by the kids.

Ecobee (4 Of 4)

This light switch does so much more than just control the lights. Dad can pair the ecobee Switch+ with the ecobee thermostat. When these two devices connect, you can manage cold or hot spots in your home. The ecobee Switch+ has temperature sensors and will communicate with the thermostat to adjust things automatically. With built in speakers, ecobee Switch+ can also turn on music at your voice command. It will let your virtual assistant of choice communicate with you in any room where you install an ecobee Switch. Speaking of installation, Dad can install one in about 45 minutes. Whole home voice control, sensors that turn lights on and off, optional temperature control and more, ecobee Switch+ will make a tech loving dad very happy.

Ecobee (2 Of 4)

ecobee Switch+


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Circle with Disney

Circle-With-Disney-Internet-Filter (2 Of 4)
Circle-With-Disney-Internet-Filter (4 Of 4)
Circle-With-Disney-Internet-Filter (3 Of 4)

Give Dad a little control and piece of mind for Father’s Day with the Circle with Disney internet tracker. Things can get a little crazy with everyone in your family on their own devices. We all struggle with addiction to screens and Circle with Disney is here to save the day.

This internet tracker allows Dad to monitor his own internet usage as well as the internet habits of everyone in the house. Give Dad Circle with Disney and then sit down as a family to come up with a healthy internet plan that everyone understands. Simply download the Circle app on all the devices in your home, apply the settings and Circle with Disney does all the work. Circle simplifies internet safety and limits for your family. The small, modern looking device connects to your home’s wifi to monitor and track all of the information that travels through it.

Circle-With-Disney-Internet-Filter (1 Of 4)

Circle with Disney allows you to pause the internet, set safety settings for any device that connects to your wifi and set application specific settings on individual devices. If Dad knows he spends too much time on a certain application, he can set limits for himself. Mom will love Circle with Disney as well. Take back family time in your home this Father’s Day using Circle with Disney to set healthy limits and encourage face to face time instead of screen time.


Circle with Disney


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Belkin Wireless Charging Pad from T-Mobile

Father'S Day Gift Guide: Tech Gifts 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

At our house, two things always go missing: the remote and the phone charger. It never fails. The Belkin Wireless Charging Pad can help solve at least one of those problems. With its sleek, flat design the charger will fit perfectly with any decor. It eliminates the need for cords and cubes and you will never lose your charger again. Just lay your phone down and go.

Father'S Day Gift Guide: Tech Gifts 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families
Father'S Day Gift Guide: Tech Gifts 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Belkin worked closely with Apple to engineer a state of the art charger that any dad will love. This charger works flawlessly even when a case is attached. By eliminating phone cords, you can clear up and declutter your counters for a clean look. The Belkin Wireless Charging Pad is the perfect charger to boost up your device and go.

  • Easy and convenient wireless charging
  • Compatible with iPhone 8, 8plus, and X
  • Qi wireless standard, which delivers up to 7.5W to your iPhone
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Nomad (3 Of 4)

Nomad is the perfect gift for any Dad who cannot be too far away from his phone.  Nomad as a company is much more than just another brand name.  Their philosophy consists of owning fewer things, being resourceful and seeking adventure. The core of their product vision: creating minimalist, practical tools that keep us powered up when on the go.

Nomad (1 Of 4)
Nomad (2 Of 4)

While their entire selection of products is amazing, our two favorites for this year are the Wireless Charging Stand and the Battery Cable. The charging stand is wrapped in premium leather giving it a rugged yet refined look.  It stands upright but packed easily for travel. With a high charge output, it will charge the iPhone X or the 8 without any problems. This stand makes it easy to keep everything close to you without any unnecessary cord hassle.

The Battery cable is hands down a phenomenal product. It combines a durable, ballistic nylon braided, MFi approved Lightning cable with a high capacity 2350 mAh portable battery. The cable will charge your phone first before then charging its internal battery-which you can then use on the go.  This will quickly be the only charging device Dad will need for everyday use.

Nomad (4 Of 4)

Wireless Charging StandBattery Cable


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COBY Premium Bluetooth Headphones

Music-loving dads rejoice- COBY Premium Bluetooth Headphones are the perfect Father’s Day Gift. Now, Dad can take his favorite music with him wherever he goes. The headphones have a padded headband and ear cushions to fit comfortably through all those long work days. No more annoying cubicle buddies bothering you with played out pop music, COBY Premium Bluetooth Headphones allow you to drown out the noise of the office and focus on work.

The Premium hands-free design will also come in handy too. Equipped with media shortcut keys are always within reach. They serve as both a wireless music headset and Bluetooth phone headset for hands-free calling. Thus, allowing dad to still answer calls and get work done like a boss.

  • Bluetooth V2.1 with A 33 Foot (10m) Range
  • Powerful Bass
  • Up to 5 Hours of Talk/Play Time
  • Built-In Mic and Answering Button
  • Compact Folding Design

Share the gift of music, the ability for hands-free calling, and ability to focus this Father’s Day with Coby Premium Bluetooth Headphones.


COBY Premium Bluetooth Headphones



Any of these tech gifts would make an amazing gift for Dad this Father’s Day!

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Father’s Day Tech Guide



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