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Pink is known around the world as a powerhouse singer, performer, and strong female role model for women. Her undeniable talent, energizing performances, and deep message for females of all ages is something that exudes throughout her concerts making it a performance that you don’t want to miss. Our Daily Mom editors have been making the rounds in our DM Concert Series to bring to you the most amazing concerts of all different music genres so you can find out about the shows you just can’t miss. Read on for more about Pink’s Beautiful Trauma tour and why it’s a show for the ages.

About Pink

Pink, an American-born singer, actress, and songwriter, came on the music scene as a solo artist in 2000 with her first album Can’t Take Me Home. This debut album was certified double-platinum and had two Billboard Hot 100 Top Ten hits, “Most Girls,” and “There You Go.” Pink has continued to produce hit after hit in her almost 20-year career, becoming a household name all over the world.

Pink'S Beautiful Trauma Tour By Dm Concert Series Daily Mom Parent Portal

Pink was born Alecia Beth Moore on September 8, 1979. She grew up in a broken home, which has inspired much of her music throughout her career. However, it is through this that she has been able to create powerful, deep, and moving lyrics that have touched the lives of her fans of all different ages.

Since her initial success in 2000, Pink has sold over 90 million albums worldwide, earning her the distinction of one of the world’s best selling artists. She has won three Grammy Awards, two Brit Awards, a Daytime Emmy Award, and seven MTV Video Music Awards. Pink has also been named one of the 100 Greatest Women in Music by VH1 and the Woman of the Year from Billboard in 2013.

Pinks albums include:

Pink’s Beautiful Trauma Tour

The Beautiful Trauma World Tour is Pink’s 7th concert tour in her career. She started the tour in 2018 and after wild success, she announced a second North American tour in 2019 with additional dates in Europe later in the year. The concert has been well-received by fans and critics alike, with many noting that in addition to Pink’s amazing vocals with her raspy, strong voice that the performance itself is quite astounding. The show is filled with choreography and acrobatics, making it fun to watch.

Pink'S Beautiful Trauma Tour By Dm Concert Series Daily Mom Parent Portal

The set list for Pink’s Beautiful Trauma tour includes greatest hits like “Just Like Fire,” “What about Us,” and “Just Give Me a Reason.” It also includes songs from her current album Beautiful Trauma such as “Beautiful Trauma” and “Secrets.” Fans can expect an amazing show full of fun, powerful vocals, and a message that reaches fans of all ages.

Click here to see her current tour dates for the 2019 Pink’s Beautiful Trauma North American tour.

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Hurts 2B Human album

Pink is starting this year’s “Beautiful Trauma” tour in the wake of her next album release this coming April. The album, titled Hurts 2B Human, is Pink’s eighth studio album. The first single, “Walk Me Home” was released in late February. It has her characteristic raspy tones paired with her strong vocals in an upbeat tempo, signaling that her album will represent a powerhouse of uplifting and inspiring music.

Pink’s Beautiful Trauma Tour Show

This is the kind of show you want to bring your teenage daughter to in order to show her a strong role model and performer, like Pink. She is a woman who went through a lot in life, who was told she wasn’t pretty or girly enough for showbiz. Despite being knocked down over and over again, she stood her ground and continued doing her music HER WAY.

Pink'S Beautiful Trauma Tour By Dm Concert Series Daily Mom Parent Portal

In addition to her strength and powerful vocals, Pink also has amazing talent that goes beyond just singing and songwriting. She puts on a true performance complete with elaborately designed stages, choreographed lyrical dances, costumed actors and dancers, and even her own acrobatic, flying act. There is so much spunk in her voice, her performance, her dancing, and her moves and it’s so contagious that you cannot help but get energized and inspired.

I was proud to be a woman that night and my 7 year old daughter, with it being her first concert, was in awe of what one performer could accomplish.

Pink managed to fit so many different styles of performing into one show. We saw her surrounded by all things glittery and pink as she rose up to perform her opening song “Get This Party Started” with choreographed dancers and an inspiring energy that moved throughout the crowd.

She glided down a moving track, while singing and rolling over to get closer to the crowd. She performed a cover of Nirvana which blew up the crowd. She flew up in unison with a dancer while singing “Secrets”. She performed a fight dance routine in the most epic stage setting complete with a masked actors carrying candles and a life size oak tree covered in moss. She rolled around on a floating bed while acrobats performed tricks above her. She had the stage engulfed in flames while she performed a crowd’s favorite “Just Like Fire”. She danced with so much energy and happiness wearing a white robe in “I am Here”.

Pink even called her young daughter in for a hug, telling stories about how her daughter at the early age of 7 started struggling with body image and reassured everyone that “You are beautiful.

Every single song performance was different and every single one told a unique story. She concluded the show with a flying act while singing her famous “So What!”, soaring over the arena, closer to the fans than ever through the air.

Pink’s Beautiful Trauma Tour Concert Crowd

Strong women. That’s who you saw in the halls and the seats of the arena. Strong women and often their supporting men. Strong teenagers and learning to be strong little girls. While the crowd was predominantly female, you could find women here of ALL ages, from my 7 year old daughter and many others her age (despite the explicit nature of many of Pink’s lyrics, I think we will agree that the message and experience is more important than the occasional swearword), to the rowdy and anti-establishment teenagers behind us, to the math teacher one seat over, to a whole 3 generational family a row ahead. Everyone danced, everyone enjoyed the performance, everyone sang the lyrics.

Pink'S Beautiful Trauma Tour By Dm Concert Series Daily Mom Parent Portal

Pink’s Beautiful Trauma Tour Message

Throughout the whole concert, there was one overarching theme front and center – Women are beautiful, women are enough, women are strong, we are good as we are. Pink! stopped several times through the show to talk about that message, to tell us life stories that we could relate to making her message that much more powerful. “We don’t change”, she said as she told a story of her young daughter questioning her looks. “We help other people to change so they can see more kinds of beauty!”

Pink'S Beautiful Trauma Tour By Dm Concert Series Daily Mom Parent Portal

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Pink'S Beautiful Trauma Tour By Dm Concert Series



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