How Memberships Can Save You Money

When trying to save money, it can take a bit of tenacity and creativity to still live well and have fun. Have you taken advantage of the benefits and money savings that store memberships can offer? We are talking about more than a membership to the gym. Savings on groceries, family activities and adult activities can be found when you find memberships that are right for you! Read on!

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1. Grocery Stores

Buying In Bulk

Buying in bulk can really pay off, financially speaking. You will find that paying $50 for a yearly membership will benefit your family in the long run on price per ounce of an item. Buying items in bulk is the smart way to grocery shop for non-perishable items. Make sure that you watch the price on produce items however, and realistically take into account if your family can justify buying a larger selection of produce or perishable items, or if it will be put to waste.

Take Advantage of Incentives

Many of these bulk stores offer incentives on days such as Black Friday, for a $50 coupon to the store, which essentially will cover the cost of membership.

Grocery Store Gas Stations

Buying gasoline is often much cheaper if these stores offer gas stations at their location.

2. Activities

Zoo Membership

We have yet to see a toddler that doesn’t enjoy a trip to the local zoo. Remember that at most places, children 2 and under will get in free, so you may be able to score a single adult membership for a very reasonable price. Many times these memberships will also allot a certain number of guest passes, perfect for a family outing at half the cost. Pack a picnic lunch and go during a weekday. You’ll be surprised at the savings for this fun-filled day!

Theme/Water Parks

Water parks or theme parks will usually have a membership option available. If you think that you will utilize it on a regular basis, it makes sense to purchase these! Once you get past the initial investment, your cost will be very low.


Do you live someplace cold and are looking for a fun way to occupy your family time while remaining indoors? Does your town have an aquarium available? Check it out, and look into buying a membership for the family. A perk is that you will be able to utilize it during off-peak hours and days, and won’t have to fight the weekend crowd or stand in line to buy tickets. The Aquarium is buckets of fun (pun intended) for babies and kids of all ages.

3. Adult Fun

Wine Club Memberships

Are you a wine fan? Do you have a favorite (possibly local) winery? Look into memberships or wine clubs. Many times it includes a regular shipment of wine mailed directly to you, and also a certain number of free wine tastings at the vineyard – perfect for a fun adults only evening. If you’re a lover of wines, and wish to vacation to wine country, these memberships will also possibly include a discount for hotels within their city location.

Email Perks

Do you have a penchant for shopping? Take advantage of retail locations that offer email sign-ups by opening up a free email account made specifically for email deals. Stores will send out great savings for “email insiders” and you’ll get to utilize those deals!

Do you have a membership to somewhere not listed? Tell us in the comment section!

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  1. We save money with our Sams club membership not only by buying in bulk, but by going Sunday afternoons when the samples are in full swing and you can practically make a meal out of it. With three kids and two adults the cost-savings of a meal per week covers the $40 membership pretty quickly.

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