Falling for FabKids: Girl’s Collection 2016


As your daughter heads back to school this year, her clothing should be unique, practical and (above all) stylish. The clothing should reflect who she is, from sporty to a tiny fashionista. FabKids has all the options to mix and match to create an individual look, that’s perfect for back to school. Read on to see our style guide for girl’s back to school 2016 with FabKids.

About Fabkids

FabKids is the ultimate monthly service for kid’s clothing, tailored specifically to their individual likes, styles and needs. When you register as part of the FabKids VIP Membership program, you receive a monthly email from your personalized Fabshop, showcasing your child’s monthly selections. You then can log on to the site and choose if you’d like to keep browsing other styles, or simply skip the month. If you forget to cancel and make no selection, your FabKids account registers with credits that you can apply to future purchases. The monthly subscription is just $29.99 a month, and if you accumulate credits, they never expire! It’s a great way to affordably break up your child’s clothing budget, and then go on a FabKids wardrobe spree when it’s time for back to school!

You can also cancel your membership at any time, no questions asked, by simply calling their 1-800 number. And, what’s more is if you’re unhappy with any item you receive, FabKids will pay to ship it back to them and your account will be refunded – so there’s no harm in trying it out!

Fall 2016 Girl’s Collection

One of our favorite things about FabKids is the ability to create a ton of different outfit options by mixing and matching. Swap into a different legging to change it up, or layer a t-shirt over a denim tunic. There’s no right or wrong way to style your child with FabKid’s clothing selection. Your daughter will look forward to her monthly fashionista email, and time spent “shopping” at the computer with her will turn into a fun monthly tradition. If she’s anything like our Daily Kids, she will be watching through the front window waiting for her own mail to arrive, day in and day out.

We love how most looks on FabKids can be either dressed up or down. A simple long-sleeved black tee is useful for any active girl’s wardrobe, but the sequined details spelling FANCY makes it just that. Any legging on the site would do it justice, but we love making her look kind of like a rockstar with the heather gray leggings with black stars on them, paired with a simple black Mary Jane style shoe.

Denim is back again this fall, and a free spirited, boho look is all the rage. We love the versatility of FabKids and how they fuse functionality with style. A simple denim tunic dress can be worn with any leggings and a moccasin style boot to look like she’s straight out of Coachella, or add a sparkly belt and a pair of sparkly flats to dress it up and turn it into the perfect Sunday dress. There are so many options!

The Indigo and Blue outfit is a favorite. We love how the dark indigo of the chambray style shirt is fringed around the bust line, and we chose to play up the look and add in some fringed ankle booties, as well as the Fab Blue Boho legging. It’s the perfect mix of tribal-inspired legging patterns, but with an amazing color scheme that’s easy to match and coordinate other tops with.

Once again, mix and match your little boho girl with the ultra-classic chambray shirt dress, which can be worn with or without leggings, depending on the occasion and weather. We also think it would look adorable paired with tights, some biker style boots and a lightweight leather jacket on top, just to switch up the look. We think that the FabKids Pink Mosaic Leggings are a great fit with the Chambray shirt dress, since they coordinate perfectly and are a classic color combo, allowing you to mix the Fancy shirt with these for a whole different look. We love to experiment with the chambray dress cuff, rolling them up higher for warmer weather, and lower in the colder months.

Once again, the Fringle Ankle boots are an amazing accessory to this outfit, and it truly lets her personality shine through.

We mentioned how FabKids is the perfect solution for girl’s clothing. What if your child is more into looking sporty? It’s a good thing that “Athleisure Wear” is in style for any girl (young and old alike, right?). A pair of black yoga pants is a staple for any female’s closet. We love how FabKids took workout style clothing and added in a youthful flair, such as a rainbow cheetah print adorning the shirt and the waistband of the pants, and color coordinating details on the sleeve of the matching sweatshirt. They thought of everything, and have style and comfort in mind to send your child back to school wearing.

The Wild at Heart shirt will quickly become her favorite shirt, because it’s fun and so soft to wear. If you’re running to the mall or to the gym, this outfit will fit right in for your little sidekick, because it’s functional, yet also coordinating and stylish. With Kate Hudson’s activewear Fabletics being in the same brand family, you know that all the activewear is going to be top notch, stylish and coordinating, without the price gouging of a niche yoga boutique.

Do you love the girl’s fall FabKids line as much as we do?


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