Softest Crib Sheets for Infants by Petite Vigogne

Getting ready for a new baby is an exciting time  — and also an overwhelming time. There’s a long list of supplies to purchase and preparations to make before the baby comes, and this can feel financially (and emotionally) overwhelming. You want everything to be perfect from the nursery to the maternity photos, and every second until the due date is precious. Between the strollers, car seats, breast pumps and Diaper Genies, many soon-to-be moms end up having to skimp on the luxury of something they shouldn’t have to — crib sheets.

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Getting a newborn to sleep soundly involves a lot of components; feeding times, swaddling, noise levels…these are all crucial elements that every new mom obsesses over for the first year of their new baby’s life. But what about the quality and comfort of the sheets that their tiny bodies are sleeping on? Nothing feels better than new, soft sheets. Imagine how good it feels to visit a fancy hotel and lay down on a fresh set. Good sheets mean a comfortable and pleasant night’s sleep, and they should be the first item on your list if you’re expecting a baby. As a new mom you may get every other thing right, but if your baby isn’t sleeping on quality sheets, it could affect their quality of sleep.

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Crib sheets need to be on your shopping list or wish-list of baby supplies, preferably something good-quality but also practical that can hold-up after multiple machine washes. A high-end brand that has been featured in Vogue, Forbes and other reputable publications as having the softest sheets on the market is Petite Vigogne. This luxury brand offers infant and toddler bedding, as well as accessories. Designed in New York City and manufactured in a Peruvian boutique, they offer premium quality, sophisticated design, and most importantly they provide a sound and restful night’s sleep for little ones.

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The Superstar Crib fitted sheets in blue are made from 100% cotton which is grown and harvested in the United States. These flexible, silky sheets are 217-thread-count, Percale, and are some of the softest sheets you will ever feel. The elegant blue pattern is simple and chic and adds just the right element of design to any nursery.

Softest Crib Sheets For Infants By Petite Vigogne

The test, of course, is how well these sheets will hold up after a few loads of laundry. And fortunately, after many loads of laundry, they remain just as soft and vibrant as the day they were opened.. There’s no sign of fading or pilling, and your little one will keep enjoying the feeling of soft, new sheets almost 100 laundry-loads later.

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The Superstar Crib fitted sheets also come in pink and grey, and are made to fit a US standard size crib mattress of 28x52x8”. These colors are perfect for any nursery. 

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For the new mom that really wants to splurge, Petite Vigogne also offers Pima Cotton crib sheets in a variety of colors and designs. This crib-sheet line is 500-thread-count, Sateen, and is made with 100% Pima cotton. Each set features a beautiful and unique embroidered finish, and are still machine-washable. This crib-sheet line is incredibly luxurious and sophisticated, and would make the perfect special gift during the upcoming holiday season.

“In addition to luxurious Pima cotton, we have sourced Vicuña – one of the highest-quality threads in the world – and wonderfully soft baby alpaca, also from Peru, to make perfectly crafted products for lucky newborns worldwide.”
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Ultimately, these sheets will elevate your little one’s nursery, soothe their sleepy body, and give you both many peaceful nights to look forward to. And, Petite Vigogne should also be your go-to brand for premium baby accessories. Their adorable Hat / Scarf / Mittens Knit Set are made from 100% baby alpaca, and are incredibly soft and warm. Most importantly, this fabric is soft and extremely high quality, which means it will keep your new little addition safe and cozy during the upcoming cold season.

Whether it’s precious accessories, premium sheets, or any of the other quality products of this luxury brand, Petite Vigogne is the perfect place to find what you need.

Superstar Crib Fitted Sheet – Blue|Superstar Crib Fitted Sheet – Pink|Superstar Crib Fitted Sheet – Grey|Hat/Scarf/Mittens Knit Set

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