Top Beauty Gifts for Moms

Mom created life from her body. She eats room-temp food on the regular to make sure everyone else is fed first. She loses sleep many nights because someone had a nightmare or needed (another) drink of water. And when it’s crunch time in the morning and she has to decide between finding a left shoe for kid one and brushing the snarls out of kid two’s hair or putting her face on, she abandons styled hair and makeup for a topknot and some tinted moisturizer. Mom puts herself last every…single…time, so you know she isn’t going to splurge on herself. This year, get the mom in your life something you know she’ll love, but would never ask for herself — one of the Daily Mom Military-approved top beauty gifts for moms.

Top Beauty Gifts for Moms — MesoLYFT

Top Beauty Gifts For Moms

MesoLyft Skin products are pretty much the next best thing to going to the dermatologist for pricey micro-needling procedures. It’s no secret that we age, and as we age, our skin loses collagen and elastin. That’s what makes those high school pictures of us look drastically different than those of us after a few years of deployments, kiddos, and life in general. Mesotherapy is an old European skin treatment that essentially injects vitamins back into our skin to give luster, but it’s sometimes not the most comfortable process and is done usually at your dermatologist’s office (with a price tag to match).

Physician Assistant Masha Banar created MesoLYFT. It’s a revolutionary micro­needle skin care treatment that you can do at home. It exfoliates dead cells and pushes replenishing ingredients back into your skin ­­in the comfort and privacy of your own home. It gives you smoother and younger-looking skin, and the MesoLYFT system has formulas that target the eyes, face, and neck­­ — the places we begin to show our age the most.

So, if you’re tired of those puffy eyes and fine lines, or you’re sick of the lemon­-lipped look you give when you pucker up because you’ve had sun damage through the years, this is the system for you! The active ingredients score ones and twos on the Environmental Working Group (EWG) scale, and they work without you having to trek into a dermatologist office (and pay an arm and a leg).




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Top Beauty Gifts for Moms — PMD Personal Microderm Pro

Top Beauty Gifts For Moms

Microdermabrasion — ­it’s one of the latest buzzwords surrounding skin care, promising more youthful, younger-­looking skin. With the PMD Personal Microderm Pro, you can get the same results for a fraction of the cost of a visit to a doctor’s office. Plus, you can do it on your own time, in your own home, with just a few minutes squeezed in between errands and work and mom responsibilities!

Top Beauty Gifts For Moms

Top Beauty Gifts For Moms

The PMD Pro uses exfoliating discs and suction technology to remove the top layers of dry, dull skin and rejuvenate the skin underneath. Use weekly to see maximum results that include the diminished appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, dark spots, and pore size!

Top Beauty Gifts for Moms — The Essentials Collection by Cuvee Beauty

Top Beauty Gifts For Moms

Whether you’re getting ready for homecoming or just want to up your hair game without spending an additional hour getting ready, the Essentials Collection by Cuvee Beauty has exactly what you need. With full-size shampoo and conditioner fit for daily use, it’s an easy swap for the mom on the go. Need some extra conditioning and hair repair, use the mask in the shower once a week to give your hair that extra boost.

Top Beauty Gifts For Moms

If you think a box that comes with five hair-care products might be overwhelming for us low maintenance mommas, rest assured. The Cuvee Beauty Essentials Collection is completely customizable to your routine and look, with very little effort. Want that tousled hair look? Just use the champagne spray (that’s right, champagne as in the bubbly kind). Cuvee Beauty’s newly announced Essential Booster is a powerful product packed with moisturizing hyaluronic acid and B vitamins, and it’s super easy to use. Just mix a couple drops in with your liquid hair-care product, and let it work its magic. Your hair will be stronger, smoother, shinier, and healthier than ever!

Top Beauty Gifts for Moms — PMD Clean

Top Beauty Gifts For Moms

We all have that beauty-product graveyard hiding in the back corner of the bathroom cabinet. It’s full of all those products that promised a youthful glow, reduced wrinkles, or a deep clean. But, they didn’t. We don’t have time for a 45-minute skincare regimen, and we definitely can’t blow hundreds of dollars on products that don’t live up to the hype. We want something that does it all and doesn’t add another hour to getting ready.

Then, the PMD Clean caught our eye. Full disclosure, we were originally drawn to the beautiful colors it comes in — blush, navy, teal, black, and berry and its sleek design, but PMD Clean kept our attention when we learned that it is silicone, making it not only durable and waterproof (oh, yes you can use it in the shower to save some time), but resistant to odor and bacteria, and it’s hypoallergenic.

Top Beauty Gifts For Moms

You can use the PMD Clean with your go-to liquid cleanser and moisturizer. You simply wet your face, apply your facial cleanser as usual, rinse the PMD Clean brush head, and use the bristle side on the recommended first (gentle vibration) or second (intense vibration) setting to work the cleanser into your skin. Then, power the device off, rinse the cleanser off your PMD Clean and your face, and pat your face dry.

When you’re ready for a moisturizer or serum, use the grooved backside of the brush head on setting three (gentle pulsation) or four (intense pulsation) to massage the product into your clean skin. The massage takes your usual skincare regimen to the next level by mixing in a facial massage without requiring any extra time.

Top Beauty Gifts For Moms

Our favorite part about the PMD Clean is that it’s multipurpose. This one device covers cleaning, moisturizing, toning, and tightening. It can stand upright on your bathroom counter (far, far away from your beauty-product graveyard), making it convenient to use daily. There are no cords to mess with — the PMD Clean runs on a single AA battery (included with purchase), but you’ll never have to replace the brush head.

There is something simply beautiful about simplifying your beauty routine. The PMD Clean is the perfect holiday gift for — well — you! Be sure to drop lots of hints or purchase one yourself and slip it under the tree this year — what, it’s from Santa!

Top Beauty Gifts for Moms — Pure BioDerm

Top Beauty Gifts For Moms

Pure Bioderm came to be when two dermatologists came together to combine science and clean, all-natural products to help skin look smoother, brighter, and overall healthier. Busy moms themselves, Drs. Deanne Robinson and Rhonda Klein found it hard to recommend products to their patients that they felt would work, but were also non­toxic. So, they combined clean ingredients and science to create these amazing treatments for your skin.

The B5 Hydrating System uses Hyaluronic Acid, green apple extract, and Vitamin B5 help your skin retain moisture and other nutrients, while taking age spots and dull skin away. It has antioxidants that heal and protect your skin from environmental factors and give you a natural glow. When used with their Antioxidant Super Serum, it’s like magic! The Super Serum gives broad-spectrum protection against the toxins of the environment and also helps prevent premature aging, as well as age-­related dark spots. Neither product contains any synthetic fragrances or dyes, parabens, sulfates, silicones, phthalates, or formaldehyde (or releasers). Bioderm products are non­GMO, hypoallergenic, non­comedogenic, vegan, and cruelty-­free. Best of all, Pure Bioderm works!


Pure Bioderm


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Top Beauty Gifts for Moms — Take My Face Off Holiday Mitty Minis

Top Beauty Gifts For MomsWhat do you get the mom who has everything? You get her a Take My Face Off holiday-themed gift set, of course. Take My Face Off is bringing luxury back to makeup removal in the form of soft, teardrop-shaped cleansing mitts that effectively remove your makeup at the end of a long day without tugging at your skin.

Top Beauty Gifts For Moms

All year, Take My Face Off offers the Mitty— a full-sized cleansing mitt, and Mitty Minis. But, because Take My Face Off is getting in the holiday spirit just like you, they are offering two seasonal gift sets — the Mitty Mini Poinsettia (seasonal) and the Mitty Mini Menorah (seasonal) —that present the customer-favorite Mitty Minis in festive holiday arrangements. The Mitty Mini Poinsettia (seasonal) retails at $55 and includes six soft, white Mitty Minis arranged as poinsettia petals against decorative red cardstock backing, complete with a cord for hanging it on the tree.

At $66, the Mitty Mini Menorah (seasonal) includes eight Mitty Minis that arrive ready to be arranged creatively as mini flames on a blue two-piece cardboard-stand menorah for a festive Hanukkah gift that requires zero wrapping because it’s cute as can be on its own.Top Beauty Gifts For MomsAll of the white Mitty Minis featured in these sure-to-be holiday favorites are reusable — eliminating the need for disposable makeup-removing wipes and cotton balls. Cutting back on all that waste isn’t just some gentle, welcome relief for your face; those Mitty Minis are also a win for the planet.

When you’re ready to wash your Mitty Mini, just toss it in the washing machine and line dry or tumble dry on warm. And, because you have five to seven backups ready to get in the game depending on which holiday set you chose, you don’t have to wait for the dryer to buzz signaling your Mitty Mini is once again ready to use. Pull a fresh one from your pile and wash on!

Top Beauty Gifts for Moms — Travalo Perfume Pods

Top Beauty Gifts For MomsWhat’s in your mom bag? If your bag looks anything like ours, there’s a hearty layer of crushed Cheerios and Goldfish crackers at the bottom, some crumpled receipts, snacks, a random Happy Meal toy, and the usual wallet, keys, gum, cell phone, chapstick or lipstick, and sunglasses.

When you’re constantly on the go whether that’s hopping down your to-do list or hopping all around the globe, you beautiful wanderluster, you you need a quick way to freshen up in that bag of yours. Throwing your entire glass bottle of perfume in your bag is out of the question. The first time you drop your bag, that thing is a goner. And, you can’t very well get a whole bottle of perfume through airport security.

Travalo developed a line of perfume atomizers that are small enough to go anywhere (including your carry-on bag).Top Beauty Gifts For MomsTravalo’s Perfume Pod Ice comes in a variety of neon colors and they are transparent plastic so you can always see how much perfume you’re packing. At just $8.99, you can buy one in every color and gift them to your favorite traveling buddies or equally busy moms this holiday season (just don’t forget to get one for yourself).Top Beauty Gifts For MomsThe Travalo Classic, at first glance, looks like a tube of lipstick, and it is
roughly the same size. Unlike the Perfume Pod Ice, the Classic model is lightweight aluminum. There is still a viewing window so you can monitor the amount of perfume inside. The Classic model retails for $15.99.Top Beauty Gifts For MomsBoth models are reusable and easy to fill. If you’ve shied away from messing with travel-size perfume bottles in the past because you just know you’re going to spill it everywhere and smell like the Marine who only had time for a cologne shower after PT, you have to check out the big Genie-S technology Travalo packed into these small pods. You don’t need funnels or the steady hands of a surgeon to fill them. Simply remove the plastic spray cap from your perfume bottle, slip the Perfume pod on in its place, and push down repeatedly until the pod is full. After just a few seconds of filling, you’ll have more than 50 sprays inside your perfume pod, which means smelling great won’t slow you down one bit.


Travalo Perfume Pod Ice | Travalo Classic


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Everybody loves mom, but — if we’re being real — all the people mom loves are the same ones giving her frown lines (and laugh lines, in all fairness), that dreaded 11 between her eyebrows, gray hairs, and the occasional stress breakout. Mom deserves something that lets her put herself first this Christmas — take your pick from our list.

We’re going to keep helping mom out by sharing gift ideas for everyone on her list. Don’t miss our other 2018 Holiday Gift Guides!

Top Beauty Gifts For Moms

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