20 Best Eco-Friendly Products to Swap Out Now

If you don’t know by now, it’s our responsibility as humans to take care of the planet we live on. For so many years we’ve been using products that have a huge amount of plastic, are single-use, or are not biodegradable, which has led us to the pollution we see today. There are so many little eco-friendly swaps that you can make right now to make a huge impact on saving the environment.

When you’re searching for eco-friendly products, what exactly are you searching for? Think: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Reduce the amount of waste you produce, so opt for buying items that are not single-use (paper towels, razors, etc) and opt for ones that you can reuse! You’ll also want to check to see if the product and packaging are recyclable. Otherwise, you may be so excited to have a multi-use item thinking it’s eco-friendly, but in the end, it doesn’t break down.

According to Surfers Against Sewage, “Approximately 51 trillion microscopic pieces of plastic, weighing 269,000 tons. That is about the same as 1345 adult blue whales. And 500 times the number of stars in our galaxy.”

That is an immense amount of microscopic waste that we can begin to slow down if we simply make certain lifestyle changes. But what area in life can you make these eco-friendly swaps? Here are 20 products to switch right now to get you started!

Biodegradable and Compostable iPhone Case

Best-Products-Club-Eco-Friendly-20 Best Eco-Friendly Products To Swap Out Now

In today’s world, a smart phone is a necessity, but the plastic case that you store it in never breaks down. When you upgrade your new phone or you simply need to replace the case, buy a Biodegradable and Compostable iPhone Case instead of a plastic one! This phone case is made of plant based materials and can be thrown in your compost bin at home or break down over time in the trash, leaving no trace behind. This case is shockproof from 5 feet, has wireless charging compatibility, and functions the same as any other iPhone case.

Earthly’s Unpaper Towels Reusable Napkins

Best-Products-Club-Eco-Friendly-20 Best Eco-Friendly Products To Swap Out Now

Paper towels may seem like an eco-friendly item, but they are single use and lead to a ton of pollution and a loss of trees. According to CottageCare, “As many as 51,000 trees per day are required to replace the number of paper towels that are discarded every day.” Save the trees and ditch those single use paper towels! Instead use Earthly’s Unpaper Towels Reusable Napkins!

These paper towels can be washed and re-used over and over again. They are high-quality and multi-purpose, so whether you use them in the kitchen or your bathroom, they will get the job done! The best part? They wrap around one another and you can store them on any paper towel holder you have. It’ll give a huge aesthetically pleasing boost to your kitchen!

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Hello Toothpaste Tablets

Best-Products-Club-Eco-Friendly-20 Best Eco-Friendly Products To Swap Out Now

Tooth paste is a must-have for everyone, and if you’re not using it we are begging you to! But storing your toothpaste in plastic is not only extremely toxic for the environment, but it could also be harmful for your health. Imagine the BPA exposure that your toothpaste receives, and that transfers to you the moment you put that in your mouth.

Instead of buying a tube, swap your toothpaste for the more eco-friendly Hello Toothpaste Tablets! These tablets come in metal containers that can be reused for a number of purposes. To use, you simply pop a tablet in your mouth, chew and brush as normal!

Bamboo Charcoal Dental Floss

Best-Products-Club-Eco-Friendly-20 Best Eco-Friendly Products To Swap Out Now

While we’re on the subject of our teeth, have you ever really thought about the floss you’re using? Floss is plastic (sometimes wrapped in wax) that is stored in plastic. That is a ton of waste for something you likely forget to do every day. This Bamboo Charcoal Dental Floss is completely biodegradable, vegan and cruelty-free.

Not only do they eliminate the plastic from their product, but they have eliminated in their packaging as well! A win-win for the environment and for eco-friendly products!

Rocketbook Fusion Smart Reusable Notebook

Best-Products-Club-Eco-Friendly-20 Best Eco-Friendly Products To Swap Out Now

Do you find yourself buying an endless amount of notebooks? While we may have apps that we can use to keep thins organized, some of us simply have to write something down in order to remember it. The Rocketbook Fusion Smart Reusable Notebook is going to be the last notebook you ever buy. This notebook is 42 pages long and has 7 different pages for different styles of note taking.

Once you’ve taken your notes, you can simply scan it, upload it to a drive of your choice, and wipe it away! All your notes will be stored in the exact format, but digitally instead of on paper forever. If you forget your notebook at home when you need it for an important meeting, you can simply access all you need from your iPhone or computer. Eco-friendly and efficient, just the way we like the things we buy to be!

Silicone Food Grade Reusable Storage Bag

Best-Products-Club-Eco-Friendly-20 Best Eco-Friendly Products To Swap Out Now

How many plastic sandwich bags have you thrown away in your lifetime? Probably way too many. Instead of buying more of the single use sandwich bags, make the eco-friendly swap of buying a Silicone Food Grade Reusable Storage Bag! These plastic free bags are microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe, making reusing them extremely easy.

Not only can you use these food grade bags for your food, but they can store a number of things around your house! Crayons for the kids on the road, make-up brushes, and even power chords! Products that are multi-use are often the most eco0friednly products out there.

Eco-Friendly Shampoo and Conditioner

Best-Products-Club-Eco-Friendly-20 Best Eco-Friendly Products To Swap Out Now

This is one of the easiest eco-friendly swaps you’ll be able to make! Not only do most shampoos and conditioners come in a plastic bottle, but because they are liquid you end up using way more than you normally would on your hair. This can lead to damaged ends, dryness and flakes. Choosing an Eco-Friendly Shampoo and Conditioner that is a solid bar will ensure that you never waste a bottle or use again. These bars lather up perfectly and can outlast normal shampoo and conditioners by weeks!

Leaf Shave Razor

Best-Products-Club-Eco-Friendly-20 Best Eco-Friendly Products To Swap Out Now

Another single use item that we can ditch are razors. We’re not saying you have to stop shaving, but a single use plastic encased razor is something that is extremely wasteful and costly. A modern and sustainable razor like the Leaf Shave Razor makes shaving less of a hassle on you, your pocket book and the environment.

No more having to buy completely new razors a monthly basis. The Leaf Shave Razor is made completely of metal that’s made to last. The only thing you’ll need to replace are the razor blades, which are only $12 for a pack of $50. Ditching your plastic, single use razors has never been easier!

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Soy Candles

Best-Products-Club-Eco-Friendly-20 Best Eco-Friendly Products To Swap Out Now

You may be thinking that all candles are eco-friednly because you don’t have to plug them in, right? Wrong! Traditional candles are made of paraffin wax which can release harmful by-products when burned or melted. Paraffin wax has ingredients that are linked to promote the growth of cancer, and since it comes from petroleum it is not a renewable resource.

Soy Candles on the other hand are eco-friendly! Soy wax is made of all natural materials and even has a stronger fragrance. So when you’re shopping for your next candle, make sure that the packaging says that it’s soy!

Electronic Candle Lighter

Best-Products-Club-Eco-Friendly-20 Best Eco-Friendly Products To Swap Out Now

How many times have you gone for a walk and seen lighters tossed beside a trash can? Gas lighters that you can buy at any store are meant to be single use, so they are tossed aside to end up in landfills, oceans and sidewalks. Matches aren’t much better as they can contribute to a loss of over “15,000 trees a day“, according to The Guardian.

So how else are we suppose to light our soy candles? An Electronic Candle Lighter will solve all of these problems! This lighter is rechargeable without using any gas, fluid or disposable casing. It’s windproof and easy to use anywhere. This Electronic Candle Lighter is one of those eco-friendly swaps that may not seem like a huge deal, but will have a great impact on our environment.

Dropps Dishwasher Detergent Pods

Best-Products-Club-Eco-Friendly-20 Best Eco-Friendly Products To Swap Out Now

You have already be using detergent pods for your dishwasher, but eliminating the plastic container they come in does not make this product eco-friendly. Most dishwasher detergent pods are wrapped in a substance that can break down into a toxic material that is harmful for aquatic life.

But making the switch from a bottle to pods is the right track, we just have to find the safe ones! Dropps Dishwasher Detergent Pods are not only powerful when it comes to cleaning your dishes, but they are free from any harmful chemicals and phosphates. Say hello to having a clean dish while you’re saving the fish!

Soap Exfoliating Bag Natural Soap Saver

Best-Products-Club-Eco-Friendly-20 Best Eco-Friendly Products To Swap Out Now

Using a soap bar vs replacing liquid soap all the time is an obvious eco-friendly swap, but sometimes we run through our bars so quickly. Having a Soap Exfoliating Bag Natural Soap Saver will not only help your skin feel exfoliated, but it will help dry your soap out and make it last longer!

This bag can even be used to gather the ends of soap bars that you toss away. Simply store them in a Soap Exfoliating Bag Natural Soap Saver until you have enough for an entirely new bar of soap!

Reel Tree-Free Toilet Paper

Best-Products-Club-Eco-Friendly-20 Best Eco-Friendly Products To Swap Out Now

Did you know that we flush “27,000 trees down the drain every day”, according to Brondell. While you may have your favorite brand of toilet paper, this is a major issue to the environment. Switching to a bamboo toilet paper can make a huge difference.

Reel Tree-Free Toilet Paper is made completely of bamboo, which grows so quickly compared to trees. Bamboo also uses no fertilizers or pesticides, so it’s an eco-friendly swap that benefits the Earth in so many areas.

Reel Tree-Free Toilet Paper is so soft that you won’t even realize that you’re using bamboo derived paper.

Hello Tushy Bidet

Best-Products-Club-Eco-Friendly-20 Best Eco-Friendly Products To Swap Out Now

The best eco-friendly option in your bathroom is ditching toilet paper all together and installing a Hello Tushy Bidet. Not only will it have an impact on how much paper is wasted, but it’ll ensure that you never have another paper related clog and save your pocket book every month.

The Hello Tushy Bidet takes 10 minutes to install on any toilet, and its modern design fits any bathroom without taking away from the aesthetic. Your bottom will feel cleaner than ever every time you sit down to potty.

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Eucalyptus Bed Sheets

Best-Products-Club-Eco-Friendly-20 Best Eco-Friendly Products To Swap Out Now

We all love the feeling of climbing into bed and snuggling up with our 100% cotton bedsheets. But cotton is actually not an eco-friendly choice. Producing cotton can take a lot of water, energy chemicals and more. Instead of cotton, why not opt for something just as soft that is more eco-friendly?

Eucalyptus Bed Sheets are soft, silky and hypoallergenic! If you have night sweats, then no more worrying about waking up in drenched sheets. These Eucalyptus Bed Sheets absorb moisture 70% better than traditional cotton. You get so many benefits from using eucalyptus sheets, and in turn save the environment by using less water, emissions and pesticides than needed.

Menstrual Cup

Best-Products-Club-Eco-Friendly-20 Best Eco-Friendly Products To Swap Out Now

The best eco-friendly swap for all women! Ditch the disposable tampons and pads, chances are they’re also filled with perfumes and fragrances that really shouldn’t be inside of our bodies.

Adding a Menstrual Cup to your monthly routine can help prevent more the “400 million pounds of sanitary pads tampons and tampon applicators end up in landfills”, according to Healthline. You also won’t have to worry about the monthly costs associated with these items as a Menstrual Cup can be used for years before you’ll have to replace it.

Kind Socks

Best-Products-Club-Eco-Friendly-20 Best Eco-Friendly Products To Swap Out Now

Sustainable socks? Who knew there was such a thing! Kind Socks is a black-owned business that believes in providing us with fun, comfortable and eco-friendly socks.

These socks are derived from organic cotton, which no chemicals or pesticides, but instead use insects, compost, and they even weed by hand! Imagine putting your socks on every day and knowing that you are having a huge impact on your feet and your carbon footprint.

Portable Lint Remover

Best-Products-Club-Eco-Friendly-20 Best Eco-Friendly Products To Swap Out Now

If you’re an animal lover then you’ve considered buying stock in lint rollers. With pets come an endless amount of dander and lint! Instead of buying a new lint roller every week, swap it out for a Portable Lint Remover that you can use time and time again!

This Portable Lint Remover is affordable, portable and does it’s job perfectly. It’ll remove all the lint and hair from your clothes, making them look fresh without wasted paper.

Biodegradable Elastic Hair Ties

Best-Products-Club-Eco-Friendly-20 Best Eco-Friendly Products To Swap Out Now

Hair ties are a necessity in life, but let’s be honest. How often do we buy hair ties because we misplace our entire pack. These hair ties end up inlandfills and oceans, and are plastic wrapped in fabric that will never be broken down.

Buying a pack of Biodegradable Elastic Hair Ties will make you feel better if you do end up losing every single hair tie in the pack. These hair ties have a strong hold, are unisex and completely ethically sourced biodegradable. Who knew that your hair ties could be eco-friendly!

Solar Powered Lantern

Best-Products-Club-Eco-Friendly-20 Best Eco-Friendly Products To Swap Out Now

You may be thinking that a solar lantern can only be used for camping, you’re wrong. Solar lanterns can be used inside and outside, and can even cut down the amount of electricity you use!

Simply place a few Solar Powered Lantern in your window sill to collect sunlight during the day, and instead of using overhead light at night you can use a small lamp that is as bright as the sun.

All of these items are more eco-friendly than the traditional items you’re using every day. But the best way to live a zero-waste lifestyle is to make sure to use every bit of what you already have before buying a more eco-friendly option. Reduce, reuse, recycle means that you should use up what you already have so it doesn’t go to more waste. Then you (and the Earth) can enjoy all the perks of living a more eco-friendly lifestyle!

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Best-Products-Club-Eco-Friendly-20 Best Eco-Friendly Products To Swap Out Now

Sources: Surfers Against Sewage | CottageCare | The Guardian | Brondell | Healthline

Photo credits: Taylor Simpson



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