Perfect Party Plans for a Twin Birthday

Twin birthday parties can be stressful! Not only do you have to buy two presents and make two cakes, but you also have to create a celebration that both children will like! 

One of the most common twin birthday party themes is “Twodoodles,” named after the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse character. Other common twin party themes include “two peas in a pod,” Frozen’s Anna and Elsa from Frozen, video game characters Mario and Luigi, and Dr. Seuss’ Thing One and Thing Two.

If you want more unusual ideas, never fear! Daily Mom has a list of unique ideas for themes that will keep your twin’s birthday party simple and special!


Perfect Party Plans For A Twin Birthday

Themes based on board games or card games can be really fun, especially for elementary-aged children! The activities are naturally built into the theme, making it easy to plan.

Double Trouble: Decorations can be simple balloons and streamers based on the colors of the game Trouble: red blue, green, and yellow. Invite the kids to play a few rounds of the game, with simple prizes for winners. Then, using the circular motif of the game, have the kids go outside to play with balls and frisbees colored to match the game. After refreshments, have the kids come inside to watch Double Double Toil and Trouble, a classic Mary Kate and Ashley movie!

Two for Twister: Pick up a few Twister mats at a thrift store (there are often several). If you have nice weather, consider using eco-friendly paint and coloring your lawn to look like Twister mats. Let the kids play a few rounds of Twister, taking turns to spin the dial. You could also play freeze dance on the mats, having the children freeze in silly positions each time the music stops. Search Pinterest for Twister-themed cake ideas – there are tons! As a special treat, set up a lollipop tree that kids can pick from before they head home (try to use lollipops colored like Twister: red, yellow, blue, and green).


Perfect Party Plans For A Twin Birthday

Little kids love animals! These themes are versatile and will work well for babies, toddlers, and elementary-aged kids.

Two at the Zoo: If you want to plan less of a party and more of a day out and about, this is an exciting option! Take your kiddos and their friends (and maybe some extra chaperones) to your local zoo! Look online or call ahead to plan out your day and check on pricing. Consider buying lunch or a treat while you’re out and special souvenirs at the gift shop (a fun way to let them pick out their own gifts).

Perfect Party Plans For A Twin Birthday

Two by Two: Start off by building a small Noah’s Ark out of an old cardboard box – this will be a great backdrop for pictures, and the kids will have fun pretending they are sailing! Go to the dollar store to buy a few animals in pairs, and place them around the ark; throughout the day, let the kids play with the animals, name them, etc. When you send out invitations, invite friends to come dressed up as their favorite animal; then, put on an animal parade with fun music, rattles, kazoos, and other small instruments. Let the kids color pictures of their favorite animals and enjoy animal-themed cupcakes (two of each animal would fit the theme well)!

TWOcans: Look online or at a dollar store for jungle decorations. Have the kids decorate pictures of toucans using markers, glitter glue, craft feathers, googly eyes, etc. Invite the guests to paint their faces to look like birds. Then, have the kids complete an obstacle course as if it was the jungle! For example, have them push each other on a swing as if it were a jungle vine; walk across a board as if it was a log over a raging river, and job around trees as if they were running through a dense forest! Finish off the day with birthday cake and an animal-themed movie, like The Lion King.

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Perfect Party Plans For A Twin Birthday

Food themes are useful when you are hosting small, intimate parties. You can focus on good food and mingling instead of entertainment. This might be ideal if your twins are babies and too young to fully understand a party, or if your twins are teens who simply want to eat and talk with friends.

Taco TWOsday: Bring on the Mexican food! Have a taco bar or take a bold stance and make a trendy nacho table! Consider getting a piñata and taking silly pictures wrapped in a burrito blanket

Perfect Party Plans For A Twin Birthday

Friends Come in PEARS: This is a great idea for a summer party! Bring out all the cool, sweet fruits for a fruit salad or build-your-own fruit kebabs. Have fun making different lemonades or mocktails to keep everyone hydrated and refreshed! For dessert, indulge in fruit parfaits, cheesecakes, or shortcakes.


Themes based on popular songs are unique and memorable! Try these twin birthday ideas for a fun twist to your party!

“You’ve Got a Friend In Me” by Randy Newman: On the surface, this would seem like a Toy Story party – and you’d be right! Have your twins come dressed as Buzz and Woody, and pick out Toy Story decorations and cake at your local grocery store. Set up stations that include various toys they see in the movie, like checkers, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Heads, and army men. 

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“Count on Me” by Bruno Mars: This is a great idea for single babies, twins, or triplets! If your children are toddlers, they will love a theme focused on the number 2! Play the Bruno Mars song and help the children jump or clap when the singer counts. Play games like Memory to help the children match two cards. Read a book about counting, like Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. Decorate with number balloons, and use frosting to decorate cupcakes and cookies with numbers. 

Perfect Party Plans For A Twin Birthday

Bonus Ideas

Do you have triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, or a whole gang of birthdays to celebrate? Try these party themes:

  • A School of Fish: Let everyone decorate paper plates as fish, read The Rainbow Fish, and watch Finding Nemo.
  • Avengers Assemble: Have everyone come dressed as their favorite superhero.
  • Bunch of Bananas: Enjoy fruity treats, buy yellow decorations, and play Bananagrams!

Enjoy the party! Remember to have fun yourself, mom!

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Perfect Party Plans For A Twin Birthday



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