How to Plan the Perfect {Hassle Free} Party For Your Kid’s Birthday

Have a party for kid’s birthday coming up? Kid’s birthday parties have gotten pretty extravagant as of late. We all want to plan the very best party for kid’s birthday when it comes to our own children. The problem is figuring out how to do just that. Am I creative? How will I find the time? Is less really more? Have no fear, Daily Mom is here to help you deliver the birthday party your child wants and also the one that you can manage.

How To Plan The Perfect {Hassle Free} Party For Your Kid’S Birthday

Find A Venue That Has Options For A Party For Your Kid’s Birthday

Work with the venue to choose a date and time that works well for you. Make sure they can accommodate the number of anticipated guests and any special needs (ADA accessible, food-specific, etc.). The duration of your party for your kid’s birthday should make sense. Younger children may need to nap and eat where older children can last longer with games and activities.

Tip: One and a half to two hours is an ideal timeframe for hosting a party for a kid’s birthday.

How To Plan The Perfect {Hassle Free} Party For Your Kid’S Birthday

Choose A Theme

Rather than merely asking your child what theme they want to choose for their birthday party, we suggest giving them a few options you know you can work with.

Tip: Make sure the theme choices you give your child are ones that you can find invitations, decorations, and party favors for.

How To Plan The Perfect {Hassle Free} Party For Your Kid’S Birthday

Top 20 Party For Kid’s Birthday Themes

Llamas are the new craze! they are adorable, gentle, and overall sweet creatures. There are ample llama party supplies for you and your little one to choose from.

Baby Shark! You will find yourself singing and dancing along to the oh so catchy Baby Shark song. Why not tackle the party for your kid’s birthday with Baby Shark?! The entire family can get in on the fun.

Frozen. Kids everywhere are into Frozen 2. Elsa is every little girl’s obsession as of late. Give her the Frozen birthday party she will love and remember for years to come!

Mermaids are making a comeback. From the popular Ariel in The Little Mermaid to features in many kid’s shows, mermaids create a magical birthday party atmosphere.

Outer space– With this theme, you can literally plan the ultimate out of this world party. Kids will love venturing into outer space during a birthday party.

A construction zone-themed party has endless activities and snack ideas associated with it. If your little one is into machines, this is the party for them.

Unicorns are now more popular than ever! Choose a unicorn-themed birthday party and watch your child’s whimsical day unfold.

How To Plan The Perfect {Hassle Free} Party For Your Kid’S Birthday

The LEGO movie has made this theme quite popular in recent years. Whether your child loves to build or wants to express their own creativity, a LEGO-themed party is a great option.

Woodland creatures are adorable and add excitement to every party. There are ample party decorations associated with this theme. Cute woodland creatures are perfect for baby and toddler parties but can also be enjoyed by other kids, as well.

Princess parties are in! Allow guests to be pampered with dress up, hair stations, and the options to get their nails painted. This is a perfect theme to add a spa twist to!

Dinosaurs– From The Land Before Time to Jurassic Park, kids have been obsessed with dinosaurs for decades! An easy and fun theme to go with is dinosaurs, for sure. Merely add figurines for added fun.

How To Plan The Perfect {Hassle Free} Party For Your Kid’S Birthday

Safari themes are always exciting. Since a safari is not something that everyone has actually experienced, the notion of bringing it into a birthday party is extra fun! From costumes to cupcakes, a safari-themed party for a kid’s birthday is a great idea.

Farm animals can brighten up any party! This adorable and fun theme is great for all ages. If you are friends with a farmer, have them bring animals to add to the excitement!

Underwater birthday parties are always a hit. From sea-life decor to goldfish snacks, this is an easy to execute theme.

Superheroes make everyone feel empowered. This is a great birthday party theme to go with when your child is having a hard time deciding.

Monsters can be cute and fun. From Cookie Monster to Monster’s Inc, monster birthday parties have been gaining popularity over the years. Allow your child to choose their favorite monster or two and have fun planning this theme.

Sports allow you to take a theme and run with it. From decorations, plates, and goodie bags to actually playing sports at the party, your creativity with this theme can wind up being unmatched.

How To Plan The Perfect {Hassle Free} Party For Your Kid’S Birthday

Season-themed– Winter ONE-derland, Summer pool party.

Disney. From Mickey Mouse to Cars, your little one will love having a Disney-themed birthday party. The possibilities are endless with a Disney-themed party.

Favorite character– If your child loves Winnie The Pooh or Skye from Paw Patrol, plan your child’s party around what they know and love! Design the party for kid’s birthday around their favorite book, movie, or television show character.

Recruit A Party Planner

If you are contemplating whether or not you should hire a party planner. Do so! You will be glad you did. The right person will ask you a few questions and take it from there. You will find yourself literally relaying the number of confirmed guests and choosing cupcake flavors once your theme is chosen. That is all! The perfect party planner can be a lifesaver and definitely a time saver! Once they know the party theme for your kid’s birthday and the estimated number of guests, they can order the food, create decorations, and coordinate contact amongst third party participants such as your cake or cupcake baker.

How To Plan The Perfect {Hassle Free} Party For Your Kid’S Birthday

A party planner will keep in contact with your venue, as well. They can even arrange to have someone set up and break down the party for your kid’s birthday so you literally have zero hassles.

Choose A Fun Stand Out Activity

With the level of extravagance that now comes along with attending a party for a kid’s birthday, we suggest you plan a stand out activity. Yoga is a wonderful way to engage children in a fun and exciting experience! You can also have a painting or music class during the party for your kid’s birthday. Parents and children, alike, will be thrilled with the added bonus!

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Sample Schedule Of Events

Theme: llamas

12:45 PM-1:15 PM– arrival

Tip: People always come early so be prepared! Set out llama stickers and coloring pages in advance to keep the kids occupied.

1:15 PM-2:00 PM– fun activity – This will be your stand out activity such as a yoga class, music class, art class, dance class, or whatever you choose.

Tip: Have small activities set up and out of the way (such as the stickers and coloring pages from earlier) in case someone is reluctant to participate in the activity.

2:00 PM-2:30 PM– Time for cupcakes or cake! Once finished, kids can enjoy theme-related games such as pin the tail on the llama, Llamanoes (llama Dominoes), and llama puzzles.

How To Plan The Perfect {Hassle Free} Party For Your Kid’S Birthday
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Ways To Cut Down On The Cost

If you are up for the challenge, have the party at your home to save money. Either way- use your resources! Is your cousin a writer? Ask her to read a story and help the kids make their own books as your stand out activity. Does your friend teach ballet? Ask her if she will teach a class in place of giving a birthday gift. People love to help, especially people who love you and your child!

How To Plan The Perfect {Hassle Free} Party For Your Kid’S Birthday

When the party is over, all that matters is that your child had a great time! Do not stress. Be creative! Make the decorations if you can. If not, ask a friend who is crafty to lend you a hand. You can always save money by making the decorations, food, and cupcakes, yourself. If you think a party planner is out of your reach, financially, you would be surprised. Most will work with you based upon your budget. Do what works best for you and your family. Planning a party for your kid’s birthday can truly be hassle-free!

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How To Plan The Perfect {Hassle Free} Party For Your Kid’S Birthday

Ultimately, your goal for planning your kid’s birthday party should be enjoying the celebration with them! Ask someone to take pictures for you so that you are fully present with your child throughout the entire party. We have all been stressed out while planning and implementing a kid’s birthday party. It is inevitable. With the above suggestions, you can truly have a hassle-free experience in throwing a party for your kid’s birthday! You can plan and execute the ultimate hassle-free birthday party if you choose to do so.


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How To Plan The Perfect {Hassle Free} Party For Your Kid’S Birthday

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