Brick Or Treat At Legoland, Florida this Fall

Fall is upon us (even here in Florida) and Halloween is fast approaching. With the weather finally starting to cool and the kids back in school staring at the same 4 walls all day every day, weekends are for outdoor entertainment and family fun. While extracurricular sports and activities and household responsibilities still exist for us all, families need to take this time to make memories together. If there is anything parenting teaches us, it is that life is precious and we need to enjoy each other’s company as often as we can before our little ones are all grown up. 

Daily Mom Parent Portal Legoland Florida 61For those of us who live here in Florida, summer is usually the time we avoid the theme parks because it is simply too hot and they are full of vacationing tourists. But fall, fall is the glorious season where the weather is neither too hot and humid, nor too cold (Floridians don’t do cold), and the parks aren’t jam-packed with people. Further, in addition to the usual park entertainment, most theme parks offer seasonally themed events throughout the day at their various locations. With Halloween happening here at Legoland, Florida we decided to check out Brick or Treat on a beautiful Florida fall weekend and we promise, it is an experience the WHOLE family will love. 

Daily Mom Parent Portal Legoland HalloweenWith a large family full of boys, Legos are just a part of everyday life, but here at the Legoland Resort and Theme Park, these educational manipulatives are taken to a whole new level. Packed with larger than life Lego figurines, your kids will be in awe as soon as you step foot into this awesome park.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Legoland Brick Or Treat 7Featuring plenty of rides for the whole family, Legoland, unlike other theme parks caters to both an older and younger crowd. From the new Great Lego Race VR Technic Coaster for the older kids to the Duplo Town rides for the younger crowd, there is something for families with kids of various ages. Additionally, many of their faster rides and coasters are even sized for both older and younger children, making it more fun because everyone can participate together.

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Daily Mom Parent Portal Legoland Halloween Florida 24Frequently it is tough for large families with children of different ages to come up with activities and fun events everyone can participate in, but at Legoland, Florida they thought this through. With Lego-themed play spaces near many of the larger rides and rollercoasters, mom can hang with the littles while dad takes the big kids on a ride without having to be relegated to separate sides of the park. This is especially helpful when some of the kids may want to take a break and relax while others are thrill-seeking ride junkies who want to ride ALL DAY.

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Daily Mom Parent Portal Legoland Halloween Brick Or Treat 6In addition to the rides at Legoland, there are also building stations available for the kids throughout the park. Perfect for families awaiting their turn on a ride, at Legoland the kids stay entertained with ride-themed building stations in each line. Parents can wait patiently (which really is a break because, hey, no whining equals winning) while the kids build and explore until it’s time to ride.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Legoland Brick Or Treat 4Taking it one step further, the Legoland, Florida park includes an Imagination Zone where the kids can not only build but race their own Lego car or plane, along with a variety of other indoor Lego activities. While we here at Daily Mom love a good theme park, a park that combines fun AND education all-in-one is even better. For your tiny architect, budding builder, or STEM master, Legoland allows them to explore their creativity and make anything their incredible little minds imagine while simultaneously teaching lessons in science and engineering, along with a whole host of other educational concepts.

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Daily Mom Parent Portal Legoland Florida 44This Halloween Legoland also offers a variety of Halloween themed activities throughout the park. With larger than life performers, character appearances, Halloween themed shows, scavenger hunts, and even a Brick or Treat trail your kids are sure to have a fun and “spooky” time.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Legoland Halloween Florida 56There is nothing too scary for the littlest ones in your family, but there is tons of Halloween-themed stuff to do. From searching for Lego candy corns in Miniland to rocking out with Frankenstein, your kids are sure to love the additional seasonal events along with the usual park rides and entertainment. Further, parents are guaranteed to LOVE this year’s candy stash from the Brick or Treat trail where your kids will receive some candy, but Legoland is also giving out healthy snacks! 

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Legoland, Florida is truly a fun fall activity for families. This beautiful, shaded park in Winter Haven, Florida has plenty of rides, food, entertainment, and activities to entertain even the most theme-park savvy patron. With the perfect mix of rides, activity spots, play spaces, and sightseeing, Legoland breaks the mold of long-lined theme park monotony here in Central Florida by making sure there are a variety of activities available for all ages. From open to close, your family big or small will love living it up at this park, where everyone will leave happy and full of fun-filled memories they will always remember.


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Daily Mom Parents Portal Legoland Halloween Brick Or Treat

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