15 Gender Neutral Kids Party Themes to Inspire Your Next Birthday Party

It can be hard to come up with gender-neutral kids party themes that inspire the party planner inside of every mom. So many kids party themes are either extremely feminine and full of glittering unicorns and mermaids or overly masculine and full of construction equipment and monster trucks. If you would rather plan a gender-neutral party for your little one, whether they are toddlers or middle schoolers, here are 15 gender neutral kids party themes to inspire you for your kiddo’s next birthday.

1. Wanderlust

Throw a party perfect for any little travel bug. As kids party themes go, this one can be tailored any way you would like. Take your child away to their favorite country with some simple decorations and their favorite foods from that place. Decorate with globes and maps. Stack up suitcases. Create an arrivals and departures board.

15 Gender Neutral Kids Party Themes To Inspire Your Next Birthday Party

Decorate things to remind everyone of Paris with Eiffel Towers and elegant napkins and tableware while serving macaroons, petit fours, slices of french bread spread with nutella. Go to Greece with blue and white decorations and serve baklava, hummus with pita triangles, and shawarma. Travel to China with chinese dragons, paper lanterns and chinese new year plates and napkins alongside egg rolls, fried rice, and scallion pancakes.  

2. Deep in Outerspace

Fun gender neutral party themes do not have to be never-thought-of-before ideas. They just need to be interesting and involve a few creative pieces. An outer space birthday party should be full of stars hanging everywhere – maybe even some glow-in-the-dark stars! A solar system of all the planets would also make things look impressive. Do not forget the sun and the moon while you are at it. 

15 Gender Neutral Kids Party Themes To Inspire Your Next Birthday Party

Add the finishing touches with a satellite, a rocket ship, and some astronauts. Give out glow sticks and pop rocks (a.k.a. Moon rocks) as party favors and serve pieces of the moon made out of swiss cheese as a party snack. Any future astronaut will love it!

3. Monster Mash

What kid does not love a cute monster? Another of the kids party themes that is easily customizable, a monster party can be made to make both the littlest and the biggest monster happy. 

For little ones, decorate the front door as the face of a silly monster. Simply cover the door in a solid color wrapping paper or a disposable table cloth with eyes made out of paper plates, hair made from streamers, and a mouth made out of construction paper. Make a monster cake or cupcake to look like they have fur made from icing. You can even wrap tape around juice boxes and add googly eyes to serve up monster punch. 

Bigger kids will get a kick out of scary monsters like zombies and vampires – think haunted house. Do not forget the monster-themed playlist with songs like “Monster Mash,” “Werewolves of London,” and “Thriller.”

4. Masquerade Ball

15 Gender Neutral Kids Party Themes To Inspire Your Next Birthday Party

Dressed up or down, masquerade balls are fun kids party themes for young and older kids alike. Buy some plain masks and let younger kids decorate them with sequins, feathers, and glitter. Buy fancier masks for older kids and have guests dress in fancy party clothes. Decorate with multi-colored streamers and silver stars.

Serve little sandwiches, punch, and other fancy party foods on faux silver platters with imitation crystal glasses. It will be the fanciest birthday party any of your kids will have ever attended. 

5. The Carnival is in Town

Everyone loves carnival games. A birthday party with bean bag toss, pick a duck, balloon pop, and fishing games can be nothing but a hit. Pair these fun games with popcorn, cotton candy, and candy apples. Decorate with banners and garlands. The fun part of kids party themes like this carnival theme (at least for the party planner) is that you can go wild. There are no rules. Make it colorful. Make it busy. Make it full of fun. 

6. Movie Night

Everyone loves movie night, so consider popcorn and candy for your next birthday party theme. Serve popcorn in popcorn bags or inexpensive popcorn containers. Buy movie-sized boxes of candy at the dollar store. Top it off with a birthday cake that looks like a big bag of popcorn! 

15 Gender Neutral Kids Party Themes To Inspire Your Next Birthday Party

Play your kiddo’s favorite movie or a new release that no one has seen yet. Decorations can be fairly minimal, especially if you hang a sheet in the backyard and project the movie onto “the big screen.” All you need is to put out bunches of big pillows and blankets. Just be sure to keep the popcorn coming. 

7. Awards Show

Everyone feels special walking the red carpet, so why not make your birthday girl or boy feel like a queen or king for the day with an award show-themed party. Make the red carpet out of an inexpensive piece of fabric. Cover the tables in tablecloths and gold stars. Set up a photo booth and snap pictures like crazy.

For party favors, pass out gold-wrapped candies and awards. You can find Oscar-like awards at most party supply stores. 

8. Monkeying Around

Animal-themed parties are always a hit. Another of the customizable kids party themes, this one is set in a jungle with lots of monkey decorations. Hang green streamers. Cut out big leaves from green construction paper. Serve banana-flavored cupcakes decorated to look like monkeys.

However, if it is not monkeys your kids like, go all out with pandas, tigers, or horses. Give out little animal party favors.

9. Calling All Artists 

15 Gender Neutral Kids Party Themes To Inspire Your Next Birthday Party

If you have a budding artist on your hand, think all things art. Set up painting stations with small canvases and paints as well as drawing stations with paper and all sorts of drawing utensils. Put out sidewalk chalk and let the kids go to town all over the driveway and sidewalks. A beautiful cake can be made to look like a paint palette with paintbrushes! 

Give your guests little watercolor kits or sidewalk chalk as party favors and let them take home their creations from the party as keepsakes. 

10. Adventure Time

Young explorers will love an adventure-themed party. Decorate with maps as placemats. Hide little party favors throughout the party area for the little adventurers to find with the help of a specially drawn up map giving them clues to the hidden treasures. Give out compasses and mock passports as party favors. 

Snacks can include dirt cups with gummy worms, ants on a log, and s’mores cupcakes. If there is nice weather you could have a fire in the backyard and let kids roast marshmallows. Put up a tent and let the kids run wild!

11. A Whale of a Time 

Under the sea kids party themes are always a hit! Rather than the usual fish, octopus, and crabs that you see in underwater themes, think bigger. Whales and fish of all sizes will make this party a splash!

15 Gender Neutral Kids Party Themes To Inspire Your Next Birthday Party

Decorate in blues and greens with shimmering streamers. You can certainly add in those octopus and crab decorations, but find a few giant inflatable whales (pool floats will do the trick!) to make things over the top! If your birthday party is taking place during the summer months, set up a slip and slide or a sprinkler and let the kids go wild. Your party guests will be having a whale of a time in no time. 

12. Old Fashioned Candy Store or Ice Cream Shoppe

Especially fun kids party themes always involve candy and ice cream, so make that the theme! Set up an old fashioned candy store with jars of all sorts of candy. Then give each party guest a cute bag and let them “shop.” When everyone’s bag is full, it is time for games and birthday cake. Decorate with balloons, streamers, and lots of fun colors.

15 Gender Neutral Kids Party Themes To Inspire Your Next Birthday Party

As an alternative, if your kiddos love ice cream, set up an ice cream shop. Give everyone old fashioned paper hats like the ones people wore behind the counters at old fashioned ice cream shops. Then offer up an assortment of ice creams and toppings. It may get a little messy, but the kids will have a ball.

13. Pajama Party

A pajama party is not just for sleepovers. Invite partygoers over in their pajamas and have a comfy, but fun party! Put out lots of pillows and blankets on the floor. Serve ice cream and cake. Play board games. Put on some movies and just let the kids have a good time. When it is time to go home, send the guests off with party favors of eye masks and sleepy time hot chocolate. 

As kids party themes go, this is a pretty minimalistic one to plan and execute. Most of the things you need are already on hand, but parties do not have to be elaborate and over the top to be fun and memorable. 

14. Escape Room

Escape rooms have been all the rage the last few years, so why not turn that into the most exciting birthday party your kids have ever had? This idea takes a little more planning on your part than some of the other kids party themes. If you are not familiar with escape rooms, you must solve a series of clues in order to get the key to escape.

Create a series of clues, each one leading to the next. The final clue could lead to a special surprise or maybe the birthday child’s birthday present! 

15. Let It Snow

15 Gender Neutral Kids Party Themes To Inspire Your Next Birthday Party

Do not feel like you have to save this theme for a winter birthday. Create a winter wonderland by decorating with snowflakes and sparkles. String up blue or white Christmas lights. String up paper snowflakes. You can even have party guests cut out and hang up snowflakes of their own. Serve snowflake-shaped cookies and snowflake cupcakes. Put out bowls of blue and white gumballs. This could make for an especially fun summer party to mix up the seasons.

Hopefully, one of these fun kids party themes has inspired your inner party planner. They are all fun, fairly easy to put together, and totally gender-neutral. So whether you have an adventurer, a future world traveler, or a movie lover, you should have some kids party themes inspiration to make their next birthday party totally amazing.

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15 Gender Neutral Kids Party Themes To Inspire Your Next Birthday Party

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