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John McLemore is at it again, but this time, not only is it tasty and delicious with his signature techniques, but it will save you copious amounts of time this Thanksgiving. Imagine spending the holiday season actually giving thanks for the time you have to gather with friends and family. Instead of the traditional way of cooking a turkey, meaning hours of basting and watching that bird – be with your family and use all of your oven for the delicious side dishes that will beautifully compliment the tasty bird that we’ll show you how to fry up just right. Save time, infuse flavor, impress guests, and indulge this holiday season – all the while, giving thanks.  Giving Thanks The Fried Turkey Way 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesWho’s coming over? What do you need to prepare for? Family, friends, scheduling flights, cooking, grocery shopping and changing diapers… that’s just all within the first hour of the day! This holiday season, the last thing on your plate that you need to consume is stress and wasted time. Sure, you could play the same ‘ole game of oven-roasted stuffed turkey… OR fry a turkey and have it prepared in about an hour instead of having to get up at 3 o’clock in the morning to go through that whole rigamarole downward spiral into stressed-out-mad woman day to get everything “just right”. Rather than bust a sweat and smear your quick but amazingly brief encounter with makeup by continually opening up the oven, you’ll have what John McLemore believes is the best turkey you’ll ever taste (and your makeup will still be in place)!

The alternative this Thanksgiving? Instead of baking the bird in the oven for hours and hours, here we show you step by step the easy and safe way to fry up your turkey with the Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer.

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It’s so simple, you’ll wonder what to do with yourself now that you aren’t doing the crazy run-a-round with two-left-feet dance like you did last year (and the year before…). Here’s the rundown:

Allow your oil of choice (see below for recommendations) to preheat for 30-40 mins.

Take your turkey and place it in the sink for a warm water bath – this will get rid of any cold pockets or ice crystals.

Pat dry with paper towels and get rid of any excess water.

Inject the breast, legs, and thighs in multiple locations (Rule of Thumb – 1 ounce of injectable marinade per pound of turkey. For example, a 16-pound turkey equals 16 ounces of marinade.)

Take some cajun spices and completely cover the outside of the turkey as well as the cavity – Use your favorite spices here.

Let the magic begin: Place the turkey inside your Butterball Turkey Fryer.

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You’ll want your turkey to cook at 375 degrees for approximately 64 minutes or four minutes per pound.

Lower the turkey into the oil very slowly to allow the oil to go completely into the cavity.

Not only will you have great flavor infused into your turkey while it’s frying for about an hour, but you’ve just freed up your oven space! So all your casseroles, side dishes, desserts, and the bread can be done and ready at nearly the same time, keeping the whole holiday meal piping hot. 

Use peanut oil for flavor and multiple uses.

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John recommends peanut oil even though you can use any type of vegetable oil like corn oil, but peanut oil tends to be the go-to choice because of the fact that it lasts longer, albeit a little more expensive up front. With peanut oil, you’ll have the option to fry 4-6 turkeys in the same oil batch. Not only does it last longer, it gives you a great smell when you’re frying the turkey, along with the natural added flavor it lends. 

John has many more tips and tricks to share with you this holiday season and beyond; one that can easily be stress-free while making amazing meals with ease. Along with the Butterball Turkey Fryer, visit for more information and look for the closest retailer in your area to buy the Butterball Turkey Fryer or go online. You can also find the video of John doing exactly what we described here today step by step and also some other great recipes to try and prepare to have the best Thanksgiving that you can ever possibly imagine. 

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Thanksgiving and the holiday season is really about you and the time you spend with your family and friends  – that’s what Thanksgiving is all about.

 See the LIVE video of John in action!

If you thought frying or oven baking your turkey were the only options, well think again! The BBQ Grilled Thanksgiving Turkey may be the other ‘ah ha’ moment you were looking for!

Photo credits: John McLemore, pixabay



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