BBQ Grilled Thanksgiving Turkey


If you’re like many people, allotting the correct time to cook the Thanksgiving turkey, along with the vast array of side dishes can be a pain in the gizzard to accordingly plan oven times and temps. Instead of waking up extra early to put your turkey in your conventional oven, we challenge you to think outside the box, and utilize a piece of equipment that usually just sits outside and collects dust after Labor Day – your BBQ grill!

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Preparing your Thanksgiving turkey on your gas (or even charcoal!) BBQ is a delicious option that is often forgotten, or people may not know just how simple it really is. For those people that regularly prepare their turkey in the great outdoors on the BBQ, it’s the best and only way to do it!

The turkey will come out tender, and juicy every single time. It’s also a great way to involve the man in your life in the food preparation tradition, rather than slaving alone doing all the work yourself.


  • Whole turkey
  • 1 tablespoon olive or coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon Italian seasoning
  • Salt and Pepper to taste

 How To:

  • Prepare your outdoor grill for indirect medium-high heat. Using a gas grill is not necessary, but is much easier for this process.
  • Rinse the turkey and pat dry. Turn wings back to hold neck skin in place. Return legs to tucked position. Brush the turkey with your oil, and any seasoning you wish to use. We suggest Italian seasoning, however, adding minced garlic cloves to the oil mixture is also a delicious option.
  • Place turkey, breast side up, on a metal grate inside a large roasting pan. Arrange pan on the prepared grill. Grill 2 to 3 hours, to an internal thigh temperature of 180 degrees F. Remove the turkey, and let stand for 15-20 minutes before carving.
  • *Optional* Monitor the water amount on the bottom of the roasting pan. You can use the drippings of the turkey for a gravy mixture by adding in more water to the bottom of the pan, and don’t allow it to scorch. 
  • *Optional* You can add vegetables into the roasting pan as well for the last 30 minutes or so, such as carrots, or asparagus. Grilled veggies are delicious, and are healthier alternative to a creamy casserole. 

Good luck grilling, and have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

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