25 Best Hard Seltzers to Drink Year Round

If you haven’t had a hard seltzer, you’re missing out. Sure, it’s a new, trendy drink, but there’s a reason for it. They taste great, are refreshing, and are usually lower calorie than other alcoholic beverages. But they aren’t just for summer. These 25 best hard seltzers can be popped open June to January, too.

Best Hard Seltzers

Most Popular – White Claw

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These little hard seltzers are so popular, fans have created sayings on shirts boasting White Claws. Due to being a little sweeter than other brands, they’re a crowd-pleaser, even with seltzer cynics. They also just released two new flavors with only 70 calories making them one of the lowest calorie hard-seltzers on the market.

Best Blends – Bon Viv

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For the adventurous flavor-fans, we’ve got the best hard seltzers for you. With flavors like Pear Elderberry and Clementine Hibiscus, Bon Viv has a creative blend to please your palette.

Hardest – Four Logo

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If you’re looking for the best hard-seltzers that’ll take you back, Four Logo’s got it. The Black Cherry and Sour Mango hard seltzers have an ABV of 12%. It’s a little can with a powerful punch.

Best Spicy – Press

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Sure, they’ve got other amazing flavors, but it’s Press’ Blood Orange Chili that we can’t stop talking about. Adding a little spicy heat to an alcoholic beverage may be one of life’s great inventions. And this one’s done right.

Best Wine Based – Barefoot

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The makers of great wine and spritzers have officially delved into the hard-seltzer world too. Using real grape wine as a base, Barefoot has created a lineup that is crisp and refreshing, with only a hint of sweetness.

Best Selection – Truly

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Variety is the spice of life. Truly understands this and has the most flavors of any brand. With 13 flavors, not including the 4 Lemonade variety, there’s something for everyone.

Most Patriotic – Smirnoff

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Smirnoff knows how to vodka, and they know how to Ice. Now they know how to create one of the best hard-seltzers. And to celebrate the good ‘ole U.S. of A, Smirnoff has released a Red, White, & Berry Hard-Seltzer, perfect for summer and all of those patriotic summer holidays like Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day.

Most Unique Process – Bud Light Seltzer

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One of the most popular beer brands in the world made the jump to one of the trendiest drinks using a unique 5-step filtration process to ensure a clean finish, with no lingering aftertaste. The Brewmasters over at Bud Light Seltzer use real cane sugar, natural fruit flavor and natural carbonation, creating one heck of a competitor.

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Best Enviromental – Wild Basin

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If you’re going to drink tons of hard seltzer, why not let it do something for the environment? $1 from each case sold benefits the Can’d Aid Foundation, supporting river and beach cleanups around the country. To date, they’ve raised more than 4.2 million dollars. It’s tasty AND awesome.

Best Collaboration – Artic Summer

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When Artic Summer got into the hard seltzer game, they didn’t start from scratch. They went straight to the seltzer source and joined forces with Polar Seltzer to create a hard beverage that tastes like it’s non-alcoholic counterpart.

Best Seltzer for the Seltzer-Hater – Blue Norther

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Some people don’t like seltzer water. But that doesn’t mean they’ll hate all hard seltzers. Blue Norther adds organic agave for a sweeter, less harsh taste that some of the best hard seltzers will have.

Best Unique Flavor – Seek Out

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With flavors like Cucumber & Juniper, it’s no surprise Seek Out stands out in a sea of other hard seltzers. They’re also just about as natural as it can get. Just real fruit and water. That’s it.

Best Hand-Crafted – MNB Narwater

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This isn’t water mixed with alcohol. Monday Night Brewing created Narwater by actually brewing one of the best hard seltzers using natural fermentation and time, plus a proprietary three-stage filtration process to make it super pure. If this isn’t taking hard seltzer seriously, what is?

Best Tropical – Kona Spiked

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Sometimes you just want to get away. That’s why Kona Brewing Co. created a line of hard seltzers with tropical flavors. Each can is available year round (in select states) and will transport your senses. It’s like a bubbly ticket to a Hawaiian vacation.

Best Packaging – Pompette

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For the fancy, Pompette (meaning tipsy) created some of the best hard seltzers in beautiful, wine-sized bottles. Perfect for the beach, a picnic, a shower – it’s a hard seltzer that looks beautiful. Share or don’t – that parts up to you.

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Best Pure Juice – Ficks

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If a drink is made with real fruit juice, shouldn’t it taste like it? Fick’s tout they’re the only hard seltzer flavored with real, pure fruit juice. And hey, no added sugar either. Yum!

Best Cocktail Combo – Brizzy

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Looking for a twist on a classic cocktail? Brizzy has created a lineup of the best hard seltzers from Mule’s to Mojitos, each with it’s own special twist.

Most Decedent – Evil Twin

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Evil Twin created Evil Water and in doing so, brewed up their own category, “pastry seltzer”. Just Marshmallow literally tastes like the delectable, in drinkable form. There’s no stopping them with other flavors like Strawberry Egg Cream, Gummy Bears, and Cherry Cola.

Best Lifestyle – Vive

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Just one look at their Instagram, and you know Vive was created to keep up with an active lifestyle. It’s light, crisp, refreshing – without the weighing down a lot of alcoholic beverages have.

Best Non-Profit Support – Willie’s Superbrew

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Willie’s Superbrew thinks people should get a voice in what companies do with their money. That’s why they’ve committed donating 3% to a different non-profit each year, one you can nominate and vote on.

Best Vodka Based – High Noon

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Not all of the best hard seltzers are made the same. High Noon has whipped up a hard-seltzer with just vodka, sparkling H20, and real fruit juice. That’s it. Simple and satisfying.

Best Pure – Blue Marble

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Sometime’s it’s what’s not inside that makes it great. Blue Marble created a line of ultra-premium vodka-spiked seltzers without cane sugar or beer malt. But it’s their pure hard-seltzer, with no flavors, that is perfect for any additions you’d like to add.

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Best Cocktail-Inspired – Social Club

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Tipping their hat at traditional mixed drinks, Anheuser-Busch, owner of Social Club Seltzer, has created 3 cocktail-inspired hard-seltzers. Get a Citrus Gimlet, a Sidecar, or even an Old-Fashioned complete with a hint of smokey aroma.

Best Certified Organic – Crook & Marker

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Compromising on your drink? You don’t have to anymore. Get certified organic fizz with Crook & Marker’s new line of hard-seltzers.

Best Vitimin C – Vizzy

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If you’re going to partake in alcohol, why not get something healthy in return? Vizzy thinks so. They use Acerola Superfruit with Antioxidant Vitamin C in all of their four dual flavors, like Pineapple Mango and Black Cherry Lime.

Regardless of the time of year, imbibe in something that’s enjoyable. Whether it’s because it’s great for mixing with special mixers you love, or the brand’s environmental support, grab one of these best hard seltzers and always have a refreshing adult drink you can feel great about drinking.

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25 Best Hard Seltzers To Drink Year Round



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