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SPOTLIGHT ON FEEDING & TEETHING: Check out the new training plate set and teethers from BÉABA!

Ellipse Plate Set & Steaming Lid

The Ellipse training plate set is an ergonomic plate designed for babies and toddlers alike! It’s design is great for both babies eating purées and little ones doing baby-led solids, and toddlers learning to use cutlery. High sides help your little one “scoop” food from the side and the rimmed edge helps minimize spills. The set comes with two sizes of plates and a steamer lid.

Try it: Introduce your baby to “dippers”! Throw some breadsticks in one plate. Add a purée to use as a dip to the other (lentils are yummy and nutritious!), add steamer lid, and warm slightly in microwave for a few seconds.

Cool Features

  • High, wide sides make it easy to pick up food
  • Raised edge to catch spills
  • Slip-resistant bottom
  • Comes with microwave-safe steamer lid
  • BPA-free


Available in green and plum.

Textured Teething Ring

Teething can be rough on babies (and parents too) and you can’t know which kind of teethers your baby might end up liking. BÉABA’s new line of ergonomic teethers include a soft, rubbery part along with a textured, more firm plastic part. And they can be frozen! Which all makes it easy to figure out what your baby prefers to soothe those little tooth buds.

Cool Features

  • Soft and firm part
  • Textured
  • Easy for little hands to hold
  • Can be frozen
  • Comes with a travel case to keep it clean when not in use (though the teether can be safely sterilized)


Available in fun color combinations: Plum+Lime, Orange+Plum, Lime+Blue, Raspberry+Orange

Spotlight on BÉABA

BÉABA, pronounced “BAY-ba”, is a French line of  baby, toddler, and child feeding and cooking products. They’re the makers of the Babycook food maker. Check out their recipe blog for some culinary delights (who says babies can’t have sophisticated palettes?)!

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