The Green Scene Mom Awards: Kid Inspired-Mom Approved!

We love innovative and eco-friendly products. Anything that makes life a little easier while raising our little ones is a winner in our book, but a product that also proves to be environmentally safe should win an award. The Green Scene Mom Awards does just that by honoring family-focused products that promote eco-friendly lifestyles, sustainable living, and creative innovation. Products are submitted for the awards by each brand and evaluated by Mommy Scene for being eco-friendly, easy to use, and having an innovative design.

Today we’ll feature a few of our favorites from this year’s winter awards. 

But first, what makes a product or company worthy of a “Green Scene Mom Award?”


Green Scene products are evaluated based on how eco-friendly the product is, including whether the product helps families reduce household trash and how long the product can be used before recycling or donating the item.

Easy to Use

Green Scene products are tested for ease of use including assembling, cleaning, using/operating and storing the item. This evaluation may also include how easy it is for a child to use the product, depending on the intended use of the product.


Green Scene products are evaluated based on design, style and innovation.

Cozy Sleepwear by Revelae Kids


The Products

Cozy Blanket Pouches are a unique way to keep your little one warm at night or during nap time. The soft fuzzy material keeps baby cozy from the waist down, secured by an elastic waistband to fully surround baby’s legs and keep the blanket in place. It kind of reminds us of a mermaid fin as it easily slips over your baby’s lower half to keep them warm, but allows them plenty of room to move around.

Unlike a swaddle, this blanket pouch leaves room to wiggle and doesn’t restrict your baby’s leg movement. It can be worn as an added layer of warmth with a Cozy Sleeper (see below) or onesie. Blanket pouches are also ideal as an extra layer to use when a baby is playing, sitting, or lounging during the day. 

In conjunction with the Cozy Blanket Pouch, Cozy Sleepers are a great way to keep your little one warm and cozy while they snooze or rest. This spacious, enclosed “sleeping sack” allows freedom of movement while keeping your baby safely tucked inside their cozy sleeper. Meanwhile, the bottom-to-top zipper allows for easy diaper changes or checks without having to fully undress your baby; their chest and arms can stay cozy while you take care of them.

The Brand

Revelae Kids offers innovative snack time and playtime solutions that encourage healthy lifestyles for active kids. Their brands include Revelae Kids, Yummi Pouch Reusable Food Pouches, Cozy Sleepwear, Sudsy Dough Moldable Soap, and Discovery Boxes.

Ocean Exploration Discovery Box by Revelae Kids


The Product

Revelae Kids’ Ocean Exploration Discovery Box introduces kids to a magical world of realistic looking sea creatures, sparkling gems, and colorful shells and ocean plants. The fun sensory details encourage kids to enjoy hours of imaginative play; scooping, collecting, and sorting the hidden treasures within the box. Our kids were so excited to check it out, that they could hardly wait the 10 hours that it takes for the beads to fill up with water.

Free of technology, sounds, or lights, the Ocean Exploration Discovery Box helps kids explore the world through touch with its different textures, bright colors, and slippery spherical water beads. The sea creatures are detailed with scaly fins and bumpy textures. The box also includes colorful aquarium plants with weighted bases so they stand up in the bright aqua water beads. The bubble scoop allows kids to capture creatures and take a closer look using the magnifying glass.

Discovery boxes are a great way to encourage kids to use their imaginations and practice their fine motor skills. Other themes include Rainforest Exploration, Dinosaur World, and Butterfly Garden.

The Brand

Revelae Kids offers innovative snack time and playtime solutions that encourage healthy lifestyles for active kids. Their brands include Revelae Kids, Yummi Pouch Reusable Food Pouches, Cozy Sleepwear, Sudsy Dough Moldable Soap, and Discovery Boxes.

Wristy Buddy


The Product

Wristy Buddy offers teething relief to even the smallest of babies (3+ months – 2 1/2 years of age), in the form of an endearing little pal. The Wristy Buddy teething wristband is the perfect first stuffed animal for baby; one that they can actually hold onto and cuddle; and it easily slips over a baby’s hand so you never have to worry about it staying in place (or being thrown on the floor).

With a textured teething loop that’s perfect to help ease teething pain, this uniquely designed teether also features the softest, snuggliest characters (such as an octopus, cow, elephant and lamb), which offers a fun and colorful object for your little one to touch, chew and tug on. The heads of these characters contain a small amount of crinkle material to give babies extra stimulation.

Besides relief from teething irritation, this safe teether toy keeps baby’s face dry. And, speaking of safe, this little miracle worker is BPA-free, lead-free, phthalate-free, and certified non-toxic.

The Brand

Wristy Buddy was developed by a teacher and a mother for her teething infant son. Her son began to teeth around 3 1/2 months. However, he lacked the motor skills to hold traditional teething devices and would constantly chew on the sleeve of his clothing. The founder of Wristy Buddy sought out a solution to her sons dilemma and made a prototype. The prototype proved so successful with her son that she wanted other moms to be able to offer their early teethers relief as well, and so Wristy Buddy was born.


Wristy Buddy


Wristy Buddy | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Woombie Air by Woombie


The Product

One of the first things a nurse does in the hospital when a baby is born is swaddle them. Swaddling recreates the feeling of life in the womb, therefore comforting and calming a baby’s transition from womb into world.

Unfortunately for many parents, trying to recreate the swaddle at home can be a challenge. The Woombie Air makes swaddling simple with its light, breathable and zip-up swaddle. One step swaddling is easily accomplished using Woombie’s patented design with a multi-dimensional stretch and zipper to prevent unraveling throughout the night; and their 4 season vented design allows the perfect airflow.

The Brand

KB Designs is a family owned business which was built with the love and safety of babies in mind – with a sensitivity toward mom and dad’s needs too. All of their products are geared toward the theme: SWADDLE, SNUGGLE, AND SLEEP. Woombie is environmentally conscious, as all of their products are manufactured in an eco-friendly factory and manner; no harsh chemicals, no flame retardants. And, they practice strict compliance per CPSIA standards. Strict safety testing using CPSIA standards and testing in a CPSIA third party accredited testing facility are top priority.


Woombie Air


Woombie | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Organic Cotton Sleeper by Silkberry Baby


The Product

Babies are so cuddly and soft, and even more so when dressed in a soft sleeper. This organic cotton sleeper is just as silky as the brand name implies.

Silkberry Baby’s Organic Cotton Footed Sleeper features darling light blue bears and super soft organic fabric. The center front zipper slides up (from bottom to top) making late night diaper changing easy even if you’re half-asleep, and will also keep your little one snug from the waist up. The elastic at the ankles offers a perfectly snug fit and a chin protector at the top of the zipper and small flap at the bottom hides the zipper edges and prevents rubbing.

The Brand

Silkberry Baby is a registered eco-friendly clothing brand in Canada. With eco-conscious parents in mind, they use certified sustainable fabric (organic cotton, bamboo rayon and recycled polyester). Their products are silky soft, breathable and comfortable; and their designs are simple, adorable, fun and creative.


Organic Sleeper


Silkberry Baby | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Genesis 950 Cleaner by Amerikal Products Corporation

The Product

We love finding a good cleaner that produces effective results without the use of chemicals or bleach; because let’s be honest, families make messes, and sometimes those messes turn into stains that become permanent.

Genesis 950 removes tough stains using basic chemistry. It turns your tough stains into water-soluble areas that can be removed through simple washing. The best part is Genesis 950 is safe, green, and environmentally friendly; it won’t harm you, your family or your pets. Even in concentrate form, Genesis 950 has a low, safe VOC level with no harsh chemicals; usable on clothing, carpet, rugs and upholstery. Genesis 950 won’t accidentally discolor the item you are cleaning and it also doesn’t attract dirt. 

Unlike many household cleaners (that are often 99% water), Genesis 950 is sold as a concentrate. Genesis 950 is safe enough to sell as a concentrate, offering an extremely economical choice for cleaning. For general cleaning, it is recommended to mix 1 part of Genesis 950 to 7 parts water. A 1 quart bottle produces 7 quarts of cleaning solution. Genesis 950 can break down stains and remove them from the surfaces in your bathroom, kitchen, and on your floors (including carpet, tile, ceramic, granite, stove tops, sinks, bath tubs and toilets).

We’ve already found ourselves using Genesis 950 on a few tough carpet stains (poop, flavored water, and a mystery stain that’s been on the floor for months). With only a little blotting and minimal scrubbing, the stains quickly came out, making us instant fans.

The Brand

Amerikal Products Corporation is the leading innovator and manufacturer of sustainable pressroom solutions. Founded in 1989, Amerikal is the first and only pressroom solutions manufacturer dedicated solely to developing products that offset petroleum usage, preserve natural resources, reduce energy costs, and eliminate hazardous waste streams, while improving work environments for employees by eliminating unnecessary exposure to unsafe chemicals.


Genesis 950


Amerikal | Genesis 950 | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

Training Pants by Coco & Kiwi

The Product

We know that potty training is hard and any help is appreciated, but when Coco & Kiwi offers training pants that look cute while absorbing small accidents that can happen on the way to the potty, we go wild! These adorably designed undies bring a bit of fun back into potty training while bringing a bit of sanity to mothers everywhere.

These cute padded toddler undies are made with super absorbent bamboo in classic hues such as pink, mint, gray, and blue. The soft bamboo material is comfortable, and the added 3 layers of padding between the legs offers wet zone protection. They still allow a child to feel wet, maximizing learning while keeping cleanup to a minimum. We particularly love how the girls’ style have ruffles along the legs. Meanwhile, the boys’ training pants look like typical briefs so your little boy can look like daddy. Both are available in muted solids or mint stripe.

The Brand

Coco & Kiwi began as a mission for founder Jenna Haynie to finally potty train her son without having to clean up endless puddles. With a pair of toddler underwear and terry cloth she began her design for the most effective potty training underwear. After the 4th or 5th design, and several different fabrics later, she knew she was onto something. The bamboo training pants were born. Her son was having success by not using disposables and Jenna now had more time for her family.

Products now range from diaper bags to carseat liners but the mission is still the same: provide smart products with easy cleanup. 


Girls Mint Stripe + Pink 2 Pack


Coco & Kiwi | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Zippy OneZ by Sleeping Baby


The Product

Zippy OneZ’s make dressing and undressing your child that much easier with a quick zipping motion to close the inseam. Zippy OneZ features a one-of-a-kind design to provide parents with a fashionable and functional option for little ones. Simply place one of the cute bodysuits over your child’s head and zip up the bottom. No more snaps or buttons; no more diaper changing fumbles!

Zippy OneZ outfits include several knitted styles, sweet rompers with ruffled sleeves for girls, dapper Zippy OneZ styles for boys, and an adorable tutu dress in a variety of colors. Each item has an easy-to-use zipper inseam in the place of traditional snaps. Zippy OneZ’s are adorable and uniquely innovative all in one.

The Brand

Sleeping Baby‘s motto is, Inspiring Dreams One Night at a Time, and that, in a nutshell, is how it all started with one little dream that has since become a reality for Brett and Stephanie Parker.

Their daughter who had slept wonderfully while swaddled, all of a sudden started waking up multiple times acting like she was no longer comfortable in her swaddle. Out of sheer desperation and exhaustion, and multiple attempts to recreate the swaddle using every product on the market, the Zipadee-Zip and Sleeping Baby was born!


Cute as a Button | Dream Big


Sleeping Baby | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

This is just a sample of all the products that were awards this winter. To see the full list of 2016 Winter Green Scene Mom Award winners featuring 30 brands, click HERE!

Also, Mommy Scene is currently accepting product submissions for their 2016 Spring Green Scene Mom Awards, celebrating eco-friendly products, design and creative innovation. They’ve already awarded the Green Scene Mom Award to more than 150 brands for unique products that make life easier and support eco-friendly lifestyles, so if you know of a brand that is worthy of this award, be sure to check out more info HERE. The Spring Awards submission deadline is May 27th, 2016.

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