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To be quite honest, for some women, those early few weeks of nursing are anything but pleasant. If you find yourself ready to throw in the towel with nursing because of discomfort or pain, this post is for you!

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If your experience isn’t immediately roses and candy, don’t be discouraged! Many women find the first few weeks of nursing their baby ranging anywhere from slightly uncomfortable, to downright painful. Below are some suggestions of products that may ease your pain.

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1. Nipple Cream 

  • Sure, everyone knows about nipple cream. There is nothing new about it. If you’re looking for a quality vegan product that doesn’t use wool wax (lanolin) check out this kind from Motherlove. It is so smooth and creamy to apply! (Lanolin often has a thicker and harder texture.) This kind from Motherlove is amazing, and can be used after nursing as a remedy for chapped and broken skin, or as a lip cream.

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2. Booby Tubes from Earth Mama

  • These are a God-send! You can use them either warm, or cold, and you place them on your breasts. If they are warmed, they can help encourage let down, and ease clogged ducts. If they are used while cold, it can help ease engorgement and mastitis. They are re-usable, and the unique shape is helpful, because you can place them where you need it the most, without having to struggle with a one-sized pad.

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3. Nipple Shields

  • Sometimes, if the pain of nursing is too much and you cannot physically stand another painful latch attempt, it may be time to try out a nipple shield, like this kind from Medela. They are made from pliable silicone, and the contoured top shape allows more skin on skin contact between you and your infant. If you have shorter nipples, these work great as your baby is still able to latch on, and you are still producing milk while your nipples gradually stretch to accommodate nursing. For most women, using a nipple shield is temporary as the pain usually subsides, though some women have such great luck with them, they continue using them indefinitely. 

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4. Soothies Gel Pads

  • After a bad latch (or 6) these soothie gel pads from Lansinoh will feel like heaven on your sore and tired nipples. They are a bit expensive and are one-time-use, but are worth the investment if you’re in pain. They create a cooling sensation, which feels odd at first, but really helps to sooth irritated nipples. 

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5. Re-Usable Nursing Pads

  • Many of us will stock up on disposable nursing pads, and those are great! Sometimes though, if you have extremely chapped nipples, you will feel much more comfortable using these organic cotton (very soft material) pads, as opposed to the stiffer, disposable ones. You’re also doing the environment a favor by keeping additional disposable waste out of landfills. This kind from TL Care is affordable, and made with very soft, organic cotton.
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