6 of the Best Home Flooring Options to Have With Kids & Why It Looks Amazing

Do you have a new tummy-surfing baby or a toddler who rummages through the jungles of your carpet discovering a new evasive species? Consider some new home flooring options, because whether you are expecting your first baby or your last (or you’re just a cool uncle or aunt), the time your babes spend on the floor is probably more than you realise. We’ll tell you exactly how much time, but first, let’s talk about options that work for your family whether you need to upgrade, renovate, or you simply just want a better-looking floor in your home to admire with each step. 

Let’s face it, do we really need a reason to upgrade our home flooring options? Most financially responsible folks would say yes. However, there are times when you just want something different, more sustainable, and simply because change is happening – you want some change in your life. We’re looking forward to switching things up at Floorworld to make magic under our bellies, feet, and backs no matter how old we are! Floorworld offers a tremendous range of products for every age with features that match your style, comfort, and even new baby’s needs!  

6 Of The Best Home Flooring Options To Have With Kids & Why It Looks Amazing

Home Flooring Options for Floor Time Play & More

For families who have small infants, it’s actually recommended that babies spend more time on their bellies…get this, on the floor! Babies who tend to have more tummy time on the floor are less likely to have any delayed crawling milestones. Whatever you can do to optimise human development, we’re all for it. 

According to Connect the Dots, they highly recommend and encourage families to routinely have playtime on tummies and floor-play in their babies’ daily lives. It’s the perfect time to get on the floor with your baby, at their eye level, and connect with them. You can place them directly on the floor or on your chest, as long as they get some tummy time with you, it’s great for their development. Get creative and change it up, either way, being on the floor is the best place to hang out! 

Don’t think that floor time is only important for babies. With the rising cases of more and more children diagnosed with Autism, floor time has become a staple for children’s development. According to the Autism Spectrum in Australia, in 2018, 1 in 70 people are estimated to have autism. What that means is, parents are looking for favorable alternatives to help their child develop and thrive with the best solutions and therapies available. There are Six Key Milestones of effective floortime you should be practising with your young children, and if you don’t have high-quality home flooring to match your child’s needs, you may be missing out on crucial floor time that everyone can benefit from. 

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There are a number of milestones you can achieve with your child on the floor; however, the following milestones are beneficial for families who spend more time on the floor than almost anywhere else. These six essential milestones will help your child with their emotional and intellectual development. 

  • Self-regulation and interest in the world
  • Intimacy, or engagement in relationships
  • Two-way communication
  • Complex communication
  • Emotional ideas
  • Emotional thinking

Other therapy models suggest numerous benefits to the consistent (2-5 hours a day) interaction with your autistic child to gain the best progression possible. 

When you invest in high-quality home flooring options that make you want to be on the floor, you’re creating space for a relationship-based therapy session with your child who has autism. As parents or therapists get on the floor with the child to interact with them, you’re placing yourself on their level – creating a safe and relatable space for them. 

The ultimate goal is for parents to allow the expansion of “circles of communication” by meeting their child’s needs at their current level of development which will, in turn, help them build upon their strengths. You definitely want a home flooring space that is comfortable, stylish, and welcoming to your newfound educational and developmental needs. 

Floorworld – Laying the Foundation of Quality & Meeting Families Needs

We love that Floorworld not only encourages families to get on the floor to play and interact with their children, but as adults, we want the styles we love, the comforts we crave, and the prices that meet a wide range of budgets. Start with your options from Floorworld – they offer an expansive home flooring range of carpets, timbers, carpet tiles, oak, laminate, vinyl, hybrid, and bamboo flooring to suit your home’s needs and your personal style. 

When it comes to deciding what you desire, ask yourself – what is the look and feel I want when I come home after a long day at work and your eyes and feet seek nothing but the familial comfort of home? Is it elegance and traditional looks that excite you? Are you a minimalist that craves the modern simplicity that innovative styles have to offer? Whatever you want, the colors and styles offered by Floorworld are there to create the interior home flooring oasis you absolutely will adore! 

Styles & Options for Your Home Flooring

Keep it simple. Choosing a home flooring option for your home and family shouldn’t feel like choosing something healthy to eat versus something that tastes incredibly amazing…but not so healthy. Choosing your flooring through Floorworld does not involve you going back and forth and doubting whether or not you’re making the right decision. Our Floorworld consultants will work with your budget and offer recommendations to ensure you’re choosing the right flooring for your home and family. They have more than 40 locations right across Australia and ship worldwide.

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6 Of The Best Home Flooring Options To Have With Kids & Why It Looks Amazing

Carpet options in a world that loves carpets, Floorword has a large selection of styles for your choosing. Carpets are made from a variety of fibers, each of which has a unique appearance, feel, and luster. This can be extremely beneficial when introducing your child to textures. Remember, those children sensitive to sounds will appreciate the no-squeak or scratching sounds that can accompany various walking habits. 

It’s a warm choice for those whose feet are sensitive to the cold and makes a lovely indoor environment overall by absorbing sound and creating a peaceful mood when your child needs it the most (and probably you too)! Whatever carpeting home flooring features you need, they’ve got something to match your home and preferred decor, whether traditional or contemporary.


6 Of The Best Home Flooring Options To Have With Kids & Why It Looks Amazing

A comfortable flooring option that needs little maintenance, vinyl flooring offers a stylish look at an affordable price. In addition to creating an environment that is truly a unique home flooring space, vinyl can also be used in offices, homes, and commercial spaces thanks to the patterns and effects it can produce. It’s the smart solution when you don’t want an extra expense when it comes to cleaning up after a spill, accidents, and all those undesirables children can bring to your floors!

A simple spray and mop are all you need to return your floors to like-new conditions without any damage. Browse Floorworld’s complete range at their own stores in Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Hobart, and Adelaide, as well as other sites across Australia. 


6 Of The Best Home Flooring Options To Have With Kids & Why It Looks Amazing
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With Floorworld’s hybrid flooring collection, you can now find the latest flooring innovation. This flooring gives you the best of both worlds, as it incorporates the rigidity of vinyl and the durability of laminate. In addition, it is 100 percent waterproof (subject to proper installation and maintenance), so it can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry spaces. 

This is the perfect solution for parents of fur babies and human babies alike! From those muddy paws to the muddy boots, the hybrid home flooring stands the test of puppies and babies by staying damage-free and resistant to water and scratches. 


6 Of The Best Home Flooring Options To Have With Kids & Why It Looks Amazing

Bamboo is fast-growing, making it a highly sustainable material. Not only is Bamboo a renewable resource that provides stability and durability, and stylishness, floors made of bamboo are extremely durable and flexible, so they are perfect for high-traffic areas, such as kitchens, living rooms, and hallways. With industry-backed solid warranties, you can set your hopes up from the family planning stages all the way to your adult child. Your floors will be there for every milestone till your son or daughter is ready to venture out on their own. 


6 Of The Best Home Flooring Options To Have With Kids & Why It Looks Amazing

There is something elegant and stylish about hardwood floors. Offering a broad selection of timber types and finishes, Floorworld offers a wide range of prefinished timber home flooring. They stock only the best brands including Premium, QuickStep, Australian Select Timbers, and Godfrey Hirst. For children who aren’t quite steady yet holding their own cups, or doing textured playtime (say with water/liquids), Timber Flooring is an excellent choice when you need a stable product in areas that may be prone to liquid spills. 

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6 Of The Best Home Flooring Options To Have With Kids & Why It Looks Amazing

In Australia, laminate home flooring is a popular choice due to its wide range of colors, designs, timber styles, and effects and now you can get this in your own home! Its appearance is similar to that of ceramic, wood, and marble without being nearly as expensive. It is a cost-effective, scratch- and stain-resistant surface that will last for decades to come – and if you have kids, you absolutely need this option! 

With a range of expertise at your fingertips, choosing the home flooring options that work best for you, your family, and your home can be a liberating experience. You don’t have to worry about what’s best, what styles you like when you let the flooring experts at Floorworld guide you when choosing the right home flooring for your child that meets their needs while also being aesthetically pleasing. When you choose the right flooring, your home will feel more like your home. And that’s something that’s as important to Floorworld as it is to you.

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6 Of The Best Home Flooring Options To Have With Kids & Why It Looks Amazing



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