The 5 Best Selling Apps For Busy Moms

What do you call the stuff in your home that you never use but have to clean and keep organized? Clutter, baby. Let’s face it. We’ve all got it. As much as we should do something about it, we don’t—and the piles grow and grow. Instead of having to stare down your junk every day, try online reselling.

Reselling is easy and rewarding. Not only will you be able to clear out the old, but you’ll also make cash along the way. Lucky for you, the “used stuff” market is booming and each of the best selling apps can help you get in on the action. We have the scoop on the 5 best selling apps out there today, all of which let you sell things quickly and easily right from your smartphone. Start turning your trash into treasure!


The 5 Best Selling Apps For Busy Moms

Poshmark is one of the largest and trendiest online reselling communities with over 50 million users nationwide. The platform is most well known for being the go-to for buying and selling pre-owned women’s fashion, but men’s clothing and home goods are becoming popular there now too! It’s particularly easy to ship your sold items after a sale on Poshmark because there is only one type of shipping label—one that will cover all packages up to 5-lbs. (It’s an easy upgrade if you need one for something heavier though). You can use free USPS Priority shipping supplies too! With its super simple shipping process, a large friendly user base, and an easy listing tool, Poshmark is easily one of the best selling apps in our book.

The Poshmark Rundown:

  • One of the best selling apps for newbies
  • Simple shipping process
  • Free Authentication of luxury goods
  • Popular for fashionable, on-trend items
  • Shipping costs are on the higher end-$7.11 per order
  • Fees-20% of the sale price


The 5 Best Selling Apps For Busy Moms

An oldie, but a goodie. eBay is the classic selling platform that has been around for 25 years and one of the top best selling apps. Here you’re not limited to selling in a few categories but can offer a full array. Sell shoes or vintage ceramic cats. Your disused craft supplies and your husband’s baseball hats. If you can think of it, you can list it. (Barring a few illegal and obviously dangerous things, of course). Ebay’s format solidly performs, and with about 182 million shoppers worldwide, there’s bound to be someone out there who wants to buy your vintage My Little Pony collection. The eBay listing system favors drop-down selections over keywords, which makes the process a little labor-intensive.

The eBay Lowdown:

  • Fees-about 10% of the sale price
  • The largest market of buyers
  • Buyers worldwide
  • Transparent shipping prices
  • Listing an item takes slightly longer here than on other apps
  • Tiered fee system
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The 5 Best Selling Apps For Busy Moms

Mercari appeared on the US resale scene five years ago and nowadays it’s one of the most popular and best selling apps around. This Japanese company saw huge success with its fun-to-browse layout and seamless checkout function. With a few tweaks, their design translated nicely to the American market, quickly earning its place as one of the best selling apps in the US.

Mercari’s user base is a bit smaller than the big boys with only around 17 million, but there are plenty of loyal buyers among them. Scrolling through Mercari is strangely addicting and shipping costs are free or reasonable. This combo of factors makes it particularly easy for shoppers to pull the trigger. Since the pool of sellers is small there are opportunities to stand out. As long as your things are priced right, selling on Mercari can be super fun and profitable.

The Rundown on Mercari:

  • Excellent seller-friendly interface
  • Shipping prices are low
  • Fun to scroll (which means sales for sellers)
  • A small audience lets good sellers stand out
  • Fees are 13%+$.30 per sale
  • Cash-out takes five days unless you pay a small fee
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The 5 Best Selling Apps For Busy Moms

Kidizen is a mom-centric platform and one of the best selling apps where you can buy or sell anything that a kid would wear, play with, or read, plus a section for moms to shop for themselves. The number of users on Kidizen is unclear, but it is definitely a smaller group than other best selling apps. What makes this one of the best selling apps available is its devoted community of users.

The moms that use and love Kidizen are fashion (and budget) savvy. They love to dress their kids up but are not about to pay full price to do it. Kidizen moms are also super kind and helpful. They love reselling kids’ clothes and they want you to love it too! The offerings here range from Cat & Jack to Gucci, with lots of unique brands in between. The “Mama” section for ladies’ clothes is pretty popular too. We know several new moms that enjoy scrolling here to stay awake those first few weeks of sleepless nights.

The Scoop on Kidizen:

  • Fun, made for moms format
  • Small user base
  • Fees-12%+.50 per sale
  • Shipping costs start at $3.85
  • Offers Kid and Women’s categories

Facebook Marketplace

The 5 Best Selling Apps For Busy Moms

The social media masters of the universe want a piece of the reselling market now too. Billions of people use Facebook and now a good-sized portion of them use the Marketplace feature. For several years, the platform only allowed local pickup which many use and love for quick cash sales. Others aren’t so keen on it, as it requires that strangers come to your door and (hopefully) leave money under the mat. However, a recent and intriguing update has introduced a shipping option into the equation. This allows sellers to accept payment electronically and ship the item themselves, never having to interact in person with anyone. For these reasons, Facebook could quickly become one of the best selling apps available.

Facebook Marketplace Quick Facts:

  • Ability to offer both local pickup and shipping
  • FREE Shipping
  • Fees-5%of each sale
  • Nationwide user base
  • Sell a very wide variety of items

There are many good platforms you could use as you begin your reselling journey, but we think that these are the best selling apps there are. Each one has unique strengths, but all will provide a high level of service to you as you start up your venture. Try all of them. One may stand out to you right away, or you could use several of them at once. Reselling can be such a fun hobby, and if you grow to love it, a full-on business. Moms are darned good at running the show at home and we think that makes them exceptionally qualified to start other exciting enterprises too.


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The 5 Best Selling Apps For Busy Moms

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