7 Podcasts to Inspire Your Side Hustle

Building a business is hard, but finding ways to stay on track and motivated doesn’t have to be. No matter what type of entrepreneur you are, learning from others can help you grow your business. While there are hundreds of books on entrepreneurship, sometimes it’s hard to find the time to sit down and read; that’s why we love podcasts.

We’ve rounded up our favorite podcasts that help keep us on track and working towards achieving our dreams throughout the day.

Two Inboxes

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While this podcast has not been recorded in several months, the archive of episodes features interviews with entrepreneurs and creatives who run their businesses while maintaining a corporate job. Host Molly Ford Beck asks guests who manage “two inbox” lifestyles how they prioritize their obligations and maintain focus as a budding entrepreneur with a full time job.


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Despite how far women have come in the workforce, the wage gap and leadership gap are real and alive. Each week, Ellevate talks to real women who are entrepreneurs, authors, business women, and other inspiring leaders who are female role models you can look up to. Take a step out of your day to day and enjoy learning from feminist thought leaders who will inspire you to take risks and challenge that status quo.

Help Me Be Me

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Staying motivated can be challenging, so Help Me Be Me is an audio version of the self help book that might take weeks to read. Each week, host Sarah May B., uses logical solutions to provide tools that can help you overcome the stresses you may face as a momtreprenuer. For more self help resources, check out Sarah May B.’s website Yay With Me.

Call your Girlfriend

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Imagine if your weekly phone date with your bestie was turned into a podcast. That’s exactly what podcast hosts Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman do each week, chatting through pop culture, politics, and workplace challenges. Call your Girlfriend is a cathartic conversation that will inspire you to connect with friends regularly and challenge the status quo in your daily life.

On Being

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A Peabody award winning public radio conversation, On Being asks the questions that live at the center of existence. Host Krista Tippett specifically looks at what it means to be human, and how we want to live by interviewing notable public figures including Sheryl Sandberg and Glenn Beck.

Magic Lessons

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Join author Elizabeth Gilbert as she covers how to overcome fears that are part of the creative process in this podcast that builds the concepts discussed in her 2016 book, Big Magic. This is another podcast on hiatus, but with over two seasons of episodes available for download, you’ll be able to listen in and be inspired for weeks before fully running through the series.


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Host Andrew Warner interviews startup founders and asks hard questions about what makes entrepreneurs fail or succeed. With over 1,000 interviews in the series’ archives, you’ll hear from Drew Houston, the founder of Dropbox, Zappos Founder Tony Hseih, and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, among many others.

Being a mom is a full time job already and running a business is difficult. Our momtrepreneur posts are written to help you be successful no matter where your passions lay.

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