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Photo Credit: Lilac Saloon

For a photo book that really lets your gorgeous images shine, you have got to admire the beauty of Artifact Uprising photo books. Such clean, modern design with an environmentally responsible focus that saturates who they are. These are not just photo books, they are heirloom quality photo story books of your life.

Photo Credit: Lilac Saloon

Photo Credit: Lilac Saloon

Minimalist Design

Designing a book on Artifact Uprising’s website isn’t elaborate. Because of their minimalist aesthetic, the options and layouts aren’t tricky and overwhelming. There aren’t very many design choices to make – in a good way! Drop your photos into their clean and simple layouts and let your photos speak for themselves. You won’t see scrapbook inspired elements here. The layouts use white space to draw the eye to your photos in a portfolio or art gallery style. This is great because you can’t fail when you put your book together. It’s going to look classy and beautiful!

That means these books are best for showcasing your best photos. Select your favorites. Curate your photos to tell a story as you turn the pages of your book. Play with the big impact of a full page photo next to the cropped 2×3 surrounded by white space on the next page. A little thought in the order of your photos from page to page goes a long way.

Photo Credit: Lilac Saloon

Photo Credit: Lilac Saloon

Company with a Conscience

Artifact Uprising goes above and beyond with the thought behind the impact that their company has on the environment. The interior pages of the photo books are made from 100% Post-Consumer Waste recycled paper that is manufactured with wind power! We love that! Their wood products, such as their Colorado Beetle Kill Wood Boxes, are made from the fallen pine of their local Colorado forests. This means not only do they not kill any trees to source their wood, but the wood doesn’t have to travel far, either!

Photo Credit: Lilac Saloon

Options That Inspire

The product options are so beautiful and inspiring! Here are some ideas to get you started on maximizing your photos with Artifact Uprising’s environmentally conscious products:

Best of all? Artifact Uprising is participating in Daily Mom’s 50 Days of Giveaways! One lucky reader will win a large square softcover 80 page book of their own!
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